Drug "Zincteral": reviews, instructions for use

The drug "Zincteral" is a tool that helps to replenish zinc in the body. This trace element, as is known, is part of some enzyme systems that regulate metabolic processes, including it takes part in the synthesis of proteins and carbohydrate metabolism. Zinc is needed by the body for the normal activity of two hundred enzymes, including alkaline phosphatase, carbonic anhydrase, RNA polymerase, alcoholderhydrogenase, carboxypeptidase A, as well as to preserve the structure of nucleic acids, proteins, cell membranes. Among other things, this trace element contributes to the growth and development of cells, maintaining optimal performance of the visual and immune systems, and taste perception. Zinc affects the level of vitamin A in the blood, contributes to the accumulation of insulin in the tissues and increases the time of its action. With a lack of trace element is shown to take the tool "Zincteral".Reviews of patients indicate its good therapeutic effect in cases of inflammatory skin diseases.

zincteral reviews


About twenty to thirty percent of zinc after oral administration is absorbed in the small and duodenal intestines. Within two hours, peak plasma concentrations are reached. The trace element cumulated in leukocytes, erythrocytes, skin, muscles, liver, bone tissue, retina, kidneys, prostate and pancreas, binds to plasma proteins. Excreted mainly from the body intestines (about 90 percent), as well as with urine and sweat.

Indications for appointment

The drug is used in diseases caused by a zinc deficiency, and in the complex treatment of pathologies leading to a deficiency of the above-mentioned trace element. For malignant and nesting alopecia, Zincteral is used. For hair, zinc is simply necessary: ​​when it is lacking, the hair loses its health, becomes thin and brittle. Also, the drug is prescribed for enteropathic acrodermatitis, phlegmy and purulent acne. It is recommended to undergo a course of therapy with this agent after long-term treatment with corticosteroids,especially during their cancellation. It can be used as an auxiliary drug for wound healing.

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Composition, release form

The product comes in the form of violet-pink round tablets, packaged in blisters of 25 pieces (one or two blisters in a package). Also, the drug is dispensed in plastic containers containing 150 tablets. The product unit includes 124 mg zinc sulfate monohydrate in the amount of 124 mg, potato starch — 38.75 mg, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose — 6.77 mg, pharmaceutical lactose — 78.5 mg, magnesium stearate — 1.37 mg, talc — 12 , 38 mg, titanium dioxide - 1.897 mg, polyvinylpyrrolidone - 20 mg.

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Dosage, application features

Tablets are taken orally one hour before or two hours after meals (this scheme allows you to increase the absorption of zinc). If, while taking the drug, negative effects are developing on the part of the digestive system, you can drink the pills directly with food, but in this case, Zincteral may decrease the bioavailability. Reviews of patients often contain complaints about the appearance of nausea after consuming the drug, in order to avoid this, it is recommended to wash down the tablets with water in large quantities.For nesting alopecia and enteropathic acrodermatitis, adults and children from four years of age are shown to take this remedy three times a day three times a day. When clinical improvement is achieved, the dose should be reduced to one tablet twice a day, then to one tablet per day (until the symptoms of the disease have been completely eliminated). In case of malignant alopecia, the dosage for adults is one or two tablets three times a day, for children from four years of age - one tablet three times a day. In case of phlegmy and purulent acne, adults are prescribed one or two tablets per day, for children from four years old - one tablet. To compensate for the lack of zinc, it is recommended for adults to take one tablet three times a day (you can reduce the dose as the manifestations of the disease disappear), for children - one tablet.

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Side effects of the drug "Zincteral"

Reviews of most people who took this tool, contain information about its good portability. As a rule, undesirable effects are mild and do not need specific therapy. It is not recommended to drink tablets for a long time, as this may entail serious side effects.When taking the drug (especially in large doses) may develop nausea, heartburn, fever, sore throat, chills.

acne zincteral reviews

Means "Zincteral". Reviews

People taking the drug during the month, note its good effect on the hair and nails. So, the hair grows better, becomes shiny and smooth, nails acquire strength, no longer exfoliate. Also, many patients noted that they used the drug Zincteral for acne. Reviews of those who have problem skin are often simply enthusiastic! Acne after taking the drug disappear without a trace. However, the tool does not help everyone. There are consumers who believe that the use of Zincteral is a waste of money. Well, once again we are convinced that each medicine acts on the body of different people in different ways. For example, in patient reviews, there are often complaints about the occurrence of severe nausea after taking the medication under consideration, while other comments indicate the absence of any undesirable effects.

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