Best short films, Russian and foreign

A short meter is a specific sphere of cinema. Here, the viewer is trying to convey the deep essence of things in a matter of minutes. The limited duration of such paintings is fully compensated by the richness of plot scenes, the depth of emotional experiences. So, we present to your attention the best short films.

"Man-smile" (2013)

best short films

Let's start to review the best short films. Without a doubt, the attention of a wide audience deserves the tape "Man-smile", in which the inimitable Willem Dafoe played the main role.

This work of a young gifted Russian director Anton Lanshakov tells about a man who injured his spine in a terrible car accident. The main character survived. However, his facial muscles were in a paralyzed state. As a result, the man has to walk all his life with a repulsive, rather frightening grimace of a smile on his face.

The tape "Smile-Man" is deservedly at the top of the ratings, where the best Russian short films are presented. The author of the picture invites the viewer to think about how it feels to smile to the whole world, when in fact you most want to sob.

“Gift” (2014)

the best short film

In the category "The Best Russian Short Films" deserves the right to be the creation of another talented Russian director - Ivan Petukhov. The picture tells the story of Miss Anderson (Uma Thurman), who works as a seller in a gift shop. One day the illusionist Mr. Grimm comes here. Young people are starting to see each other regularly. Soon Mr. Grimm opens up the world of real magic to Miss Anderson.

Margo Lily (2012)

best russian short films

Perhaps the film “Margo Lily” is the best short film. In the center of the plot - a couple who survived the tragic loss of a child. Young people decide to plant a tree in memory of the deceased baby.

The short film focuses the viewer's attention on the emotions that poor parents experience, trying to dig a hole in the frozen ground and place a plant there.The scene refers the audience to thoughts about the experiences of couples who had to endure the burial of their beloved child.

"Mr. Illuminator" (2013)

The best short animated film, according to numerous critics, is the cartoon “Mr. Porthole”. The tape takes place in the world of the near future, in which a person is totally dependent on intelligent machines.

Complex mechanisms work here smoothly, like a clock. Endless wires, gears, buttons and screws - all this has become familiar to humans. We no longer notice each other. Every day passes for people according to a clear pre-arranged schedule.

One day, Mr. Porthole - the main character of the animation tape - rescues a mechanical puppy from a garbage bin, unexpectedly for himself, leaving his usual daily activities. From this moment on, a special connection is established between them. The porthole learns about such a concept as friendship, begins to realize that a place for bright, human feelings can even be in the soulless world of machines.

“Confirmation” (2007)

best short animated film

We continue to review the best short films.Next on our list is an amazing tape by American director Kurt Kenny, shot in black and white. Despite the somewhat gloomy character of the picture, the film from the first frames seems bright and rosy, evoking the viewer with extremely positive emotions.

The film's director tells an amazing story about the workers of the unusual free parking. The staff of the service decides to check on their customers whether the power of smiles and compliments is able to make sunny even the gloomiest day.

"Circus" Butterfly "

Our review, which presents the best short films, concludes, undoubtedly, with the talented work of director Joshua Weigel under the original title “The Butterfly Circus”. The story tells about the fate of a cripple, devoid of arms and legs from birth. The poor man is forced to eke out a miserable existence, laboring in a freak show at fairs. Once our hero gets acquainted with the actor troupe of a traveling circus. New friends offer him to go together wherever they look. From this moment on, the poor cripple begins to realize what it means to live in earnest.

"Circus" Butterfly "" - is primarily a motivating story about the victory of the spirit over the body. The author of the film is trying to convince the viewer of how important it is not to lose faith in yourself.According to the director of the tape, only by ceasing to attach importance to the perishable shell in which the mind is enclosed, it is possible to discover unparalleled strength in yourself.

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