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Easy way to happiness

Often we think about happiness and ask ourselves the question: “How to achieve it?”

We all look for easy recipes that will make us happy.. Applying them, we are disappointed in the result, continue to search. Often we think about happiness and ask ourselves the question: “How to achieve it?”
If you ask yourself similar questions, we suggest you try a proven simple combination of 3 steps that will give you the expected result.
Step 1.Go to bed early and get up earlier.
There are natural laws of the universe that must be considered. If your sleep is 6-8 hours a day, you go to bed later than 22-00, most likely in the morning you wake up when the alarm goes off, thinking that it would not hurt to sleep for another half hour.

Take it as a rule to go to bed no later than 22-00.Only from this one action will you notice how your emotional and physical condition will improve.
What will change?

Waking up in the morning, you will feel a surge of strength and a desire to act.At work, efficiency will increase. With stress and problem situations you will be calm.Why? Getting up in the early hours of the day, you soak up the energy of calm, peace, acting in the morning hours. There will be less stress in your life, and your mind will work more clearly.
Step 2.Notice the good qualities of others.
When communicating with a work colleague or just with a stranger, consciously reflect on the questions: “What qualities inspire me in him? What would I like to learn? ” Usually our mind is very critical and basically it easily observes the disadvantages of others.
What will change?

When we see good qualities in another person, then on a subtle level these qualities begin to pass on to us.Therefore, the second step is to see good qualities in other people.
If you see that you still notice shortcomings in the other person, do not be discouraged. Just do not take them into your mind. By willpower, reason concentrate on the virtues of man. So you will find a lot of friends. They will appear even among those you previously avoided.
Step 3.Choose the most important thing in life
Have you noticed that many tasks and desires sweep through your head every day? Do not dissipate energy. Be able to choose important.Set your main goals for the year, for the month, for today. Become very determined in achieving them.

What will change?
Your life will become conscious. Any action or desire you will relate to the goal. You will have a feeling of inner confidence in the future. Obtaining intermediate results, you will feel like a person who controls his life, and does not go with the flow.
By following 3 simple steps you will be on the road to happiness. You will see how your life will be filled with new meaning, and prosperity and well-being will become its constant companions.
What is real prosperity?
Prosperity can be compared with blooming flowers. When an apple tree or a currant bush grows, they bloom very generously in spring. They don't imitate anyone.
From the depths of their being, they are inspired.During this period, they are happy. They bloom not for themselves, but for insects and bees that fly to them and collect nectar. Then, instead of flowers, there are juicy and tasty apples, currants, which all living things eat.
“Flowers” ​​in human life is a feeling of fullness, joy and inspiration.
Prosperity is always associated with the benefit of other people.Prosperity also means that a person is doing his job. If the work inspires him, brings personal fulfillment, then the person feels a surge of happiness.

These emotions and feelings can not be understood, being in a selfish mood.A person who is self-concentrated solely meets his needs. He fills his apartment with things. Wearing them once, he may not remember more about them. With such prosperity, feelings of boredom and frustration, stress and envy are directly related.

Real prosperity brings joy, opportunity, inspiration, personal fulfillment.. True prosperity forms a moral culture in society that promotes and supports actions aimed at the welfare of society and the family.
How to find your business?
 To find the business, the mission, it is necessary to search for it.It is necessary to ponder over the questions: “What is the most important thing for me in life?”, “What priorities and values ​​do I want to realize?”, “How much do I reveal my abilities and talents?”.
Most people live in a continuous race.They function, run, fuss, patch holes, solve some problems. We need to think about why I came to this world. It is necessary to sincerely believe that I will definitely find my purpose. Each of us has our own way.We for some reason came to this world.

Chat with people who have found their business and are happy. You see that they truly flourish, show their best qualities, talents and abilities for the good of others. Look for such people. Communicate, be inspired and recharge them with energy. If you communicate with losers, with people who just fuss and run, then you will become the same.

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