Biography of Oleg Bagrin

The biography of Oleg Vladimirovich Bagrin, the president of the NLMK group, is an example of a successful career as a top-level manager, an example of a man who made himself.
President of NLMK Metallurgical Holding Oleg BagrinPresident of NLMK Metallurgical Holding Oleg Bagrin

The early years of Oleg Bagrin. Education

Even at school, the young man showed remarkable abilities to mathematics. In 1991, graduating from school as one of the best students, he entered the University of Moscow Management, which he successfully graduated in 1996 with a degree in Mathematical Methods and Operations Research in Economics. In 1998, he graduated from graduate school with a degree in economics, but did not stop there. A year later, he received an MBA from the University of Cambridge Business School.

Professional work of Oleg Bagrin

In the period from 1999 to 2004, Oleg Vladimirovich held managerial positions in such commercial structures as Avtobank LLC, Rumelko LLC, and Libra Capital.
Oleg Bagrin achieved great success in his career while working at the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine (PJSC NLMK). In 2004 he became a member of the Board of Directors of the company. Having appeared practically at the helm of the largest metal production plant in Russia, the leading exporter of products, Oleg Vladimirovich showed his best business skills and acumen.
Since 2004, Oleg Bagrin has been working for the benefit of NLMKSince 2004, Oleg Bagrin has been working for the benefit of NLMK
Together with the metallurgical plant, Bagrin experienced ups and downs. In the crisis years, a huge enterprise was rapidly losing its position and confidently went to the bottom. We managed to save the situation and keep production afloat thanks to a competent strategy and thoughtful management. Oleg Vladimirovich Bagrin became one of the rescuers of the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine. In particular, he formed a vertically integrated structure of the plant through the acquisition of a number of enterprises for the production of raw materials and finished products, brought the NLMK group to IPO, attracted debut syndicated financing (about $ 1.6 billion).
Oleg Bagrin inspects production
In 2005, NLMK was the third largest steel producer in the country (6.2million tons per year). The plant also owned the Stoilensky mining and processing complex and the sea trading port in the city of Tuapse.
Since 2011, the plant has been actively increasing its production capacity, building new buildings, launching new furnaces and its own heat and power plant. In the same year, an Indian service center was purchased. The modernization of the plant allowed it to provide more than 60 thousand people with jobs, and the growth rate not only does not decrease, but continues to grow.
Since 2012, Oleg Bagrin has been a key figure in NLMKSince 2012, Oleg Bagrin has been a key figure in NLMK
In August 2012, Oleg Vladimirovich took the post of executive director of NLMK. At the meeting of shareholders he received an overwhelming number of votes, the candidacy of a top manager was put forward by the owner of the company Vladimir Lisin. Now Oleg Vladimirovich is the President of the entire PJSC NLMK group.

The personal life of Oleg Bagrin

Oleg Vladimirovich is a happy father with many children, he is married and has three children. In the rare hours of leisure, the family chooses to rest on the sea or in the mountains.
Looking at the photographs of the top manager, you can immediately say that this smart man regularly goes in for sports. And indeed, Oleg Bagrin has a sports hobby - mountaineering. Extreme employment and business do not give him the opportunity to often get out of his beloved mountains.But Oleg Vladimirovich developed a right strategy here and started practicing short-term forays into the mountains in the “Alpine style”.
Taking care of their safety and the safety of satellites, Oleg Bagrin always goes hiking with an experienced guide. He believes that the mountains, as well as his work, are taught to work in a close-knit team, sensitively catch the mood of their partners and quickly make decisions in rapidly changing situations. In working moments or in an effort to reach the mountain tops, stamina, organization and a sense of elbow are important for the team. Obligatory point - attention to changeable factors.

Oleg Bagrin now

Young ambitious managers headed by Oleg Vladimirovich have developed a program designed to bring the NLMK plant to a new level of development. It is assumed that the complex of events “Strategy 2017” will increase the return of human potential, improve environmental and economic indicators, reduce the cost of steel, slabs, pellets. Its main goals are to bring the concern to the world level, increase production efficiency, a sharp rise in the level of profits,creating their own raw materials base and conducting an audit of enterprises. The launched program “Strategy 2017” has already shown its effectiveness.
NLMK President Oleg Bagrin at Stoilensky GOK
The team, headed by Oleg Vladimirovich, is sure that their work will never have to answer the questions: “Who is to blame and what to do?”, Because a well-calculated algorithm of the plant’s actions simply will not allow the process to start to such a state. In the complex realities of the present day, when sanctions intervene in a streamlined workflow, the Novolipetsk Combine is steadily increasing profits. Oleg Vladimirovich says that there is no secret here, the main thing is to have a clear plan and not to step aside one iota.
The reformation of production is proceeding at the intended pace, and results can already be seen. In the first quarter of 2016 alone, sales increased by 7%, reaching a record 4 million tons. The profitability of production for five years increased by EBITDA by five points. In the production of slabs managed to achieve a reduction in cost twice.
Today, NLMK is the leader in its fieldToday, NLMK is the leader in its field
NLMK Group is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing enterprises in Russia. A key role in this belongs to its leader.Oleg Vladimirovich Bagrin - a professional of the highest level. Competently selected team supports its flagship, applying in practice the best world practices for the modernization of production, its reform and optimization.

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