Congruence is what is it? Congruence in Psychology

Recently, a lot of people have been talking about congruence. And this is a really good condition when a person feels free and is self-confident. The concept of congruence must be present in the life of every person who would like to succeed.

Without this, it is impossible to achieve the goal, as one of the main factors that determine success is persuasiveness. And the last without congruence can not be. Let's take a closer look at this issue. What is congruence in psychology and a number of other sciences? After all, this concept is multidisciplinary, although it has its own shades in the definitions.

What is congruence?

We already understood that this property of the personality is very important. In the future, we consider the areas of life where it can be useful. Now let's find out the very meaning of such a thing.Crushness is a state of complete freedom, accompanied by the absence of fear to show one’s emotions and shame for them, as well as complete correspondence of the verbal, paraverbal and non-verbal components of the communicative process.

Congruence is

A bit difficult definition, therefore we will consider it in more details. The first part, in principle, is understandable. If a person is congruent, then he is not afraid to express his emotions, as he values ​​himself. But as for the second part of the definition, it should be more detailed to deal with those three incomprehensible words that were spoken there.

  1. Verbal speech is one that consists of words. That is, the text that the person slanders is a verbal component of his communication.
  2. Paraverbal speech is all that is directly related to a person’s ability to speak, but these means of communication are expressed using other components, such as intonation.
  3. Non-verbal speech is something that is not related to speech in any way. For example, body language can be cited as non-verbal speech.The concept of congruence

It turns out that congruence in psychology is the complete correspondence of speech, intonation and the language of the human body.It is difficult enough to believe a subject whose eyes are bulging, and he is all stuck up. What does peace and tranquility reign in his soul, or is there complete turmoil and uncertainty? Such a person is incoherent.

How visible is congruence from the side?

Congruence is a condition that is almost always seen by other people to one degree or another. But here everything depends on empathy. In the everyday sense of the term, it is the ability to empathize. Psychologically, empathy is the ability of a person to understand the emotions of another. Accordingly, the more developed a person has this quality, the worse the congruence is visible to another person, or vice versa, its absence. Thus, we can conclude that congruence is a human condition that is visible to everyone, but the measure of this vision is different.

Congruence in business

Congruence is a very important quality for an entrepreneur. In most cases, a person needs to communicate with his partners and to convince them of something. Rather, in this case, it will not be about partners, but about competitors. The man is nervous.Is it going to reflect well on him? In principle, congruence is not so much the lack of anxiety, as the ability to accept yourself with all the emotions that torment the soul at a certain moment.

Congruence in Psychology

Congruence in this case is the place to be, if a person was able to wrap his excitement to his advantage. However, there may be a complete lack of emotion. In this case, the person feels free to negotiate. This can also be called congruence. In business, the importance of this quality is very important not only for spiritual well-being, but also for success. After all, congruence is not only a state of mind, but also how a person looks.

Congruence in public speaking

In principle, congruence is a quality that will be useful in all cases when you need to convince people of something. And public speaking is no exception. No matter how bad person Hitler was considered, he would never have been successful in public speaking if he had not been congruent.

What is congruence

After all, his task is to convince people that Germany really has a promising future.And without congruent behavior they would never have believed him. Agree, it is hard enough to believe a person who says something uncertainly about the greatness of the Aryan race.

Congruence in privacy

The word "congruence" is very fond of using pick-ups. Yes, the attitude towards these people is also ambiguous, but as for some theoretical points, they are right. Congruence has a very large impact on a person when they are dating the opposite sex. After all, if a person is sure that he will succeed in his plans, then perhaps he is something of himself too.

If the guy is confident that the girl will love him, then the probability of a positive outcome of his recognition will increase significantly. After all, the subconscious of the young female will surely catch the congruence and think something like: "Yeah, since he behaves so confidently, then maybe he really likes women!"

Congruence in geometry what is it

And after that, the girl can turn on the gregarious feeling, after which the guy really starts to like. As for this instinct, sometimes we ourselves do not notice the impact it has on us.And one of his stimulants is the congruence of a significant person.

Congruence in relationships

In relations between people in general, congruence is a means of creating an atmosphere of conversation. When one person is tense, closed, then his condition can also be transmitted to the interlocutor. Therefore, it is very important to acquire communication skills in order to learn how to interact with people correctly. In the context of interpersonal relationships, congruence is openness. You, probably, noticed that open people like others more, and it’s easier to communicate with them.

How to become congruent?

That is why the first step towards how to become congruent is communication with such people and imitation of them in this aspect. But at the same time, do not forget about your personality, since congruence is an acceptance of yourself, and not an attempt to imitate someone. There is nothing bad about it if it is moderate. If a person begins to imitate others in the tiniest trifles, then this is already a problem. But the main points you can play and even need to learn something.

Congruence in other sciences

The concept we are considering is not only psychological.There is, for example, congruence in geometry. What it is? In this science, it is possible to call a congruent object that, when superimposed on another, completely coincides with it in all parameters, but it is located in a completely different place.

Congruence of the articular surfaces

The congruence of the articular surfaces in medicine is when the shape of the joints in contact coincides. As we see, in any case, regardless of science, congruence is a synonym for conformity. Based on this, we can conclude that this word can be used in its speech as a universal verbal tool.


We understand what congruence is, where it can be applied. It is important to understand that the range of areas where it can be useful is much wider than those shown here. You can independently determine where else this concept may be useful. But one thing is clear that only a congruent personality can be considered harmonious and pleasant in communication.

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