Felt - what is it? Felt toys - patterns. New Year's toys from felt by own hands

The needlewomen of the world adore felt! What it is? This is a fertile material for the manufacture of brooches, keyrings, magnets, flowers, postcards, boxes, topiary, sewing soft toys, developing carpets, vegetables, fruits, dolls Tild, handbags, Christmas decorations, appliqués for clothes. Let's consider in detail properties of felt and master classes on manufacturing of various toys from it.

Felt: what is it?

It is a material from synthetic and naturalfibers. Artificial felt is also called felt, or fleece (but these are equivalent terms). Natural material consists of dried up remnants of rabbit fluff, hair, sheep's wool. All fibers by drying and felting are converted into a non-woven fabric. Thanks to this structure, the felt can be cut, bent, glued, without fear of crumbling and damage to the material.

He does not have the wrong side and face, so the seams can beput on the front side without turning out the details, as they do when sewing toys from ordinary fabric. The thickness of the material can be from one to nine millimeters, so from felt the patterns will be suitable for cupholders, and for artificial flowers.

The most popular among the skilled workers ismaterial of wool, acrylic, polyester, viscose, mixed, simulated. Each of these species has its positive qualities and disadvantages, therefore it is important to take into account their properties when creating one or another crafts, ornaments, appliques.felt what it is

Woolen, half woolen, modeled

  • Woolen. The thickness is from one to five millimeters. In the composition of more than 90% of natural wool, but because the products from it have the same properties ("sits down" after washing, lohmatitsya and slides when rubbing). The material is very soft and wrinkled. Suitable for making ornaments and decorative accessories. Sets of eight different colored sheets (19.5x28.8 cm) stand from 132 rubles.
  • Simulated felt. What it is? This material that is treated with a special impregnation, which when wetted by water takes any shape, bends, and after drying continues to preserve them. There is one sheet of German production (30x45 cm with a thickness of 2-2.5 mm.) From 288 rubles.
  • Half-woolen. In its composition it has 50% wool and the same amount of acrylic or viscose. This kind is more smooth, soft and flexible compared to woolen felt. Has a rich color palette. Not suitable for sewing large items, bracelets, tselnokroenyh necklaces, non-slip toys, because it does not keep fit and loach. Ready-made applications, stickers, sets of creativity cost from 200 rubles.

Acrylic, polyester, viscose

  • Acrylic felt. What it is? This material is obtained from recycled plastic, and therefore it has a huge variety in colors, keeps the shape, it is easy to clean, does not shed. But at the same time it glitters, creaks and slips, which many craftsmen do not like. Felt is not suitable for sewing stuffed toys, because the material does not stretch, and therefore the seam will simply burst. Also has the property of rolling down, does not tolerate high temperatures.
  • Felt polyester. The material is dense, but soft, does not crumple, keeps the shape, does not shed. From it beautiful New Year toys are obtained. From felt, the patterns of each part are made in two or three pieces, since the material is thin and transparent. But after washing, the product made of polyester fiber will look like new.
  • Felt-viscose. Smooth to the touch, durable, yet plastic. It does not collect static electricity, therefore it is suitable for the manufacture of pins, rims, rubber bands, soft toys, appliqués for clothes. The material keeps the shape perfectly, does not sit down after washing, but it can crumple.New Year's toys of felt pattern

Christmas toys with own hands made of felt

Christmas tree can be decorated with any toys. They can be printed and non-slip from thick felt. The kind of material is suitable for everyone, since the size of toys is small, so do not be afraid of deformation of the form.

Thin felt felt is used as a normal fabric. Translate the template to the material, cut it, thread it from the wrong side and turn it to the front. To make the bends clear, from the wrong side on all edges make small incisions to the seam. Such toys are stuffed with sintepon. Decorated with decorative buttons, beads, ribbons.

New Year's toys made of felt thicker than fivemillimeters can not be stuffed and not turned out. That is, attach a paper template to the material, cut it out exactly according to the pattern. Sew the details on the front side (the edges of the product are visible). Sometimes a solid sintepon is put between the layers of material to give volume to the product.

Using different thicknesses of felt, you can makedifferent snowflakes. Do not stuff small jewelry with sintepon, just sew and decorate with beads or a button in the middle. Large snowflakes (more than ten centimeters) are worn and filled with a loose sintepon. Sew a ribbon-loop, decorate with a button.

from felt patterns

New Year's lambs

Interesting New Year souvenirs - lambs of felt. Patterns are as follows:

  • two large circles with zigzag edges for the trunk;
  • two ovals for the head;
  • two details in the form of a cloud for bangs;
  • two petals for the ears;
  • four long strips with oval ends for the legs.

Stitch on the front of Christmas toys(of felt). Patterns bangs stitch, a little stuffed sintepon. Connect the details of the head, sew the ears and bangs on top. Each ear at the base fold so that a wrinkle forms in the middle of the part. Sew beads, embroider a spear in the form of a slingshot, paint with acrylic paint cheeks.

Stitch your legs (you can not stuff them), put them intrunk. Before packing, sew the head of the lamb and the eyelet (if it is a Christmas tree decoration), a blank for the key fob or a magnetic tape. Decorate the toy with a bow. It turned out a beautiful souvenir lamb of felt with their own hands. The toy can be monophonic and multicolored.

lambs of felt pattern

And you can combine two techniques. For example, sew a felt sheathe from the felt in a side section, stuffing it with a little sintepon. A wool to sew at the expense of yarn (sold special, with lumps, from 270 rubles per hank). Each lump is folded to each other and sewn around the product. Then the eyes and nose are sewed with threads.

Birds from felt

felt pattern toys

Birds from felt can be stuffed,multilayer, embroidered, monochrome, multi-colored. Such toys can be used as Christmas decorations, didactic material and as pendants on developing mats. The easiest way to do this is to translate the details of the bird into a felt, cut, sew details. The trunk is lightly filled with sintepon, sew an eyelet to the back, to the head bead-eyes and wings. More often such small birds are made by younger schoolboys at labor lessons.

If you use a moulin, you can getextraordinary felted birds with their own hands. Patterns consist of a trunk and a wing. For this purpose, a light one-color material is suitable. Cut out the details, all the lines, bends, feathers, embroider with multicolored mulina. Then you sew up the details, fill it with sintepon, sew a loop and get a decorative bird.

Multilayered birds are more difficult to perform, becausewill require several colors of felt, dozens of small details. Since each feather in the wings is cut out separately. Further in the right places all the details of the bird are sewn (beak, each feather, "cheeks", crest, etc.). These are realistic non-printed toys with their own hands made of felt, they are used as didactic material.


Many Tilda toys are all-piece and are sewn fromthin felt, although there are small details. Lambs, dolls, angels, rabbits, deer are sewn with clothes, but ducks and some rabbits go without clothes. To make the latter you will need to make only two parts, sew them together and fill with a sintepon. Ears and legs are separated by a seam, and eyes and a nose are sewed with threads, cheeks are painted with acrylic paints.toys with own hands from felt

More popular with children are other felt toys. Patterns do the following:

  • two torsos with a head in a side section;
  • two solid parts for the outer and inner surfaces of the ears (similar to the propeller);
  • four hands;
  • four legs.

Fold the linen fabric and felt together,translate the detail of the ears, cut out, grind it off. You do not need to fill them with sintepon. If you want standing ears, then you sew each ear separately, filling it with a sintepon. Then, separately sew the arms and legs, turn it to the front side, fill it with sintepon. In the legs insert a wire base so that the hare can stand. Then sew the body with the head, while filling and sewing all the paws. It remains to embroider eyes, mouth, paint cheeks, sew clothes.

Original trees

Unusually look trees from felt, theirhands made. The needlewomen make them flat for postcards, panels, pillows and three-dimensional for decorating the room. With flat trees, the principle of operation is understandable (the same as for paper applications). Consider how do three-dimensional trees.

  1. Conical. Take any cone (styrofoam, plastic, sewn), it is sewn on or pasted leaves from felt. Most of the trees are made in this image. Then they are decorated with beads, buttons and other decorative material.
  2. Branched. Such trees are made just as easy as felt felt lambs. Patterns of a trunk with branches cut out from brown felt, leaves - from green shades. Fruits can also be sewn from this material or use ready made material (cones, plastic fruits, knitted products). The barrel is sewn by the seam to the outside, it is packed with sintepon, the wide bottom of the tree is sewn. Top with thread or glue ordinary leaves of thick felt and fruits.from felt by one's own hands
  3. Branched with a ready barrel. The trunk is made of twigs, wire as for artificial trees. Then the leaves grow on the branches. So do some Christmas trees out of felt. Draw whole branches, reminiscent of oak leaves, in zigzag lines. Sew the details, lightly fill with sintepon, put on a branch and fasten.

If you need to make a dangling crown, then dovolume trunk (the process describes the second master class). From the felt cut out the leaves, sew them on a long string. Further, these branches are sewed to the trunk of a tree.

Educational toys

Due to the fact that the felt keeps the shape, from itexcellent developing mats and toys are obtained. For example, vegetables, fruits, food. They are made in a flat and three-dimensional form. For babies it is enough to make figurative "benefits". Then there are enough two halves for a vegetable, a leaflet with a twig. Consider how to make pepper, eggplant, carrots, peas and a banana of felt with your own hands.

  • Pepper. Cut two halves of a vegetable and two twigs. Patterns of pepper stitch, fill with sintepon, insert a twig, the details of which you grind off without filler.
  • Carrot. It will take two pieces of carrots and as many halves of greenery. The manufacturing process is the same as that of pepper. Then the horizontal strips are embroidered with threads on the carrot. If you sew a loop, then you can use vegetables as New Year's toys. From the felt you can sew a large carrot, but then make a pattern that is conical, as for a strawberry.
  • Eggplant. Cut two halves of a vegetable, twigs, sepals. Eggplant stitches and is filled with sintepon. You put a twig, on the sides apply sepals, stitch the seams.
  • Peas. It will take two parts of a long wide leaf for peel and six circles for peas. You fill the peas with sintepon, sew it. Details of the peel with each other grind, fold in half horizontally. From each end, sew the edges, put the pea inward and attach. By the way, peas, like many felt toys, use needlewares as didactic teaching material. To do this, the peel is sewn to the peel, the peas are made in different colors and stick to the velcro. Then the kid develops small motor skills, studies color and learns the score.
  • Banana. The middle is made of two details in the form of sharp-nosed leaves. You sew them, fill it with sintepon. Then, from the felt of a different color, cut out the same details, but of a larger size. Sew it up to half and insert the core, fix it with threads. In order to keep the peel of the banana shape, use a modular felt.from felt with their own hands patterns

Didactic benefits

Of felt make whole developing mats andbenefits. To do this, take a blanket (blanket) and pour on him all the details of one topic. For example, to study the rules of the road with a child, you need a road with markings and road signs, cars, traffic lights, buildings, trees. These details can be sewn and used as a background for the game.

There are visual didactic toys made of felt. Patterns do, based on the theme. For example, to study the time of the year on the canvas, sew a tree trunk with branches. Next, sew separately sun, clouds, clouds, rain, snowflakes, green, yellow, red, brown, grass, berries, mushrooms, flowers.

On the canvas and to the underside of the details you sew velcroor buttons. Bottom to the canvas is attached a bag with these details. Then the child, on the instructions of an adult, fixes this or that time of the year. In such didactic manuals, three-dimensional elements (vegetables, fruits, animals, for example, the same sheep) are especially important.

Of felt with their own hands create whole fairy tales withall fairy-tale heroes. Such toys will help not only to restore the events of your favorite fairy tale, but also to develop the speech of the baby. They are made to be stuffed, "fingered", flat on a stick. The last two kinds of toys are used for theatrical performances. Felt allows you to make each handcraft original, and the applications from it will decorate any design.

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