Design and approval of redevelopment

It is difficult to find people who would never have thought about redevelopment in their typical apartment in a high-rise building. Someone wants to make more kitchen by using the corridor area. Someone wants to make a bigger corridor, removing the storage room. Someone dreams of a spacious living room and decides to connect the room with the loggia. Finally, it is more convenient for someone to enter the living room directly from the kitchen, while passing through the corridor. All these changes are quite real, however, in addition to the repair itself, you will have to go through such a stage as agreeing on redevelopment.

Is it necessary?

Many will think: “I am not going to sell an apartment in the near future, so no one will know about the alteration. Why spend money on a redevelopment project and nerves - to go to the instances? And in general, this is my property, what I want - and I do it with her. ” There is some truth in this, but it's not so simple:

  • Do not forget that you have neighbors who may complain to the housing inspection in the event that your redevelopment will affect their interests or threaten security.
  • Employees of the housing inspection can conduct raids and check selectively apartments.You are not insured from the fact that their choice will fall on your home. And then fines and litigation can not be avoided!
  • If the plumbers, electricians and other “repairmen” who are in the service of the management company, who you have called, find unauthorized redevelopment, they will be obliged to report this to the management.

In the worst case, the consequences of unauthorized redevelopment can be not only court proceedings, but also the deprivation of property rights and even criminal prosecution, if there are serious violations of the norms of SNiP, MES, SES, etc.

Having missed such a stage as agreeing on redevelopment, you will later encounter difficulties in selling a home, arranging a lease agreement, insurance, and using an apartment as collateral. for their services in drafting the project and its approval in the relevant authorities takes not so much money. Litigation, payment of fines, examination - all this will be much more expensive, not to mention the waste of time and nerves.

When you do not need a project redevelopment and its coordination?

Reconciliation approval can not be carried out if you decide:

  • to demolish the internal partitions, not related to the supporting structures;
  • to build additional walls of light materials that do not create significant loads on the foundation and interfloor floors;
  • change windows or glaze the loggia;
  • put a new bath or toilet instead of the old (in the same place);
  • install air conditioning;
  • finally, to make an ordinary redecoration (wallpapering, replacement of linoleum, etc.).

How the redevelopment is coordinated: services, documents, deadlines

Consider the option when redevelopment is legalized even before the start of repair work, because it is precisely this approach that is right from the point of view of the law. The owner of the property must do the following:

  • Request a technical passport for an apartment to the BTI (no more than 5 years should pass from the moment of the last survey).
  • Take in ZhEKe extract from the house book and a copy of the personal account (production time - up to 14 days).
  • Prepare a certificate of ownership or contract social.
  • To issue a document confirming the consent to the redevelopment of all residents (adults) registered in the apartment.
  • Design a planned reorganization (will help any public or private).
  • Approve the project in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, SES and the management company.
  • Submit a ready-made package of documents to the dwelling inspection for approval (the period for consideration of the case is up to 45 days)

If we are talking about the legalization of redevelopment, which has already been done, then the documents are submitted to the court, and he already decides whether to approve the changes or, alas, about the need to return the apartment to a “pre-distribution” state.

As you can see, the red tape is still that. If you contact the project organization, it will greatly facilitate your life. You can order not only the project itself, but also legal support when it is agreed. Believe me, your costs will be paid off by the fact that the whole procedure will be as quick and smooth as possible. And you will only enjoy your renovated apartment. Successful alterations!

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