David Cameron - British Prime Minister: Biography, Family, Political Career

In terms of age, this British politician, who headed the Cabinet of Ministers at 43, set a record. All of his predecessors, since 1812, were older. At the same time, he was able to consolidate the forces of liberals and conservatives after unsuccessful parliamentary elections in spring 2010, when none of the factions managed to secure a majority of votes. David Cameron himself considers himself a conservative of moderate type. The “iron lady” Margaret Thatcher is among his idols on the political Olympus. Responsible Prime Minister David Cameron held six years, and during this time, not all of his initiatives were endorsed by the British media, which, as you know, never mind criticizing the government. In particular, the politician was blamed for the fact that he sometimes ignored the demands of society and relied more on those representatives of the elite who had once studied with him in Eton and Oxford.

David Cameron

Moreover, the journalists seriously tarnished the business reputation of the head of government, unearthed some facts from his "stormy" youth.

Years of childhood and adolescence

David Cameron - a native of the British capital. He was born on October 9, 1966 in a family of aristocrats. His paternal ancestors were close relatives of King Wilhelm IV. The father of the future politician worked as an expert in the field of finance, and his mother belongs to a noble family, whose representatives for several epochs sat in the legislature of the country as representatives of the Conservative Party. Naturally, when young David Cameron had to go to school, his parents picked up an elite educational institution, which was located in Berkshire. He was once visited by the sons of Elizabeth II. Then he continued his studies at a more eminent institution, which is known as Eton College.

Introduction to lawmaking

In 1984, David Cameron becomes a graduate, and after some time in practice, he learns how British lawmakers work in parliament.

David Cameron UK

One of the members of the Conservative Party opened the veil of secrecy to their activities, who suggested that the young man temporarily work at the parliamentary headquarters as an intern.David Cameron, whose biography is of great interest to political scientists, often attended meetings of lawmakers, where disputes between liberals and conservatives often flared up.

Business trip

Some time later, on the initiative of his father, the future prime minister goes on a business trip. David Cameron (United Kingdom - the country he represents) goes to Hong Kong. Having coped well with the duties of the ship agent, the young man returns to his homeland. Remarkable is the fact that his path ran through the territory of the USSR. Cameron saw the sights of the capital, and then decided to go to the Crimea. The politician recalled that in Yalta he was tried to be recruited by KGB officers, but David and his friend did not confide with representatives of the law enforcement agency of the Land of the Soviets, and preferred to withdraw from contacts with them.

Study at oxford

Upon arrival in London, a graduate of Eton College decided to get a higher education and entered the University of Oxford.

Prime Minister David Cameron

As a result, he became a bachelor of arts in such areas as: economics, philosophy and politics. One of David’s educators spoke of him as a promising and diligent student.However, it was the student years of Cameron caused a scandal, in the center of which was the future head of the British government. The fact is that the famous London businessman Michael Ashcroft, in collaboration with journalist Isabel Oukshot, wrote a book in which he reports that while studying at Oxford, David Cameron was entertained by taking part in indecent orgies, being a member of a sexually depraved student group. The authors of the "bestseller" also write that even while he was studying at Eton College, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom was noticed after smoking marijuana, although he had never been an instigator for this occupation. Then the correspondents from The Daily Mail brought another sensation: some guests invited to the party to the Cameron couple, did not hesitate to smell anyone, sniffing cocaine. One way or another, the ex-head of the British Cabinet of Ministers himself did not refute, but did not agree with the arguments that he had a habit of using drugs.

Despite the hypothetical attacks and assumptions about obscene behavior, David ends Oxford, and with a red diploma.

Career goes uphill

After school, Cameron gets a job at the Tory Party research headquarters. In the early 1990s, he personally oversaw the press conference of the leader of the conservative party, John Maydzhon. After the election, "Tory" managed to occupy a majority in parliament, and David begins to rapidly move up the career ladder.

David Cameron Policy

At first he became the special adviser to the Chancellor of the Treasury, and then went to work at the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a special adviser to the minister.


However, despite the high positions in the system of public administration, in the summer of 1994, an Oxford graduate decided to change his priorities and became interested in business. But it turned out that Cameron intended to use it as a platform for the realization of his own political ambitions. For many years, he served as head of corporate communications for the Carlton Communications media infrastructure. He managed to win over influential businessmen, promising them that if he succeeded in taking one of the key posts on the political Olympus, he would solve the problem of bureaucratic red tape once and for all.

Challenger to Parliament

Since the mid-90s, David has been making strenuous efforts to become a conservative parliamentarian.But it was only in 2001 that he managed to do this when he moved from the Whitney constituency (Oxfordshire). And he was in the House of Commons. In the lower house of England’s main legislature, David Cameron (the Conservative Party) took charge of the internal affairs committee.

David Cameron biography

He began to do his best to add “political” points to himself, raising to the parliamentarians the problems that had the greatest relevance in society.

At the head of the conservative party

In the summer of 2003, an Oxford graduate became the "right hand" of the head of the House of Commons, Eric Forte. A few months later, Cameron became a member of the team of Michael Howard, who stood at the head of the "Tories". However, in 2005, the Conservative Party was defeated in parliamentary elections, and Howard submitted his resignation. Cameron became his successor, having won the victory in the inner-party elections. It should be noted that over the next few years, David demonstrated the qualities of a true leader and was able to increase the prestige and credibility of the Conservative Party by several orders of magnitude. And all this happened against the background of a decline in confidence in the Vigi party, which supported US policy in Iraq.

Already in the spring of 2010, the conservative party, led by Cameron, again became a candidate for most of the seats in parliament, but according to the norms of the law, 19 seats were not enough for her. David had to compromise and form a coalition. And the leader of the "Tory" was able to find a common language with Labor.

Head of Cabinet

A new alignment of forces in the legislature forced the resignation of Gordon Brown, a Liberal Democrat who led the Cabinet until May 11, 2010. Cameron became his successor. And David's assistant was the head of the Labor Party Nick Glegg. The new head of the executive body announced a new leadership style.

David Cameron party

In particular, the policy of David Cameron was to strengthen the rapprochement between the European Union and the United Kingdom. He also tried to introduce preventive measures against migrants arriving from the “Islamic” world in the UK.

Cameron maintained an unopposed position in foreign policy with Russia. He was disappointed with the position of the Kremlin in the military conflict that flared up between South Ossetia and Georgia. The Prime Minister of the Kingdom in relations with Moscow preferred to use the principles of pragmatic diplomacy.

In domestic policy, the government of David Cameron insisted on the gradual abolition of state support measures introduced at the peak of the economic crisis, so that representatives of the business environment have greater flexibility. The head of the British government himself initiated a reform in the military and health care systems.

Departure from big politics

David Cameron’s resignation took place on July 13, 2016. It was associated with the results of a referendum on the feasibility of membership of the Kingdom within the European Union.

David Cameron's resignation

The British announced their withdrawal from the alliance, although the Prime Minister held a different point of view. But he had the courage to say that he respects the choice of his people.

Personal life

David Cameron is related by marriage with a noble family member Samantha Sheffield. Currently, the former head of the British Cabinet is the father of four children (daughters Gwen, Nancy, Florence Rose Endellion, son of Arthur Elven). Another son, Aven Reginald, died of epilepsy in 2009.

At leisure, former Prime Minister David Cameron prefers to listen to rock music, play tennis or football.He often goes horseback riding and does not deny himself the pleasure of riding a bike.

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