Cough without fever

If there are any problems in the respiratory systemthe body naturally reacts to them with a cough to get rid of sputum or something strange. Coughing is not a disease, it's just a signal that everything is not right in the body, that is, there is an inflammatory process in it. In general, such a reaction is to acute respiratory diseases, affecting both the upper and lower respiratory tract.

In comparison with adults, children are more likely to get sick, andcough without temperature in the child is rare. It can occur due to inflammation of the pharynx, sinuses of the nose, or may be the cause of adenoids. It can also be of an allergic nature - a reaction to dust, household chemicals or perfumes.

In any case, just coughing does not occur. If there is a prolonged cough without temperature, then this can be a sign of bronchitis or even pneumonia.

Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchi, a lesionmucous membrane. Basically, bronchitis is the consequences of ARI, and cough without a temperature often accompanies it. At the very beginning of the disease, it is usually dry. It is especially difficult at night, when it is almost impossible to sleep because of suffocating cough. In children, it can cause vomiting. After a while, the cough is moistened and accompanied by sputum, and during this period it becomes a little easier for the patient to bear it. Also, bronchitis, which accompanies cough without temperature, very often causes a headache, a violation of appetite.

As soon as the first symptoms of the disease appeared,you must immediately start fighting with a cough. But before treating it, you need to find out the nature of the cough and the reasons that caused it. If it is dry, then sputum is secreted in very small amounts or does not stand out at all. To make it wet and sputum, mucus should form. In the meantime, in her absence, the cough will be hysterical and debilitating.

But to alleviate the patient's condition, there isantitussive drugs that soothe the mucous. In addition to bronchitis causes a severe dry cough without temperature tuberculosis. Also, during pregnancy, it can be dangerous for many reasons. In particular, the stomach is always in tension, because in the process of coughing the ligaments are shortened, the muscles are constantly straining, and all this can result in bleeding. So as soon as possible you need to get rid of it.

Because a cough without temperature can be verylong, protracted, you can resort to the tools of traditional medicine, which, as always, is a "wand-zashchalochka" in all life situations. But here everyone already chooses his individual means, depending on the peculiarities of his organism.

Effective means for dry cough areall kinds of inhalations. A positive result is achieved instantly. The most commonly used method is a pair of potatoes welded in uniforms. You can use baking soda or alkaline mineral water. Also used for inhalation broths of chamomile, plantain, sage, St. John's wort. It is very popular with cough and decoction of lime color. Do not use inhalation over boiling water. The vapor should be inhaled five minutes after the boiling water is turned off.

There is also the so-called physiologicala cough that is not a manifestation of any disease, but merely accompanies our daily life. He periodically cleanses our respiratory system from getting any foreign bodies, accumulated sputum, and so on. However, many people take a physiological cough for pathological and, knowing that coughing can serve as a prerequisite for any illness and without temperature, very often they sound false alarm.

In fact, such a cough is short-term, associated only with the release of our bronchi from the mucus that accumulated overnight, and not at all with the manifestation of any kind of disease.

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