Create an "Dreamcatcher" amulet with your own hands

The dream catcher is a talisman who protects our dreams, chasing away nightmares. In his web, bad dreams are confused, and good dreams slip. Now we will tell how to make such an amulet as a dream catcher. With your own hands, you can make a surprisingly beautiful thing that will protect your dreams. To make it, you need some things:

  • The first is a fresh wicker.
  • The second is a white dense thread (cotton). You can use a long leather lace.
  • The third is light feathers. The Indians used the eagle to create the amulet. Although you can apply any.
  • Fourth - large beads of various shades (it is desirable to use from natural material).

do-it-yourself dream catcherMaking a mysterious amulet - "Dream Catcher"

The hands can make such a thing quickly enough. It is advisable to engage in its creation in the spring or summer. At this time, you can easily find a wicker. After you cut it from a tree, heat it for a minute or two over a fire.Then knead the fold and roll into the hoop. Its diameter should be about 30-40 centimeters. Next, you need to braid around the thread. You should not overtighten it, but the thread should not hang out. Make sure your hoop does not fall apart. Threads on the product begin and end with knots! After the braid is finished, go to the creation of the web. We take 1.5 m of thread (thin, but durable) and begin to weave a mesh inside our ring. All this time we are doing the same nodule. We take the rope and freely throw it over the top of our ring. In no case do not stretch. Then we start it on the reverse side and stretch it into the resulting loop. Do not forget to tightly tighten each knot. Too much is also not necessary, since you can twist the product. Then we braid the ring to the place where we started. Between the nodes should be a distance of about five centimeters. As a result, the circumference you get them about 10 pieces. Make the last stitch at a distance of 1 cm from the initial loop.

amulet dream catcherNext stage

Next, we knot all the knots in the center of the previous stitch. If you have a good thread, the stitches of the previous circle will be slightly pulled to the center, thus making the cells look beautiful (diamond-shaped).When you tighten the third and fourth round, you can add a bead. She will symbolize the spider itself. We put it on a thread, and then continue to weave towards the center. Try to leave a hole in the center of the amulet. From the bottom of the hole we finish the weaving. We fix the ridge with two knots (tighten them well).

The last step in creating the amulet "Dream Catcher"

With your own hands, you have practically produced this miracle amulet, there are some last actions left. To attach feathers (two-three) to the center, we take a thread 20 cm long. The ends of the feathers with knots are wrapped in felt pieces, after which we carefully fix them with threads in a circle. Now we make a loop on top of the amulet. On it, it will hang near your bed. From below we tie up the harvested feathers with one or three bundles.

Finishing touch

That's all, our dream catcher is ready. With your own hands, you can arrange it as prompted by your imagination. I would like to note one interesting thing - in the manufacture of such an amulet for women use owl feathers, and for men - eagles.

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