Diana's name: meaning, origin. The meaning of the name Diana for a girl

Everyone knows the phrase "How to name the ship, so it will float", therefore to the selection of the name is always treated with special trepidation.

The name is Diane. Value. Origin

In Latin, the name Diana means"Divine", since by its appearance it is due to the ancient Roman goddess Artemis (moon-faced hunter). It is not difficult to guess what the name of Diana is for the Romans. Thus, the Roman Diana is the embodiment of the moon on earth and is analogous to the Greek goddess. However, even in spite of such a remarkable value for the name Diana, for a girl from the CIS countries it may not be suitable. Although the name itself is beautiful and euphonious, but with Slavic patronymics, it does not fit well. With a patronymic Petrovna, Sidorovna, Ivanovna and the like Diana - the name for the girl is not suitable. The name will be well combined with such patronymics as Valeryevna, Igorevna, Arkadievna.

name Diana meaning origin

Features of the name

The meaning of the name Diana for the girl is great, for lifeshe is a hunter, from her childhood she knows how to achieve her goal. Cunning and prudent Diana emerges victorious from any situation. Strict morals and principles are not for her, she adheres to the rule: if the lie is for salvation, then the end justifies the means. Cheating for a girl is the norm of life. For a girl whose name is Diana, the meaning, the origin of her own name is very important to know, in order to understand yourself. At least in order to combat the tendency to exaggerate one's own merits, this is very characteristic of a young lady.

Knowing what it means to name Diana and the features of hercharacter, men will treat her with extreme caution, since she is excessively boastful. Having won the right man for her, the girl will share this joyful news with everyone, from friends to neighbors. Girls with this name think that they can get respect and fame like this.

If you want to give your daughter the name Diana,the origin of which attracts many, it is better to weigh all the pros and cons again, and only then to make a decision. After all, despite such positive qualities as perseverance and purposefulness, there is a sea of ​​negative moments that accompany people with such a character. For example, every success of a successful person generates a sea of ​​envy and gossip from the part of envious detractors, especially because Diana herself cultivates all these speculations and gossip.

You need to know what "dangers" are in the name of Diana. The meaning, originthis name is already prompted that she needs to learn restraint in childhood. If a girl tries to behave more calmly, then she will not have any problems in her life.

which means the name Diana

Diana's name: compatibility with other names

Girls with this name always have a sea of ​​acquaintances,they are simple and easy to communicate. However, when it comes to amorous issues, Diana changes tactics of behavior. To conquer the beloved's heart, the girl builds cunning plans. When the goal is achieved and subdued, everyone will know about who has visited her in bed. She especially likes to share love gossip with friends and colleagues.

Men with names Andrey, Roman, Valery, Cyrilwill suit Diana for stormy and passionate, but, unfortunately, short novels. Relations with representatives of these names will be bright, saturated, but the matter before marriage will not reach.

Diana needs a strong and powerful master of her own, and later of their life together. Successful will be an alliance with Alexander, Dmitry, Vladimir.

the meaning of the name of diana for a girl


What is the fate of the name Diana? Girls with this beautiful and rare name were born to be known, the following list of celebrities with this name can be a confirmation:

- Popular pop singer - Gurtskaya Diana.

- Rock singer, performer and author of manymusical works, the participant of the popular group "Night Snipers" - Arbenina Diana. For achievements in art and literature, the girl was awarded the "Triumph" award.

- Incomparable and beloved by everyonethe royal English dynasty Princess Diana. She died at a young age. Until now, the exact version of the tragedy is unknown, the cause of that terrible car accident is not established.

Interesting fact

The beautiful princess Diana during her lifetime wasadored by the people, her reputation was impeccable, despite the fact that she was, in fact, an ordinary girl. However, after the death, representatives of the yellow press found some facts that, one might say, cast a shadow on the image of the unattainable Diana. The fact is that after the divorce from Prince Charles, Diana began to meet with an ordinary surgeon, which, in general, is not forbidden, because with her, she says, she was really happy.

the fate of the name of Diana


In life, Diana is always successful. Girls should pay attention to the following specialties: seamstress, fashion designer, designer, actress, ballerina, art critic, teacher, hairdresser, engineer. In the work of Diana are successful because of their, you can say, man's temper, they know how to insist on their own, even if they are not right. Self-confidence allows you to achieve any goals. At work, Diana is not loved by her subordinates, they consider her to be a true bitch.

name diana compatibility

Personal life

Getting a woman with this name is difficult, even ifyou're a fine prince, you have to prove it all the time. In an intimate sense, Diana does not let her get too close, although in relationships she can be a complaisant and loving woman. Trust for her in the first place, Diana will not forgive treason, even a small lie can cause parting. Diana quickly converge with people, but just as quickly ready to part with them, if communication brings negative or is useless. As a general rule, Diana's women's happiness is acquired only in the second marriage, because they constantly want to be leaders, they do not like to obey. They are good housewives, they know how to welcome guests in a beautiful and hospitable manner. But with her mother, Diana develops a bad relationship since childhood, since an obedient girl can not be clearly named.

diane name for girl

Astrology of a name

That's what the stars can tell about female representatives, who bear the name Diana:

- A suitable sign of the Zodiac is Cancer;

- Protecting planet - Pluto;

- stone-talisman - diamond;

- color-mascot - white;

- plant-mascot - forget-me-not and iris;

- animal-talismans - bull and deer;

- Good day - Friday.

Name day of Diana June 9.

Character traits

Beautiful, independent Diana is just created forsuccess, she is endowed with all the leadership qualities. It is better not to get in her way, she will still be able to achieve her. Intelligence, charm, a little grace - and voila, the goal is achieved. The character of Diana is masculine, in him are pronounced such qualities as practicality, emotionality, intuition, adherence to principles, temperament, responsiveness. Girls with this name are very artistic, because others can not always recognize the true mood of Diana. The downside of the character is the increased self-control, women with the name Diana try to look more reserved than they are in reality, although inside they are very hot nature. Due to the fact that any word that is incorrectly said in the face of Diana strikes a blow to self-esteem, in her soul she accumulates a negative. Representatives of the weaker sex with this name should be more direct and open, less serious to themselves and others. Perfectly developed intuition inherent from birth, protects Diana from deceit and intrigues of those envious of others. Here is such a complex personality in nature beautiful Diana.

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Dianas name: meaning, origin. The meaning of the name Diana for a girl Dianas name: meaning, origin. The meaning of the name Diana for a girl Dianas name: meaning, origin. The meaning of the name Diana for a girl Dianas name: meaning, origin. The meaning of the name Diana for a girl Dianas name: meaning, origin. The meaning of the name Diana for a girl Dianas name: meaning, origin. The meaning of the name Diana for a girl Dianas name: meaning, origin. The meaning of the name Diana for a girl Dianas name: meaning, origin. The meaning of the name Diana for a girl Dianas name: meaning, origin. The meaning of the name Diana for a girl Dianas name: meaning, origin. The meaning of the name Diana for a girl