Can pregnant women drink coffee, tea, beer and milk

Pregnancy - the most important moment in the life of a girl. The responsibility falls on the shoulders already at the planning stage. And the goal of the future mother is the birth of a healthy child. In order for the pregnancy to be successful, it is recommended to unswervingly listen to the advice of doctors, read the subject literature and follow the recommendations of experienced mothers.

During pregnancy, it is recommended to eat right, often appear in the fresh air, monitor health, pay attention to sleep and rest, minimize physical exertion and gain patience. As a result, childbirth will be successful and less painful. In order for the future child to develop normally and appear healthy, it is necessary to know what can be pregnant. This topic will be discussed in the article, where we answer 20 popular questions.

20 answers to the question: What can be pregnant?

To drink coffee

Drinking coffee in reasonable quantities does not harm the child, and the expectant mother will encourage and reward with a great mood.Therefore, the coffee can not refuse. The main thing is that the daily dose should not exceed two cups of a non-strong drink.

However, some doctors argue that drinking coffee during pregnancy, even in small quantities, reduces the weight of the child. If you drink in liters, the risk of stillbirth will increase. The drink has a lot of caffeine, which increases pressure and stimulates the nervous system. It is advised to drink it taking into account the characteristics of the organism.

To drink tea

Drinking tea during pregnancy is not prohibited if we are talking about reasonable quantities. In the position of the daily rate of weak tea is two cups. It is allowed to add honey or lemon slices to the drink. The useful elements contained in such amount of black tea are enough to protect and strengthen the teeth, increase the insight of the vessels.

As for dietary supplements in tea, handle them carefully. Contrary to their naturalness, some of them tone up the muscles of organs, including the uterus. With an unfortunate set of circumstances miscarriage happens. Therefore, it is better to refuse supplements.

To drink beer

The frivolous use of alcoholic beverages will lead to the appearance of mental disorders and developmental disorders in the child. Having once again knocked over a small glass of beer, mother will reward the child with addiction.Such terrible consequences are caused by the abuse of beer and other beverages containing alcohol.

Not only alcohol, which is contained in beer, is dangerous. The composition of the drink includes phytoestrogen - a substance resembling hormones in structure. Entering a woman's "third-party" hormones is bad for the hormonal balance and is dangerous for the child.

Drink milk

There are no bans on milk intake during pregnancy. A woman in position is allowed to drink liquid or dried milk, and the choice of goat, cow, baked or fresh milk depends on the preferences, usefulness and frequency of use.

If a glass rash, an upset stomach or other negative reactions appear after a glass of milk, it is better to refuse the product. A worthy substitute will be homemade yogurt, cottage cheese or cheese. These products are rich in protein and calcium, are able to take care of the health of the future mother and baby no worse than milk.


Doctors decide whether they can be vaccinated, based on the ratio of benefits to harm. Vaccination is carried out in the presence of an increased probability of infection by ailment.Pregnant women are not recommended to travel to certain countries because of the need to put down certain vaccinations. In case of contact with the patient, vaccinations are welcome.

Vaccination vaccine strife, and each of them can lead to complications. During pregnancy, live virus vaccination is unacceptable. As for vaccines based on inactive viruses, in some cases they are allowed to do. At the same time, the antibodies contained in the injection are transferred to the baby and provide protection.

Make inhalation

According to the unanimous opinion of doctors, inhalation is a necessary tool for the treatment of pregnant women. They, unlike drugs, do not affect the work of the organs. Attacks of coughing in the mother bring discomfort to the baby, and when the headache gets cold, the placenta lacks oxygen. Therefore, inhalation treatment is a safe solution.

Inhalation vapor is useful early in the treatment of dry and jerky cough. But if the ailment is accompanied by fever, inhalation is prohibited. Better breathe essential oils. Inhalation during pregnancy is allowed an hour after eating.

To do x-ray

Fluorography is a low-dose research method.During pregnancy, the procedure is contraindicated. Women in the position of exemption from the planned passage of the study. Doctors use any X-ray examination techniques only in case of serious clinical indications.

In some cases, X-rays are done to girls in the position, but on condition that the benefits of research for the expectant mother are higher than the risk to the child. In all other cases, apply research methods that do not provide for ionizing radiation.

Do hair removal

During pregnancy, it is allowed to apply hair removal techniques that are performed at home and do not affect the woman's body. Among them, waxing and removal of unwanted vegetation by electrolysis. To resort to other methods during pregnancy is risky. It is better to refuse them.

During pregnancy, fighting hair is recommended by shaving. More effective methods of depilation set aside until the moment the application is safe for the child.

To make shellac

Doctors did not agree on this issue. Some claim that the shellac manicure technique is safe, others see it as a harm.Cautious masters believe that it is not worth doing shellac during pregnancy, because the reaction of the female body to chemistry is unpredictable.

Girls in position are very sensitive, capricious and have a keen sense of smell. It is possible that as part of the procedure, a pregnant woman will have a strong toxicosis. It is better to exclude shellac for a while and think about the health of the child.

Make a tattoo

Tattoo during pregnancy is a demanded procedure, as it facilitates self-care. After the tattoo does not need to bring eyebrows in order. There is no consensus whether it can be done by being in position.

One thing is safe to say that a master who is building a career in this field does not want to tattoo a girl in a position because there are many nuances that cannot be predicted. This is a painful feeling, a spoiled mood when the color does not match the wishes of the ladies and other things.

Walk to the cemetery

Representatives of the church say that pregnant women should visit the cemetery and commemorate the people who have died. God blesses people who remember their ancestors. Only it is recommended to do it at will.Do not forget about the superstitions, according to which pregnant women do not attend the cemetery.

Once near the grave of a loved one, a woman can be overwhelmed with negative emotions and strong experiences that will affect the health of the mother and baby. Stress is the main cause of illnesses. Therefore, visiting the cemetery is better to refuse.

Go to church

The answer of folk customs to this question is negative, and the church welcomes. Let's see. According to the church, the future child is God's blessing. Therefore, representatives of the church do not see any reason to refuse to attend the temple.

Many associate pregnancy with the menstrual cycle, within which it is forbidden to attend church, but it is incorrect to compare these states. According to the priests, the future mother should go to church and pray. It is also not forbidden to confess and receive Holy Communion.

Go to the bath

If everything is in order with the health of the pregnant woman, it is allowed to visit the bath after consulting a doctor. Remember that going to the bath in the early stages is contraindicated.

In all other cases, a visit to the bath trains the cardiovascular and respiratory system, strengthens the immune system.Bath procedures are an excellent prevention of colds. If a pregnant girl has not previously visited the steam room, during pregnancy it is not advised to start.

Go to the funeral

Funeral - the most powerful source of stress that can lead to the loss of a child. If a pregnant girl is afraid of attending a funeral or is worried about comfort, it is better to stay home If the funeral of a loved one is held and there is a great desire to attend, it is recommended to listen to the inner voice. With confidence that everything will be fine, go.

There are often cases when there is no desire to attend a funeral for other reasons. In this situation, it is possible to argue the refusal by pregnancy, no one will judge anyone. You can say goodbye to those who left the world on a mental level.

To walk in heels

Sexy, beautiful and fashionable shoes are contraindicated for girls in the position of all three quarters. Heel shoes are allowed to wear in the first half of pregnancy, although don't forget about your health.

Even with the well-being of the constant wearing of heels is better to refuse, otherwise it contributes to the improvement of the uterus tone.If you can not imagine life without shoes, limit yourself to wearing such shoes for several hours and, having fun, do a foot massage.

Go to the swimming pool

Some expectant mothers find it regularly useful to visit the pool, while others are afraid to pick up the infection. In any case, before visiting the pool, consult a gynecologist. In the absence of complications and objections from the doctor, visit the pool at the moment. I knowingly added the phrase "the moment." It is allowed to visit the pool after the formation of a mucous plug and until its release.

Walk to the solarium

Long stay in the sun is undesirable for a pregnant woman. Doctors recommend pregnant women to forget about artificial tan and not to go to the solarium for a while.

Under the influence of lamps, hormonal changes will change, which will lead to the appearance of pigment spots. During pregnancy, the skin is sensitive to the effects of external factors and the risk of burning is great.

To dye hair

During pregnancy, the hormonal background of the body undergoes changes that affect the structure of the hair. Increased progesterone levels help reduce hair loss,causing the hair to become thick.

Research results have shown that paints are safe for pregnant women. But do not forget that the woman's body is individual. Representatives of medicine claim that the chemicals that make up the dyes adversely affect the skin of the head and the state of the body. Therefore, before applying hair dyes, consult your doctor.

Smoking during pregnancy

In the second trimester, cigarettes negatively affect the child’s condition and increase the likelihood of violations. Smoking often leads to disastrous consequences, including: premature birth, miscarriage, premature detachment of the placenta or bleeding from the uterus.

It is recommended to quit smoking before conceiving a child. At the same time, it is not necessary to struggle with the habit of learning about pregnancy. A woman's body is used to getting a dose of nicotine. It is better if you reduce the dose in the first trimester. As a result, the body will prepare to give up cigarettes.

Fly on a plane

There is no single opinion about flying on an airplane during pregnancy. During the flight, the female body is subjected to stress, but they pose a danger to a pregnant woman only in some cases.

If the pregnancy proceeds normally, there are no contraindications to the use of air transport. But if there is an opportunity to get to the right place by other means of transportation, they are not advised to take risks. You can enjoy the comfort of air travel after the birth of a baby.

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