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Can you recommend where in Yekaterinburg you can order the production of driver cards for digital tachographs?
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Answered on June 4 17:46
The author, do you use digital tachographs in cars in your company? We also think about it, but have not yet made a final decision. Can you share the pros and cons of using them?
Answered on June 4 17:55
If you need digital tachographs to control drivers, then you can also consider installing GPS navigators in cars as an alternative option. After we set up such in the previous company, for some reason the fuel consumption decreased by 15%)))
Answered on June 4, 18:19
We recently also looked for someone to make personal driver cards for tachographs with SKZI. However, while we did not need such services - the driver did not pass the probationary period. But the links remain. For example, you can order cards from this company. And you don’t even need to go anywhere, you can place an application for manufacturing and provide the necessary information directly through the form posted on the website.

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