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Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory have always been popular with Russians. And this is easily explained - rest in your own country, beautiful nature and favorable climate, a variety of accommodation options and leisure activities. One of the most visited resorts in the region is the city of Sochi and its surroundings, in particular the village of Loo. The tourist infrastructure here is developing year after year, but today this town is not inferior to many other resort towns. What sights of Loo must be seen with your own eyes, how to have fun during the summer holidays in this village?sights of loo

General Resort Information

Loo is located on the territory of the Caucasus Reserve and Sochi National Park. Typically, this town is called the village, but in fact it is a tourist district of the city of Sochi. In these places, people lived from deep antiquity, but the settlement was obliged by its name to a noble family of feudal lords of Abaza origin - Low, or Lau.Unfortunately, only some of the ancient sights of Loo have survived to this day. Photos with a description of these objects can be found in our article. Today, the village has a cozy atmosphere and more affordable prices than in Sochi. At the same time there is enough entertainment, conditions for organizing a variety of leisure activities. Interesting and attractions Loo, among which there are objects for every taste.

Mysteries of the history and works of modern masters

Loo attractions and entertainmentIn Loo there is a landmark unique for the whole Krasnodar region - these are the ruins of a medieval temple. Presumably, this grand building was built in the VIII-IX centuries. The temple was Abkhazian-Alanian, and in the entire history of its existence it was destroyed more than once, and then rebuilt again. The last time the second life of the ruins was given in the XV century, turning the temple into a fortress. But the defensive structure was eventually destroyed. Today, tourists can only see fragments of the walls and the foundation, but in this state the structure is striking in its scale. The fact is that the thickness of the masonry is about a meter, and according to many people who have visited this place, he has a very special energy.In the village itself, there is a modern acting church, consecrated in honor of Simon Kananita Apostol. Another interesting sight of the neighborhood of Loo is the inscription "Lenin", planted with trees for the centenary of the leader. Of the modern sights, the monument dedicated to the soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War deserves attention.

Natural Attractions Loo: photo with description

Attractions Loo photo with descriptionIn the vicinity of the tourist area a lot of natural attractions. These are waterfalls and dolmens - special stone structures with mystical power. Scientists are still debating about the methods and purpose of creating these objects. The most common versions are that the dolmens are ancient necropolis of priests and noble people or ritual stones for the administration of various rituals. Anyway, many tourists want to see the ancient buildings with their own eyes. It is believed that in such places you can make wishes or ask for deliverance from diseases. The natural sights of Loo are known far beyond the village itself, you can visit them as part of a tour group with a guide,which makes it much easier for tourists to search for a particular place and organize a trip.

Waterpark "AquaLoo"

Loo sights photoIn the village of Loo has its own water park, which is one of the largest in Russia. AquaLoo is located at: Dekabristov Street, 78B. However, due to the high multi-colored slides it can be seen from afar and it is almost impossible to find. The hotel has an aquapark of 8 slides, a wave pool, as well as a children’s pool and saunas. The complex operates on an "all inclusive" system - guests purchase a ticket for the whole day without time limits, its price already includes a variety of drinks and lunch. Also at the water park there is a hotel where everyone can stay. The complex works all year round, many vacationers prefer to come here out of season when there are fewer tourists and it is much more convenient to see all the sights of Loo.

Entertainment for tourists

Sights of Loo and surroundingsThe beaches in Loo are pebbly, there are several separate landscaped areas for swimming. It is quite clean, there is a shower and changing rooms, lifeguard posts, there are also small cafes and tents where you can buy drinks, snacks, souvenirs. In Loo, attractions and entertainment await you at every turn.Many beaches can be photographed with exotic animals or in interesting costumes, traditional entertainment is also available - riding on "banana", catamarans, jet skis, parachuting and many other attractions. There are many nightclubs in Loo, and many cafes and bars spend discos in the evenings right on the beaches. Another attraction for tourists - amusement parks, where you can have fun with the whole family.

Loo: attractions and entertainment. Tips for travelers

Find accommodation in this resort area is not difficult. These are hotels of different levels of comfort, and offers of rental housing from private individuals, as well as pensions and motels. It is worth noting that not everyone decides to stay in Loo for the sake of the cultural program. Sights, photos of which you can see in our article, for many are only a pleasant bonus to a vacation at sea. Many tourists just want to relax, live a week in a new, pleasant place without fuss or, on the contrary, get a lot of impressions and emotions in a matter of days. Infrastructure is developed in the village, there are quite a variety of shops and catering establishments - from quite decent restaurants to a bistro.As for trips to neighboring cities, with such proposals, travel agencies and travel agencies are waiting for visitors at every turn. During day trips you can see not only the sights of Loo and the surrounding area, but also visit Sochi or Adler. Also popular are trips for one day or a day to Abkhazia, hiking in nature, long rides on horseback.

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