Car "Lexus RX 200t": feedback from owners, features and features

Car Lexus RX 200t is a crossovermade in Japan. A series of off-road vehicles "Lexus RH" is produced from 98-th year. At the moment the company produces the fourth generation of jeeps. One such modification is the Lexus RX. Owner feedback, operational experience, technical specifications and more - read about all this in our today's article.

What is remarkable: the car was created as an equal competitor BMW X5, Porsche-Cayenne and Audi Q7. This is a premium crossover, the production of which is oriented to the world market. "Lexus RH 200t" 2017 (the owners' reviews will be mentioned in our article) is actively supplied not only to Russia, but also to the United States, as well as to the countries of the European Union.


The crossover has a stylish and dynamic silhouette. The design is dominated by strict and aggressive lines. But as noted by the owners, the crossover Lexus RX does not stand out significantly in the stream. More notable is the same BMW rx reviews of owners about the car Front "Lexus" of the fourth generation (200T)got a huge angular bumper and an equally modest grille. It stretches across the entire height of the bumper - from the bottom edge to the hood line. In view of this, the car badly "digests" the Russian winter. As the owners say, "Lexus RX 200t" turns into a real grader on a snow-covered road. Any sharp rise to it is contraindicated - otherwise the brilliant finish of the bumper will be damaged. Overhangs at the Lexus are very long, and this is a big drawback.

Optics in the fourth generation of RX significantlyhas changed. It became narrower and received angular bands of navigation lights. The headlights completely repeat the contours of the front silhouette. Fog lights - lenticular, with xenon. Also in the bumper there is a cutout (the so-called "gills") - an imitation of the air intake. It looks pretty impressive, but there's no benefit from it, as owners' reviews say. The Lexus RX200 has an unusual glazing line - it substantially narrows in the roof area. But the front is simply huge.

About the body

What the owners say about the car LexusRX? Many complain about the paint and varnish coating. "Lexus" - a premium car, but the quality of the paint leaves much to be desired. LCP can be compared with a cheaper "Toyotom-Camry" or "Corolla". After 100 thousand kilometers in front appear numerous chips. If the "jamb" is not removed in time, the metal will rust. Very weak here and the windshield. When a pebble hits (especially at speeds over a hundred), defects inevitably form. The windshield here is large, chips begin to appear already from the first years of operation.

Optics also have drawbacks. Some owners on the Lexus RX woke the lights. Despite the presence of xenon, the light is very weak. And the oncoming flow blinds strongly - the optics are placed very high.

Dimensions and clearance

Compared with the previous generation, "LexusРХ200Т "significantly improved in size. So, the length of the body is 4.89 meters, width - 1.9, height - 1.69 meters. Ground clearance - 20 centimeters. However, it is not enough even on the primer. The slightest bias, and the bumper can be sent for repair. By the way, plastic does not crack here, but bends to the last - checked by the owners. But even this is unacceptable on a crossover of this class. The overhangs are too big.


Let's take a look at the interior of the car "Lexus RX200t. " Reviews of the owners claim that the crossover has received one of the most beautiful and stylish interiors. Leather chairs and luxurious finishing materials constantly remind you of the belonging of this car to the premium class. The front panel is decorated in an unusual style - in the center of the monitor leaves with multimedia, and the inserts "for aluminum" have the same angular shapes as the exterior of the car. On the central console (it, by the way, is a little turned to the driver) there are classical arrow clocks and the control unit of a radio tape recorder. At the bottom there are two cupholders and a "washer" for controlling the all-wheel drive. Between the front seats there is a leather armrest with various niches inside. The handlebars are three-spoke, with a large set of buttons. The instrument panel is equipped with an on-board computer and is very informative, as the owners' reviews about lexus rx new 200t at"Lexus RX 200t" is designed for 4 people, includingdriver. But if necessary, the rear can accommodate three - the width of the body allows it. What else do they say about the Lexus RX 200t? The back of the rear row is not adjustable, however there is a fold-out armrest. The space above the head is enough with a margin. However, there is a lack of lateral support. Seats from behind are quite flat - the owners say.

Disadvantages of the salon

Of course, the interior design looks chic. However, on the move there is a lack of noise insulation. The buzz from the wheel arches goes straight to the salon. This is an inconvenience, especially at long distances. Also over time, the plastic begins to creak - there is an extraneous screech and "crickets". After a while, the air conditioning compressor may break down. And it breaks at the most inopportune moment - on hot summer days. The cost of repairs is 800 dollars. Some try to solve the problem by resetting the battery terminals. But after that, a "glitch" with window regulators and a CD changer is rx ii advantages and disadvantages As for the trunk of the Lexus RX 200t, reviewsowners note its great capacity. If the standard volume of the compartment is 553 liters, then after folding the backs (by means of an electric drive), it increases to 1626. But the back of the rear sofa is transformed only in the proportion of "60 to 40". At the same time, it is impossible to obtain an even surface.


Under the hood of this crossover is placedgasoline engine 8AR-FTS. Its main feature is the presence of the turbocharger "TwinScroll" and the aluminum block of cylinders. Thanks to the turbo, the Japanese managed to "squeeze" 238 horsepower from a two-liter rx operation experience and owner reviewsAlso this unit is equipped with a complexadjustment of the phases of the gas distribution (they are both on the inlet and on the outlet). The torque is 350 Nm. What do they say about the Lexus RX new 200t AT? The car has a very tiring engine, in which there are no power failures. So, the range of torque is from 1.65 to 4 thousand revolutions.

Operational characteristics

As the reviews say, the crossover has a gooddynamics of acceleration. So, the first hundred car dials in 9.2 seconds. The maximum speed is 200 kilometers per hour. The fuel consumption is quite acceptable - note the motorists. For a hundred crossover spends from 7.5 to 9 liters of gasoline, depending on the style and driving mode.

Other versions

In this article we consider the modification of 200T. However, "Lexus RH" can be produced in other versions.Lexus rx 200t owners reviews So, the version of the RX-350 is equipped with a three-liter six-cylinder petrol engine for 300 horsepower. This power unit is available only in top-end trim levels.

Motor problems

So, back to our version of the "200T". What problems do the owners face in the operation? The main disadvantage of the unit is the high demand for fuel quality. If you use a fuel of doubtful origin, the instrument panel will immediately display an error on the ignition coils. The problem is serious, but after diagnosis it turns out that all the coils are working.

After a hundred thousand kilometers of run is possibleDepressurization of the oil pipe section. As a result, the lubricant gushes from the cylinder block to the head. The only way out of the situation is to replace the rubber section with a metal one.

Since this motor is equipped with a phase systemgas distribution, there may be problems with it. So, often owners face the deformation of VVTi couplings (cracks). In practice, this is accompanied by loud screeching when the engine starts. The solution of the problem is the replacement of the coupling of the gas distribution phases with a new one.

As for engines with a volume of 3 liters, they are prone to overheating. The cause is the depressurization of the cooling radiator. As a result, "leads" both the head and the block itself.


Coupled with the turbocharged two-liter unit, there is a non-alternative six-speed automatic transmission. This transmission has not yet caused complaints from the owners.

But as for the old five-speed automatic transmission, withit may be a problem. So, the switching of speeds is carried out with jerks. The problem of reflashing the automatic transmission control unit is being solved. To 100 thousand kilometers it is possible to leak the seal of the semi-axle. In other respects, with a regular replacement of oil and filters (every 50 thousand kilometers), the transmission resource is 300-320 thousand kilometers.

Note that in the basic complete sets the fourthgeneration "Lexus RX" is not equipped with a full drive (front only). As an option, it is possible to install a full-drive transmission with a JTEKT coupling. What does it give? This electromagnetic clutch is able to automatically "shift" 50 percent of the torque to the rear axle. This achieves the best hitch and stability of the car on the road and off-road.


There is no frame in the car's design. Bearing is the body itself. Front on the "Lexus RX" is an independent suspension with the posts "McPherson". Behind - spring all-metal racks. For an additional payment, it is possible to install a pneumatic suspension. It is able to adjust the ride height in the range of 15.5 to 21 Lexus rx 200t price How this car behaves (crossover LexusRX 200t) on the road? The owners' comments indicate that the suspension on the Lexus RX is quite comfortable. Despite the low profile of the rubber, the well "swallows" well. And this applies to both conventional and air suspension. But the high smoothness of the course negatively reflected on the car's handling. "Lexus RX" is quite a rattling machine. Manageability can be compared with the "Toyotoy-Prado". As an option, the Japanese offer adaptive suspension "F-Sport". But she does not give special maneuverability, except for the "clamped" moves of the shock absorber.

Suspension problems

The most vulnerable place in the running in the "Lexus RX"this is the rear wheel bearing. They are out of order after 20-40 thousand kilometers. To 100 thousand begins to "love the head" air suspension. Cylinders are etching air. The reason is the deformation of the supports and the stratification of the rubber. To extend the life of the "pneuma", the owners advise regularly to clean the cylinders of dirt and treat them with silicone. Otherwise, the dirt will work as an abrasive, damaging the walls of the cylinders. If the problem with the fallen "pneumatic" is not rectified in time, malfunctions with the compressor are possible. From frequent work, he can burn. The cost of replacing the airbags on the Lexus RX is about $ 500. Also, this suspension may not work due to rotten wiring.

But if you think that when buying a "Lexus" withspring suspension you get rid of all the hassle, you are mistaken. On this problem does not end - to 120 thousand possible malfunctions with the steering rack. It starts to leak, provoking a malfunction of the amplifier. The solution to the problem is the replacement of plastic bushes on the rail.

As for the brakes, the pads wear veryquickly - note the feedback of the owners. The front wheels are sewn to 25 thousand, the rear wheels to 40. Brake disks do not like overheating - because of this they lose their geometry, and when the pedal is pressed, the vibrations are transferred to the steering wheel.opinion about the car lexus rx 200t With regard to drives, gripes onelectromagnetic coupling and hinges of equal angular velocities are not available to owners. However, consider this machine as a full-fledged SUV is not even if there is an all-wheel drive (to begin at least with wildly long overhangs).

Main advantages and disadvantages

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Lexus RX II? The owners note the following advantages:

  • Rich equipment (even in the basic configuration).
  • The presence of a powerful engine.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Comfortable and practical salon (if not touch the rear row).

Now about the shortcomings:

  • Complete absence of off-road characteristics.
  • Poor quality of painting.
  • High maintenance costs and frequent repairs.

As for the price, the new Lexus RX 200t can be bought for 2.5 million rubles. The top version is available for 3 million 455 thousand rubles.

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