Money is an absolutely necessary thing in life. Few people have enough, but even small amounts need to be able to manage. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to save money.
In this article we will tell you how money can be saved and how to spend it correctly. You will also learn how to save on transport and appearance.

How to learn to save money?

  1. To learn how to save money, it is best to record all purchases. This lesson may not be the most pleasant. But the feeling that you control your expenses will become a real balm for the soul. Get a separate notebook or notebook for such entries. Record all expenses by columns: food, transport, clothes, etc.
  2. It is also important to learn how to plan your expenses. At the beginning of the month, make a list of what you need to buy or pay for. Then compare this list with your financial capabilities and determine at what point you can save a little. Perhaps something at all can be postponed for the next month, for example, the purchase of a new pair of shoes.
    To save money, allocate your expenses.To save money, allocate your expenses.
  3. Try not to borrow money. This violates the control process and prevents you from tracking your expenses. In other words, such money only discourages. If otherwise it does not work, try to return the debt in the shortest possible time. It is also not worth lending money often: a frivolous attitude to money is also fraught with sad consequences.
  4. When you get paid, go home, not to the nearest supermarket. So you can avoid unnecessary expenses. The next morning, having determined the list of necessary purchases, you will be able to do everything correctly and, thus, save.
  5. It will not be superfluous to have a piggy bank Throw in there a trifle - and after some time there will be quite a decent amount, with which you can buy something, albeit small, but necessary.
    Do not forget when saving money - the penny saves the rubleDo not forget when saving money - the penny saves the ruble
  6. The principal amount is best kept on the card. So much more difficult to spend too much, because while you go to the ATM, to withdraw money, you can radically change your decision and refuse to buy.
  7. It will be useful to install meters for water, gas and electricity. According to statistics, this way you can save approximately 30% of the amount.In addition, you will see how much electricity you have “burned out” and you can compare the readings for different months. This will also give you the ability to control the situation. Try to economically use the ode, electricity Do not turn on the light throughout the apartment, if you are sitting in one room and do not pour water just like that, while talking on the phone.

How to save money on transport?

  1. If you are often forced to use public transport, the best choice would be to buy a ticket. During the month, the amount spent on it, is more than paid off. Also, do not forget about the preferential travel for certain groups of people.
    You can save on transport - walk or change by bikeYou can save on transport - walk or change by bike
  2. Another option to save on transport is not to use it. So, if your job is a 15-20 minute walk from home, it’s wiser to go on foot, getting out a little earlier. So you can avoid the hustle and nervous comments of passengers, save money and provide yourself with a healthy exercise.
  3. You can ride to work by bike. So you will not only save, but also increase muscle tone.If you drive a car, then standing in a traffic jam, turn off the engine. Also, make sure that the cabin was clean, so as not to spend money on expensive dry cleaning.

How to save on appearance?

Oddly enough, it saves on appearance quite real without harming the latter. To do this, use the following techniques.
A considerable amount is regularly spent on hair cutting. Save money and ask friends the number of a familiar hairdresser. By inviting him to your home, you can save about 40% of the total amount. Agree, a good savings.
The rules of economical shopping
Keep track of sales in stores. It can be an expensive store with good things, in such stores there are often sales. So you can buy the right thing much cheaper. However, before you go on sale, decide what you want to buy and look for this thing purposefully. Otherwise, you risk buying something that you absolutely do not need.

Economical healthy lifestyle

As a small bonus, let's say that a healthy and correct lifestyle helps to save very well.After all, as alcohol, and cigarettes, you see, are not cheap. Especially, if you take the amount for several months. Refusing bad habits, you can save a considerable amount of money. But the most important thing is to become healthier, and therefore, happier.
A healthy lifestyle helps save budgetA healthy lifestyle helps save budget
As you can see, saving money is not so difficult, if you seriously set yourself this goal. It is even fascinating, because it allows you to control your life, gives the right to choose.
Take note of these simple tips - and saving money will become easier. We will also be happy if you have your own recommendations that you are willing to share with all readers.

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