E-book PocketBook 623 Touch 2: review, features and reviews

PocketBook 623 Touch 2 e-book - continuation of the successful Touch series. Its difference from the previous version is the built-in backlight, which was not there before, and this is one of its main advantages, since users most often have to buy external lights - not many models like the Touch 2 are presented on the e-book market.

pocketbook 623

Package and design

PocketBook 623 is made in three colors: white, black and gray. In appearance there is no difference with the previous version of the series. The back panel's material is soft-touch-coated plastic, which is why the gadget barely slips in your hands, but in practice it is known that such a coating is quickly covered with fingerprints. This significantly spoils the appearance of the book, so you should regularly clean the surface with a napkin. In addition to the company name and brief technical information on the back there is nothing more.

The front panel is almost entirely occupied by the screen, framed by a two-centimeter edging of the same color as the panel.The bottom edge expands to 5 cm - this place is left under the mechanical control buttons. There is nothing new here, the standard "Home" buttons, the joystick for navigation, the "Menu" button. The off button is located on the bottom panel, next to the connectors that are represented by the audio output, the micro-usb port (remember this when buying), the reset button and the slot for micro-SD cards.


The Pocketbook 623 e-book in the kit has a cable for charging and connecting to a computer, as well as a small user manual. The memory card will have to be bought separately. The cover in the kit may also not be, so you should clarify its availability upon purchase. Since covers from the previous one fully fit this model, there will be no problems with finding and buying.

To turn on the Pocketbook 623, just press the button once. In the settings you can choose what the user sees immediately after switching on: the last open book or main menu.

pocketbook 623 touch 2


One of the most important things in an e-book is the library interface. Opening it, the owner gets into the last open folder. To bring up the settings, simply click on the mechanical or electronic button with the appropriate icon.Here you can choose which books will be displayed: (for example, all, favorites or only readable at the moment), grouping mode (grouping by authors, creation date, opening date, by folders, formats, genres, etc.). You can also customize the display mode, books will be displayed in a detailed list, a list with illustrations or only in the form of covers. To go to a higher level, you need to press the return button, which is located in the upper left corner.


It should be remembered that the library in PocketBook 623 does not perform the functions of a file manager, it displays only files of book formats. Speaking of the file manager: it is not in this e-book at all, and all file manipulations are possible only within the “book” limits, that is, open a file, view information about it, mark as unread or read, view all books of one author or series , move and rename a file, delete or add to favorites. When you select the display in the form of a list, the system immediately shows the user the proportion of reads from each book (as a percentage), and also tick off the books read in full.

pocketbook 623 e-book

About formats

All the books from this manufacturer are different "omnivorous", which is very important especially for the Russian consumer. PocketBook 623 is no exception - it reads all standard text formats: EPUB, DOC, RTF, TXT and others. The device also opens PDF, DJVU and HTML files. While reading you can leave bookmarks, change the scale and font settings, but there are no fine settings - everything changes slightly. Books open fairly quickly, albeit more slowly than in the 613 Basic.

Separately, you should consider the "heavy" formats - PDF and DJVU. The book opens “heavy” files of such formats for quite a long time, for example, it takes twenty seconds to open a file of 200 MB in size, PocketBook 623 takes about three seconds, and the delay in turning over is about three seconds. Therefore, reading encyclopedias, textbooks or books with an abundance of illustrations can be difficult. It should be borne in mind when buying, especially those who choose the book to work, for example, to view the drawings.
e-book pocketbook 623 touch 2

Browser and useful stuff

The word "browser" speaks for itself. When connected to the Internet, the user gets access to the Internet. Of course, you should not expect much, because PocketBook 613 is not a personal computer. The functionality will be limited, the speed is not up to par, but the power of the device is quite enough to download a book or, say, view mail.

An excellent engineering calculator that works in several calculus systems can be added to the list of useful details: in addition to the standard decimal, you can choose hexadecimal, octal and binary, as well as degrees and meridians. You can work with logarithms, hyperbolic and trigonometric functions, degrees, root extraction and exponentiation. The only drawback of this calculator is the impossibility of changing the order of actions and editing formulas. All operations will be performed in the order in which the user writes them.

The e-book will help pass the time with simple games such as Solitaire and Sudoku. There is chess, and you can play not only with a computer, but also with a friend, although it will require an Internet connection. The level of the computer even at the minimum complexity is high, so it will be interesting to play. You can save the game at any time to finish the game later, you can simply exit, ending the game. The touch screen of the PocketBook 623 makes the game process convenient.

pocketbook 623 case


Since there is no file manager in the functionality of PocketBook 613, there may be a question about how to run music files.This is done through an mp3 player. All music located in a special directory is displayed in the player by default, but with the help of settings you can add files located in other folders.

This player has the most common functionality: you can create playlists, edit and delete them, various operations with tracks in the selected playlist. Single, sequential or random order of playback, the transition to the previous or next song, increase and decrease the volume. It is worth remembering that the PocketBook 613 does not have built-in speakers, so listening to audio files is only possible through headphones or external speakers.

pocketbook 623 display


The book has both significant advantages and significant disadvantages. The first is a high-quality backlight, which remembers the current level, which can be changed directly while reading. Another advantage is standard multitasking for books of this company. Unlike most models on the market, PocketBook 623 (like all representatives of this company) allows you to simultaneously launch a dictionary, book, audio player, browser and quickly switch between them.The light weight and ergonomics of the book can also be included in the positive qualities.

Along with tangible advantages, there are no less tangible disadvantages. There were registered cases of book hanging while turning over, occurrence of program errors, delays in actions (sometimes very significant, up to 10-15 seconds), and the owners are warned by the owners about this. The back panel is plastic, so it cannot adequately protect the book from shocks and sharp objects. Recall that in some models of this company, the covers are made of magnesium alloy. This is done to reduce weight, so that the cover for PocketBook 623 is a necessary thing.

Build quality can not be called high. In the case, not always even gaps between the parts are visible. Just as in the first model of the series, there is no Bluetooth, so you will have to use a computer or Wi-fi to exchange books. The absence of the file manager also brings its inconvenience, because even the picture, if it is in the wrong directory, will not work.

Book work time is average. If the backlight is on, then you can read for thirty hours, with the book off, you can use the book for almost a week if you read six to seven hours.At night, it is better to turn off the book, because during hibernation, the backlight turns on for a few seconds once an hour, which reduces the battery life.

For many users, the advantage of this model will be the full integration of the online services ReadRate and BookStore.

pocketbook 623 screen


PocketBook 623 has a touch screen, which is good for a book worth seven thousand rubles. Thanks to e-ink (electronic ink) eyes do not get tired when reading. However, the device does not implement a purely mechanical control, that is, for some functions, it is necessary to use the sensor. This is not always convenient, especially in winter transport. Manufacturers sought to make the book compact, but at the same time to strike a balance between price and quality, perhaps reducing the number of mechanical buttons is associated with this.

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