Exercise for pregnant women in the gym: a set of exercises

Pregnancy for a woman is a delightfulperiod of her life. When two hearts will beat in one body at the same time, and even the constantly increasing numbers on the scales will please? And in order not to have to restore health and form for a long time, it is much better to take care of maintaining the figure from the very beginning of pregnancy, it is beneficial to reflect not only on the future mother, but also on the child.

training for pregnant women in the gym

Of course, when talking about sports duringpregnancy, even speech can not be about hard and exhausting training. But if before the onset of an interesting situation the girl was actively involved in sports, then there is no need to stop training, you just need to make some changes taking into account pregnancy. Conversely, if the physical culture in the life of the future mother is limited only to hiking around the shopping centers and kneading from foot to foot while waiting for the elevator, then this is a very suitable time for changing the lazy lifestyle to active for the sake of the child's health.

Exercise available to pregnant women

The following activities may be included in the activity of pregnant women:

  • Everyday walks in the fresh air for 30 minutes, at least.
  • Visit a specialized gym for pregnant women.
  • Doing water aerobics several times a week, as well as swimming in the pool.
  • Dancing, mostly oriental, with no restrictions and good health.
  • Pilates under the supervision of an instructor.
  • Breathing charge every day.
  • Classes with a fitball.
  • Implementation of the complex for pregnant women in the fitness club gym (stretching, exercises to strengthen the dorsal muscles, chest, legs and pelvis).

exercise program for pregnant women in the gym

Exercise rules for pregnant women

In carrying out any exercises, expectant mothers should adhere to the following rules:

  • All actions are performed in a quiet rhythm, without overload.
  • Exercises to strengthen the muscles alternate with relaxing exercises.
  • Strictly forbidden are any exercises on the press, "bicycle", "birch".
  • All the slopes and squats are half done.
  • Stretching is done very quickly, because of the increased hormonal background in pregnant ligament and tendon can easily be damaged.
  • In the first trimester, it is necessary to exclude the use of force, in the second and third trimester, they can be resumed.

It is important to understand that the first few monthspregnancy are the most dangerous in terms of interruption, for this reason, training should be as gentle as possible. Since the 7th month, it is recommended to completely stop exercising in the gym, because any, even the most minor, loads can have a bad effect on health and even provoke premature birth.

Visit to the gym

Physical exercises in the gym arethe most common kind of sport for the fairer sex, striving to get the perfect shape and everyone knows that without strength training in this case can not do. But, unfortunately, breaks in the class will quickly reflect on the figure. Can I get pregnant in the gym?

gyms for pregnant women

If a girl is used to monitoring her healthand always led an energetic way of life, but because of pregnancy she can not decide to continue training, since there are a lot of conflicting opinions on this issue, the only correct solution is consulting with a personal obstetrician-gynecologist. Only he knows how the process of pregnancy is going on and what is the state of health of the future mother, and only he is able to give a qualified answer to an exciting question.

Are weight training permitted during pregnancy?

If there are no contraindications and the doctor allowedperform exercises for pregnant women in the gym, then you should consider how long and how successfully you have trained before. If the sport entered into the life of the future mother for a long time and was regular, then it is possible to continue classes, of course, making some adjustments. However, if training on the simulators came into life more recently, they were heavy and drove you to exhaustion, then it is more reasonable to refuse exercise exercises during pregnancy.

The gym itself istraumatic zone. It's not that a dumbbell can fall on your leg, and strength training exercises a huge load on the joints, especially if you do not know the safety rules.

Basic rules and approximate order of training

Exercises in the gym of pregnant womenare allowed only with an experienced mentor individually. And that's why. Even if before that you have systematically trained on all the simulators and are familiar with them, without the support of a trainer who can organize the most safe and effective training for pregnant women in the gym, you can not do.

Is it possible to be pregnant in the gym

The sequence of training for pregnant women remains familiar, that is:

  • You need to start with a warm-up.
  • Next - the main exercises.
  • And in the end - a hitch.

At the very beginning, you can practice for 15 minutes 2-3once a week, adding each workout for five minutes, but you need to do this regularly, because one lesson in the gym for pregnant women can not be called a program. The fact is that non-observance of systematic studies is a great stress for the human body, especially in this situation. If you are constantly engaged in any circumstances, you can not, it is better to stop.

To start the lesson should be with a short warm-up in the cardio zone, this is the part of the gym where various simulators are installed, such as an exercise bike, a treadmill, an ellipse and others.

Exercises on the simulators

As mentioned above, it is recommended to starttraining with a treadmill and an exercise bike with a backrest. Running on the path is not recommended, the best option is walking at a speed of 3-4 km / h, in the process it is necessary to observe the pulse condition. This observation will accurately distribute the load and eliminate overvoltage. Now many cardiothoracists count the pulse independently, in addition, you can use heart rate cardiac monitors. This device, consisting of several parts: a bandage that is worn on the chest, and a clock to display the work of the pulse during the whole complex of exercises. This is very convenient for pregnant women, because the simulators for strength training do not have a pulse measurement function, and you will have to do it yourself, it is very important that it is not above 60% of the maximum oxygen consumption pulse (P02 max.) In the first trimester and approximately 70% more. Calculate the value of P02 max. you can use the following formula: 220 - age. If, say, a woman is 25 years old, it turns out 195, this is 220-25; now 195 * for the index of 0.6 = 117.

Accordingly, the pulse of a pregnant woman in 25 years in the first trimester may not be higher than 117 beats per minute.

exercises for pregnant women in the gym

Basic exercises are performed on simulators notmore than 20 minutes. Do not forget that the main task of training during pregnancy is only to keep the result achieved earlier. For this purpose, the following program of training for pregnant women in the gym will be the best option: 2-3 rounds of 10 repetitions with a weight not exceeding 60% of the usual working weight. This is quite enough to maintain the shape and physical condition.

Exercises for pregnant women

Do not know what exercises for pregnant women ingym should be performed? In the strength training package for pregnant women can be included all exercises by type of deadlift, squats, foot and manual press on the simulator, bending of the legs, mixing and raising the arms and legs. It is very important to completely exclude exercises, in the course of which there is a great load on the spinal column, as well as those that are inconvenient to do with the stomach.

Training program

The first round of exercises is performed on the muscles of the frontal surface of the thigh:

  • Straightening of the legs.
  • Breeding the legs.

The second circle on the muscles of the back of the thigh:

  • Leg bending.
  • Reduction of legs.

The third circle, the exercises are directed at the wide dorsal muscles: the traction of the upper block behind the head.

gym for pregnant women program

The fourth circle - the muscles of the chest: the reduction of hands and feet in a sitting position on the simulator.

The fifth circle is exercises on deltoid muscles:

  • Press in a sitting position on the simulator.
  • Raising the arms on the sides in a sitting position.

The sixth block is aimed at training biceps and triceps hands:

  • Thrust upper block with a straight arm.
  • Straightening of hands in the crossover (multifunctional block trainer in the form of a vertical frame).

Complex for pregnant women in the gymcompletely excludes exercises with the press, classes with free weights, all kinds of twists, slopes. Focus on exercises that are made in a sitting state, with an emphasis on the back. Do not make sudden movements, productivity should rise slowly. Between approaches, pregnant women can afford breathing space.

Exercise for pregnant women in the gymmust end in the same way as the usual, that is, a hitch-up, a five-minute visit. An excellent option for her is the cardiozone, but the load should be less than with a warm-up. In an interesting position during the hitch, stretching exercises are not performed.

classes in the gym for pregnant women


Several points that are important to pay attention to during the training for pregnant women in the gym:

  • Drinking water. Sufficient fluid intake before, during and after exercise is important. The best option is water at room temperature without gas.
  • Breath. And it's also important to pay great attention to how you breathe in the classroom: exhalation should be done at the most difficult stage, breathing in at a more simple stage.
  • Body temperature. It increases in the course of the exercise, which can adversely affect the state of the future child. The temperature of the body during training should not be above 38 degrees, so they should not pass in too warm and damp rooms, and do not need to dress warmly.


If you experience a breakdown, dizziness,there was shortness of breath, pulling sensation in the abdominal area, spotting or other unpleasant symptoms, you should immediately finish your workout and see a doctor.

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