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I want to buy a car, I choose now among several used cars. How to protect yourself, check the car for theft, fines, etc.?
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Answered on April 4, 17:55
But don't they check the car before making a deal at the traffic police? At least, the hijacking should be checked. Here when you buy immediately and make sure.
Answered on April 4, 18:49
The author, there are special services that allow you to check the car for theft or other restrictions, unpaid fines, etc. By the way, they allow you to pay fines online, which is very convenient. In general, you can even imagine the application on your mobile to download and check the car directly at the owner. For example, this service
Answered on April 4, 18:55
Wow, what modern technologies have come to! It is necessary and download such an application, a very useful thing.

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