Congratulations on the day PPS men

September 2 in Russia is the day of the patrol service (PPS). It is in this unit that most of the police officers work. They provide order on the streets of the city, help those in need, suppress offenses, putting themselves at risk. And, of course, they deserve the warmest, most sincere congratulations on the PPS Day.

Congratulations on the day of PPP

A bit of history

The first instruction, intended for the police guards, was issued on September 2, 1923. It was to this event that the professional holiday, the decree of which was issued in 2002, was timed.

The main duty of the guards has been and still is to maintain order on the streets, go to the scene of the incident, detain suspects in the crime, and prevent crime. After the revolution, when there were many gangs in the cities, the police daily risked their lives. The patrolmen showed themselves heroically during the Great Patriotic War.

Today, faculty members are serving in every city in the country.They are equipped with modern transport: cars, motorcycles, boats and helicopters. These are courageous, responsible people who bear the main burden of maintaining public safety. A professional holiday is an excellent occasion to express my gratitude for their honest service.

Congratulations from the heart

Warm words on this holiday are spoken by patrol officers, bosses, colleagues, relatives and friends. It will be appropriate to recall situations when the hero of the occasion showed his best qualities, to tell why you appreciate him so much. Such a congratulation on the day of PPP in prose will compare favorably with the template blanks.

Congratulations with the day pps in prose

On this holiday you can wish:

  • easy and safe service;
  • quiet situation in the city;
  • zero crime;
  • self-control;
  • courage;
  • steel health;
  • reliable rear in the form of a close-knit family and true friends;
  • good weather on duty;
  • law-abiding citizens on the way;
  • career growth;
  • understanding and responsive boss;
  • adequate salary.

Funny greetings

Patrolmen may seem harsh while on duty, but in their spare time they are not averse to laugh.Good mood to the audience will give cool greetings on the day of PPP. For example, such:

  1. Long live the guards, fearless warriors, well adapted to the heat and frost! May all your cherished wishes come true in honor of the holiday! So that the drunk in a flash would be sober with one stern glance, the hooligans happily fled to confess and handcuffed themselves. Let the passers-by idolize you, beautiful girls shake you in your arms, and the authorities regularly encourage foreign currency prizes.
  2. On this holiday, I want to wish all PPP employees to LOSE firmly into their lives! In order to have a solid ripening, deliciously eloquent, well lived, the time in the service quickly reattached, the service weapon did not come, easy and quiet work well.

Congratulations on the day pps short

Short congratulations on the day of PPP in verses

You can please the patrol and poetry. The rhymed congratulations on the day of the teaching staff are original, well perceived by the listeners and quickly remembered. You can read, for example, the following lines:

  • On the day of the PPP, accept the wish:

Take under arrest all the evils and sufferings

So that in your life there was no place for them.

So be it, and no protests!

  • Patrol, congratulations

Happy PPS! Let at this moment

Will disappear forever from the world of crime,

And hooligans addicted to reading books!

We wish you peaceful streets, stars on the shoulders,

Health strong, courage and good luck.

So that this day solemn all speech

Sounded in your honor, nothing else.

  • Patrol, words impossible

To describe you: you are just the ideal!

Bold, courageous, positive and reliable.

Carry the service to the city slept peacefully.

Let them pass you by failures

Let pedestrians smile on duty

The sun shines, tasks are performed,

Health will be strong, life - luxurious.

SMS congratulations on the day pps

SMS messages

If your brother, son or friend is located in another part of the world, you can still contact him. It is necessary to send a short SMS congratulation on the day of PPP. In this way, you will show that you remember the holiday, appreciate the person and always find a free minute or two for him.

A message sent in this way should be sincere, compact, vivid and memorable. Express all that you wanted in a few words - the whole art. Nevertheless, the most valuable congratulations are those that were written by a man himself. Perhaps they are not so beautiful and smooth, as taken from the Internet.But in them there are true feelings, experiences. Only you know what the hero of the occasion is missing, what he dreams of. Having wished him precisely this, and not the stereotyped "happiness, health," you will emphasize the importance of a person for you.

As an example, the following SMS greetings:

  • From mother.Happy PPS, son! Know that I am proud of you and terribly worried. I beg you to be careful during the service. I wish you a festive mood, calm duty, true friends, health and a guardian angel behind your back.
  • From friend.I wish a promotion,

So that on duty did not bite the frost,

Do not forget our old friendship,

Fewer crimes and threats.

Congratulations on the day PPS husband

A professional holiday is a good reason to express feelings. Tell your beloved man how you love and appreciate him, let him know how dear he is to you. It might look like this:

"My dear! Congratulations on your professional holiday. I am very proud of my brave husband who will never leave the post and bravely disable all offenders. criminals - on TV.Let you have less night duty, more weekends, and wages are growing by leaps and bounds. Let the stars from the sky fall on your epaulets, there are always reliable, faithful friends near you, and the heart in your brave chest more often freezes with happiness. For my part, I promise you a strong rear, support in difficult times and a delicious dinner. My children and I are always waiting for you at home, come back to us safe and sound. "

Happy PPS congratulations to her husband

Original gifts for the holiday

Oral congratulations on the day of the faculty will be even more pleasant if it is supplemented with a small thematic presentation. The hero of the occasion can be served:

  • comic letters, medals or a notebook with the attributes of the police;
  • souvenirs in the form of a pistol or knife (for example, a USB flash drive, ice mold, a bottle, a cigarette lighter, cuff links, a mug);
  • T-shirt or home apron with epaulettes, weapons, funny inscriptions;
  • icon of heavenly patron;
  • piggy bank in the form of a patrol car, along with a bonus inside it;
  • thermal underwear;
  • portable charging or shockproof phone case;
  • strong drinks in a stylized automatic bottle;
  • a pillow with a breastplate badge embroidered on it.

Gifts for the day PPS from children

Every child is proud of his dad, especially if he is a policeman. A professional holiday is an excellent occasion to show imagination and to please your father. Gifts made with small hands can touch the most severe man.

Children can present this day to their father:

  • holiday card in the form of an official car;
  • congratulations poster;
  • father's portrait in the form of a policeman, inserted into a beautiful photo frame;
  • a cup made of thick cardboard for the "Best Guardsman", decorated with photos painted with epaulettes, beads and pebbles.

Happy PPS greetings

Employees of the patrol service make our lives safer and safer. Let the warm congratulations on the PPS Day prove to them that we value their work and feel sincere gratitude.

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