Diane Vreeland: biography and personal life

Diane Vreeland is a widely known influential figure of the twentieth-century American fashion and the creator of exciting fashion exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. For more than 40 years, her name was associated with the world of fashion, she was called the oracle of high fashion and the creator of the myth. They envied her, they admired her, all the women of fashion of that time eagerly caught her every word. She was never beautiful, but the extraordinary charm, elegance, intelligence and a subtle sense of humor made her a queen. She left behind such a bright trail that can rightfully be considered a star of the first magnitude. So who is she, this mysterious woman?

Journalist Diana Vreeland. Biography

She was born in 1903, September 29, in Paris. Her parents were wealthy people. Mother, Emily Kyi Hoffmann - American, father, Frederick Young Diale, originally from Britain. In her youth she moved with her family to the United States to avoid World War I.

Diana Vreeland

At one time she was seriously engaged in dancing, her teacher was Mikhail Fokin himself, the founder of the modern school of ballet. They say she even danced with famous Tiller Girls.Starting a new life in America, the family took the place of honor in the American high society.

Personal life

At 20, she met Thomas Vreeland, then a young banker. In March 1924, they were married. She took the name of her husband. They had two sons: one of them later became the American ambassador to Morocco, and the second was a professor at the Institute of California. Although the boys spent more time in the nanny and governess society, the mother also took care of their upbringing. D. Vryland took great care that her children studied and respected history, culture and religion.

Diane Vreeland biography

Later the family moved to live in London. There, Diana opened her lingerie store. Since she didn’t like the style of clothes that were sold in America, she often went shopping in Paris, in most cases buying things from Coco Chanel.

Career in print

Diana Vreeland began her career in 1936 as a columnist (author, leading one of the headings in the print edition). The editor-in-chief of Harpers Bazaar, Carmel Snow, saw Diana at a party, was shocked by her style and manner of dressing and offered to work in a magazine.It can be said that the fateful meeting decided the fate of journalist Diana Vryland. Her rubric "Why not you ...?" Was known for offering unusual fashion tips for those times. Moving up the career ladder, Vreeland became the editor of Harper's magazine and remained so until the early 1960s. Here she established herself as one of the country's leading arbitrators. All women of fashion listened to her advice. But despite the good position in the magazine and the extraordinary popularity, her salary was modest.

Career in Vogue and Metropolitan

Journalist Diane Vreeland joined the staff of yet another influential fashion magazine as editor in 1962. In Vogue, she continued to be a powerful force in the fashion world, often able to identify upcoming trends, such as the popularity of bikinis. Vreeland collaborated with new talents, journalists, photographers, models that have become popular thanks to Vogue magazine.

journalist diana vriland biography

There were articles on various topics: about singers, popular politicians, movie stars. However, in 1971, without any explanation, she was demoted, and then fired. After she lost her job, Diana Vreeland did not leave the fashion world.She became a consultant in the Metropolitan Museum. There she held a series of exhibitions that attracted many visitors.

Interesting Facts

  • Diana said she was always an ugly little monster. But in adult life, instead of hiding its so-called flaws, Diana turned them into a sign of elegance, skillfully emphasizing them. Her unconventional appearance and subtle sense of style helped to achieve success.
  • She and Reed preferred a fairly active lifestyle. They spent the weekend in Brewster, New York, and the guests were entertained in their stunning pink living room with the mantel shell. Their life was a fairy tale full of the most interesting characters of the era. All domestic issues took the husband. When he died in 1966, Diana returned to her apartment in Park Avenue, looked around and asked: “Where is the kitchen?”.

In 1980, she published a book about Allure fashion and her autobiography “D. V. ”in 1984.

journalist Diane Vreeland

Aphorisms of Diana Vreeland

  • You must have style. It helps you get out of bed in the morning. This is a lifestyle. Without this, you are nobody. I'm not talking about a lot of clothes.
  • Of course, someone is born with good taste. It is very difficult to purchase. Can you get a taste?
  • The first rule that geisha learn at the age of nine is to be charming women. Every girl in the world should have a trained geisha.
  • Fashion should be the most intoxicating agent of the banality of the world.

After her death, the documentary “The Eye Must Travel” (2011) was shot about her.

She died of a heart attack at the age of 85 in New York in 1989. Manor Vreeland was built to continue the legacy of Vryland, now it is supported by a grandson.

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