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Each person seeks to make his home as comfortable, cozy and attractive as possible. Creating an interior, we must not forget about such an important element as curtains. The correct model can decorate the room, and on the contrary, the models chosen in violation of the design "laws" can violate the style decision.curtains in the interior

How to choose the curtains on the windows so that they blend harmoniously into the interior of the room? How to choose a model that would meet the purpose of the room? With these questions we will try to understand our article.

Basic rule

The easiest way is to go along the beaten path and choose neutral curtains and curtains. However, in this case, you do not show your own individuality. We should not forget that the original interior of any room is a harmonious combination of textures, patterns and shades.

Most modern designers are confident that the curtains in the interior are able to make the design of any room spectacular and original.Making out the room, use their advice, which we will tell today. The basic rule that will help you achieve the desired result - window decoration should be fully combined with interior items.

Professionals recommend using the option of repeated repetition. In other words, this means that the curtains in the interior should be chosen in such a way that the shade of textiles is repeated several times on different surfaces of other objects. This option is win-win.

Combination with furniture

If the curtains in the interior appear last, when the design of the room has already been completed, and it remains only to put an end, then choose textiles to match the color of the upholstered furniture. In this case, a sense of balance and integrity.

Combination with walls

To harmoniously looked curtains in the interior, be guided by the pattern or shade of the walls. In such a situation there is a limitation - it is necessary to strictly adhere to a certain mood and style. For example, heavy silk curtains will look perfect in a room decorated in stained glass style.Lovers of minimalism more suited refined and elegant Roman curtains in neutral colors.

Cotton curtains - it's stylish

Such models have another name - Kis. This variant of home decoration has long been used in the East. It's pretty hot there, so for the air circulation in the room such curtains are needed in the interior. Photos of such products can often be seen in glossy magazines.thread curtains in the interior photo

They perfectly shade the room, while not interfering with the penetration of fresh air.

Yarn curtains in the interior look great, do not limit the access of light and do an excellent job with their main task. Kisei closes the room from prying eyes, creates comfort and coziness.

Today, curtains in the interior, the photos of which can be seen in our article, are becoming very popular in Europe. They make out windows in apartments, beauty salons, restaurants, offices and shops. It is not only beautiful, but also very modern. Curtains, threads in the interior, you can choose to any style. The main thing is to correctly select the appropriate color range and layering of the model.

Threads in the kisie are gathered from above by special weaving. Down they fall freely.This creates the effect of lightness.

Such curtains-threads in the interior of the living room look spectacular. If this room is designed in your classic style, designers advise using multi-layered models of different textures. If you prefer the high-tech style, then you will surely enjoy the multi-level cotton curtains of light colors. You can use ginger with different cutouts. She looks great in the bedroom. For this room, you can pick up the darker tones of interlocking threads, and then bright sunlight will not hurt you to rest.

Roman cotton curtains in the interior (photos of such models can be seen in the latest design editions) look very elegant. By the way, they can be picked up even for a children's room. Especially for kids, they are decorated with funny drawings of children's subjects.

It looks interesting such curtains in the kitchen. No need to worry about their cleanliness and tidiness. They are quite easy to care for. Due to the special coating they are not going to dust.

Types of thread curtains

Today, many well-known designers are advised to purchase curtains with different decor. These may be additions in the form of Lurex threads.They shimmer in the light in the same way as small beads or sequins. Great variety of options. The main thing is that the curtains are not out of the general style of the room.cotton curtains in the interior

The color range of such products is huge. In addition to the more familiar monochrome options, you can choose a blend or combined curtains. You can combine models of several shades at the same time, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Most often, these models are made from threads (usually synthetic) of different thickness, so they have a different texture. A considerable advantage of such curtains can be considered the ability to give them the desired length without the services of a seamstress. Usually these models sell in standard lengths. They can simply be cut with scissors. Threads from synthetic materials are not showered.


In a typewriter such curtains should not be washed. They can get confused and lose their appeal. So manufacturers advise. However, many housewives wash them in the machine in a twisted form, in a special bag, in the “delicate wash” mode. You can take them to dry cleaning or wash in a soap solution. Often you do not have to do this - these curtains do not become soiled for a long time.


Do not be surprised, but the cotton curtains in the interior, the photos of which you see in our article, are often used for zoning space. Their amazing ability to transmit light can be used with a certain lighting in the interior. Kiseyu can be hung in the doorway. They cover a niche in the room. Their use is endless - it all depends on your imagination.

Roller blinds

We will not argue that the classic curtains will never be out of fashion. But they are not suitable for every interior. Yes, and many are already rather tired of it. That is why, choosing different “outfits” for windows, people prefer more fresh options. Today are becoming popular curtains in the interior. Where is it better to use them?roller blinds in the interior

These models are also called fabric roller blinds. This is a piece of fabric, mounted on a roller at the top of the window and spinning down. Such protection for windows can have a different lifting mechanism — manual or automatic, when the control panel is used. Of course, the second option is more convenient, but it affects the price of the finished product.


Roller blinds are divided into two types - open and closed models.The first type is simpler - in the open curtains there is no fabric protecting shaft. Such products get dirty faster, but they are much cheaper. The second type has the same protective shaft.

Usually cassette roller blinds have a lifting mechanism, respectively, their price increases. In addition, the formation of prices affects the quality of components.

Roller blinds in the interior vary in type and texture of fabric. Separately, it is necessary to say about the day-night models. They have a similar design, but with some differences from the classic curtains. This is a combination of two stripes of textiles, which, when closed, look like a single canvas, and, when open, run over one another. Thus, there are gaps for the penetration of sunlight.

Today, designers often work with such curtains when designing different rooms. Especially such “clothes” for the window are suitable for modern interiors in the homes of dynamic, active people. The fabric from which they are made can be different - transparent, dense, translucent, etc. Accordingly, the roleta can be used as thick curtains in the bedroom interior or as transparent tulle in the living room. Blackout curtains are made from natural linen or cotton.

This window design is suitable for anyone who appreciates conciseness in the interior. The cut of fabric covers only glass, and its profile remains open. On each leaf is fixed a separate canvas. This allows you not to use double cornices - in the dark, the window will be covered with a thick curtain, and in the afternoon - only tulle.

Advantages of rolet

This model can be installed in any room - from the living room to the kitchen. Roller blinds are easily attached to the plastic windows with a special glue. The kit includes a fairly detailed installation instructions, so this work will not be easy.

Roleta for the kitchen

In this room, the roleta on the window look very impressive. You can purchase monochrome or color models. For example, if the kitchen walls are plain, then it is better to buy colored curtains, if there is a pattern on the walls, then plain patterns will be more suitable. Rolettes look organically on the kitchen window. In addition, they have special properties that allow you to safely use them in this room. They are impregnated with a special composition that provides these products with dust-repellent, antistatic and water-repellent properties.In addition, the curtains in the interior of the kitchen have a protective layer against UV and sun.

Japanese curtains

This model is different from the more familiar to us freely hanging or pre-assembled canvases that adorn the windows. Japanese curtains are more like a screen or panel.Japanese curtains in the interior

This is a system of smooth tulle or fabric webs. They are attached to the multi-layer cornice. In the upper and lower parts of these models there are inserts (frames). They provide the necessary rigidity of the canvas.

Japanese curtains in the interior are very similar to vertical blinds, but their canvases are much wider and they do not turn. They easily move in any direction, thereby opening the necessary part of a window.

Despite the pronounced minimalism of design, these curtains provide space for your imagination. For example, it is not necessary to use canvases made from the same fabric. You can apply material of different textures, patterns, shades. It is allowed to use cloths of different widths or fix them to a wall or ceiling.

What kind of fabric will do

For Japanese curtains, there is nothing better than natural materials - cotton, linen, hemp, silk. These fabrics can have a different texture.For example, you can choose a very thin, airy silk (it is more suitable for a nursery), and you can choose a dense and heavy material that is more appropriate to use in the bedroom.

White curtains in the interior

Having made a choice in favor of such a “dress” for your windows, you will get a clean and romantic interior. White curtains, especially made of lace fabric, look great. White curtains in French style look very impressive. Even the constructive simplicity of Japanese curtains deserves attention.white curtains in the interior

Many designers believe that white is neutral. This is a classic design art. It is perfectly combined with any interior, while it seems airy, light and very calm.

Snow-white French curtains add subtle theatricality to your daily life. They are very solemn, therefore it is better to use them in a spacious and well-lit room. Exquisite drapery successfully compensates for their traditional monotony.

For confident and stylish people fit white curtains, pleated. They are most recommended for the design of non-standard windows.

We make the living room

This room needs careful selection of curtain patterns for windows. From this depends largely on the overall atmosphere in the room. In this room we meet guests, communicate with people close to us, so we would like it to become cozy and warm, so that everyone feels comfortable in it. In many ways, this is facilitated by properly selected curtains in the interior of the living room. You can pick them up yourself or use the services of a specialist.curtains in the living room interior

If you are a creative person, the interior of the curtains in the living room (the photos are published in their advertising booklets of the company, they are made), you can order according to your own sketch and size. This will allow you to arrange the window in full accordance with your chosen style of room, color scheme.

Not everyone can create their own interior curtains in the living room. Photos of the original ready-made options can be seen in the catalogs of trading organizations. True, they do not always correspond to the required size. In this case, you will need the services of a seamstress.

Curtains for the living room should be selected only after complete completion of all repair work. The most important rule that must be strictly followed is full compliance with the general style of the room interior.Agree that it would be inappropriate to look French curtains in the living room, decorated in the style of minimalism or high-tech.

Properly selected models of curtains will make the interior concise and complete, will give the living room a certain charm.

The choice of fabric depends on the characteristics of the room itself - its size, degree of illumination, configuration, size and shape of the window.

Curtains for a small living room

For small rooms, you should choose the most airy and lightweight fabric, so as not to overburden the already not very spacious room. Most suitable silk or satin.interior curtains in the living room photo

To visually expand the space of a small living room, choose the light colors of the curtains. The color may match the shade of the walls, but that is if you are not pursuing aesthetic goals.

The window of a small room should be decorated with curtains of the simplest design. This again is done in order not to overload the room.

With low ceilings in the living room, it is better to use not the wall, but the ceiling moldings - this will create the effect of curtains falling from the ceiling, and this contributes to the visual expansion of the space.

Color selection

If your living room with windows “looks” to the north, then it is better to make curtains of fabric of warm shades.

The living room, facing south, and if there are plenty of warm colors in its design, can be diluted with colder shades of curtains. In the large living room you can use darker colors.

A great option when choosing shades of curtains is their combination with the tone of the most massive element of the interior. It can be a large sofa, a modern wall, a painting, etc.

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