BMW 520i: overview, description, specifications and reviews

"BMW Five" - ​​perhaps the most famous series of cars of this German brand. Everyone knows this car. Today the car is made in several bodies. This liftback and touring. Assembling machines for the Russian market is carried out in Kaliningrad. A review of the BMW 520i and technical specifications are further in our article.


The design of the car was developed by Jacek Frolich. So, the car is made in the corporate style of "BMW": in front - two "nostrils" on the grille and four-eyed linzirovannaya optics.

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I must say that the BMW 520i looks like the seventh series. Some even make an upgrade, changing disks and installing a sports package. But tuning the BMW 520i is optional. The car already from the factory looks aggressive and presentable. Behind the car looks no less impressive. First of all, huge red lights and swollen rear arches are striking the eye. This series features a huge bumper that gives the car a more sporty look.

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Body and corrosion

The old "fives" did not differ in high corrosion resistance - this is a fact. But if we talk about the modern "BMW" in this series, the situation has changed dramatically. The entire front is made from aluminum and plastic parts. Cup suspension - cast. They are distinguished by vibration damping properties and high rigidity. The doors on the modern BMW are also made of aluminum. According to reviews, the body is really not afraid of rust. Even on deep chips, no corrosion centers are formed. This applies to any area, whether it is wheel arches or roof.

Dimensions clearance

According to the European classification, the car belongs to the E-class. Thus, the total length of the body is 4.9 meters, width - 1.86, and height - 1.46 meters. This is the size of a sedan. A wagon BMW 520i F10 below two millimeters. The remaining dimensions are identical to the sedan. Clearance - 14 centimeters for both models. This is quite a bit, so you should be careful when parking at curbs and when hitting any obstacles.


Inside the car looks modern and presentable. On the wide center console there is a ten-inch multimedia screen, a pair of air deflectors, a radio tape recorder and a climate control unit. An armrest is provided between the front seats.

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Steering wheel - three-spoke, with a comfortable grip and leather sheath. The instrument panel - arrow, while informative. By the way, the center console is deployed in the direction of the driver, as on the other brands of BMW. The interior itself is trimmed in leather. The seats have pronounced lateral support and are equipped with electric adjustments.


Its volume may vary depending on the bodywork. So, the sedan is able to accommodate 520 liters of luggage. In the version, the trunk is designed for a volume of 560 liters. At the same time, the dealer offers various accessories for the BMW.

  • Rack. It is fixed on the leg section of the front passenger. Ideal for storing magazines, travel atlas or reflective vest.
  • Foldable container. It is waterproof, quickly unfolded and fixed with velcro. Able to withstand loads weighing up to 20 kilograms. This accessory for "BMW" can be offered in different colors.
  • Protective mat for the trunk. It serves to protect the painted surface of the bumper from scratches and other damage that may occur during loading and unloading of things.

In this way,thanks to the optional accessories, the fifth series BMW becomes more practical and convenient for transporting bulky items.


The BMW 520i is a petrol version with one engine for it. This is a turbocharged four-cylinder unit. It is worth noting that the Germans have complicated its design. Thus, the motor has an aluminum block and an advanced crank mechanism with an offset axis of rotation of the connecting rod and the piston pin. Also, the engine features direct fuel injection, an adjustable oil pump and two turbochargers. As a result, the Germans managed to get 184 horsepower and 270 Nm of torque from two liters, which are available in the range from 1.3 to 4.5 thousand revolutions. Accelerates the BMW 520i to a hundred in 7.9 seconds. This is a good indicator, given that this motor is the base for the fifth series. The maximum speed is 235 kilometers per hour. According to reviews, the BMW 520i is a very economical car. Per 100 kilometers, it consumes from 6 to 6.5 liters of the 95th in mixed mode.

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What are the pitfalls of this motor? Since the design is complicated, it was not without a fly in the ointment. Owners note a small resource liners and piston group.These mechanisms require attention through 150 thousand kilometers. Also, a small resource in the chain drive oil pump. At high runs there are problems with the turbines, of which there are two. The cost of repairs will be big. Nevertheless, to restore the engine is cheaper than a six or eight-cylinder. Therefore, the BMW 520i is so popular. For relatively little money (as this is the basic version), the buyer gets an economical and yet productive engine with which you can feel confident on the road and enjoy the ride.


For this version of "BMW" there are several transmissions:

  • mechanical six steps;
  • automatic eight-speed.

What do they say about the mechanical transmission owners? In general, it is reliable, but due to frequent aggressive driving, the silent blocks of the rear gearbox may fail.

On all-wheel drive versions of the "five" there are problems with the motor and gearbox, which connects the drive to the front axle. Also, do not forget about the regular replacement of oil in the transfer case (every 100 thousand kilometers). Otherwise it will cause bearing wear.

As for the automatic box, it has a solid construction and is capable of withstanding up to 450 Nm of torque. By the way, this box can adapt to driving conditions. According to reviews, the transmission provides accurate and fast switching.

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But not without incidents. So, the owners complained about the overheating of the mechatronic unit, which failed 80 thousand kilometers. After 120 thousand box can kick. The reason for this is an increase in operating pressure. To solve the problem with the kicks, you need to replace the clutches, sealing elements and lock plates of the torque converter.

Chassis "BMW"

The machine is based on the "seven". However, the platform was shortened. It should be noted that the car has a uniform distribution of the load on the axes (50 to 50). Front - double-lever aluminum suspension. Applied pyatirychazhka (also aluminum). Steering - electric power rake. Additionally used "servotronic" - active steering system. Brake mechanisms - disk. There are also modern electronic assistants. The brakes are very responsive.While the curb weight of the “five” is more than one and a half tons, the car effectively reduces speed. It does not feel the famous peck ahead, as in many cars.

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According to reviews, the suspension is quite comfortable. But it does not differ high resource on our roads. So, after 50 thousand kilometers it is necessary to change part of the levers on the rear and front suspension. Steering clear, with good feedback. Rear axle - Thruster. The system operates smoothly, but in the event of a malfunction will have to seriously fork out. Among the weak points on the steering system reviews mark cardans speakers. They eventually produce a significant knock on the move due to play. Traction and steering tips are about 50 thousand kilometers.

Summing up

So, we found out what the BMW 520i is. Among the advantages of this car you need to emphasize:

  • solid appearance;
  • Corrosion resistant body;
  • comfortable and modern interior;
  • powerful and economical engine;
  • good handling.
bmw 520i reviews

Among the disadvantages are low ground clearance, possible problems with automatic transmissions, low resource of suspension parts, as well as expensive maintenance.

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