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It's no secret that protected phones with a powerful battery at one time created a real sensation. Even now, these devices are in good demand. When buying such a device, the consumer can be sure that his gadget will not drown or break, will not react to too high temperature drops. Often such devices are purchased by fishermen. After all, many cases have been noticed when a cell phone is accidentally placed in the water.

Brief information

A secure phone is one only if it conforms to generally accepted standards and requirements. For example, in order for a manufacturer to declare that a device is able to withstand prolonged exposure to water, the assembly technology and surface stability must be identical to the rules laid down in the American standard MIL-STD 810G.

There is a separate class IP67. Following it will protect the phone from moisture and dust.This question is relevant, even if it is not a secure phone. This design technology does not affect the design of the design, it looks unnoticeable, which cannot be said about protection against impacts. Due to the use of durable materials and the use of necessary technologies, the phone significantly expands its dimensions, thereby increasing the weight. Many consumers complain that ergonomics are too low. Because of this, a secure phone often acts as a backup device, as they say, “in case of emergency”. The article presents a rating of known devices.

Phone rating - 2016

We offer for consideration a rating of phones that will help determine the choice of device for yourself.

  1. Saygus V².
  2. TuringPhone.
  3. Samsung Xcover 3.
  4. Ginzzu RS91 DUAL.
  5. Alcatel OneTouch Go Play 7048X.
  6. Blackview BV6000.
  7. SENSEIT P7.
  8. TeXet TM-513R.
  9. Ginzzu R6 Dual.

Ginzzu R6 Dual - 9th place

First of all, this device will appeal to lovers of fishing or big game. A walkie-talkie is built into the device, thanks to which you can only speak on a certain channel. It does not have the scanning function of the proposed range. Channels total 20 pieces. Due to the presence of some of the buttons protected phone allows you to adjust the power of the device.Moreover, there is an additional key that is not blocked. It is used to call the walkie-talkie.

The design itself fully complies with the IP67 class already specified above. The device can be placed at a depth of no more than 30 minutes. Prolonged exposure to water protective structure will not stand. The phone, due to the fact that morally has long been outdated, is not able to give the consumer everything he wants. For example, viewing images on a device is uncomfortable. Users note an impressive margin of brightness, which makes it easy to work with the phone even in bright sunlight. What else have consumers noticed? The phone allows you to use two SIM cards, and the battery has a removable type.

Unfortunately, this secure phone has its drawbacks. What are they? Buyers complain about too little memory, almost empty lock screen, weak flashlight.

Commendation reviews are 100% sound in cases where a person took it for work, for example, at a construction site. You can not be afraid of dropping the phone, falling asleep with some substance or pouring liquid. He copes with his duties.protected phone

TeXet TM-513R - 8th place winner

Describing the protected push-button phones, it is necessary to say about the TeXet TM-513R. This manufacturer is committed to creating copies of some models of the Chinese company Chinavasion. The first version of this phone was completely different in appearance from the original, which cannot be said about the TM-513R. At a minimum, the difference is that the screen has a lower resolution. This allowed the manufacturer to reduce a little the price of the device, so that consumers could purchase it regardless of their financial condition. In addition to this undeniable advantage, the phone has an impressive battery life. Performs his duties to protect perfectly. Due to the fact that there are special aluminum lining on the edges, the phone is able to withstand considerable loads with phones 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of TeXet TM-513R

Consumers point out the advantages of an excellent battery, power cells on the case and compliance with the IP67 standard. Of the minuses, however, they indicate the following: without leaving the phone lock, there is an opportunity to respond to the message (this can easily be done randomly in your pocket), only one number can be entered into a separate contact in the book of subscribers.

SENSEIT P7 - 7th place

Extreme protected phones are designed for very extreme situations. That such is the described model. The body is formed in such a way that there are many rubber inserts. This is necessary in order to avoid damage to the device when dropped from a height. You can understand that the phone easily transfers water, by the number of available plugs. Only after 30 minutes of being in a liquid will it begin to fall into the device and flood important elements of the microcircuit.

When a device is lost, it is easy to find the device - it glows with a bright orange color. No one except the developer will see the phone’s battery, as the back cover is not removable. Under it is the battery at 3600 mAh. With not too active work with the device, the charge will last for several days, or even weeks of operation. You cannot use a memory card — there is no slot for it. The camera has a very small resolution, and the display, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired. But still he bribed consumers with something. Than? High level of protection against water, unkillable case, loud speaker, long battery life and beautiful design.

Of the minuses - too much price, a very small screen and the lack of a standard USB connector. The phone is able to survive the snow, ice, rain, mud, heat and incredible cold, as well as a fall from a height.protected phones with a powerful battery for extreme

Blackview BV6000 - 6th place

The young manufacturer decided to please its customers not only with high-quality device, but also protected. It is worth noting that modern gadgets, though able to survive the fall or dust, but if they fall into the water, it is unlikely to remain operational.

Like many other secure mobile phones, this one has a powerful battery. In addition, consumers say a great start for the program navigator, the ability to work the phone as a walkie-talkie. Moreover, a small amount of superfluous software was installed, which gives reason for genuine joy. Of the minuses buyers say too high price, non-removable battery and an impressive weight.

5th place: Alcatel OneTouch Go Play 7048X

Continuing to consider secure phones in 2016, you should tell about another model. It is best suited for adolescents who are constantly allegedly trying to “kill” another smartphone.The device is able to attract young people due to its appearance and excellent functionality. It will easily run at its best even the most resource-intensive games. According to consumers, what the phone lacks is the amount of internal memory, the second SIM card slot. Of the advantages - when contaminated, you can wash the device with soap and water, several types of color are sold, the average phones for extreme

4th place: Ginzzu RS91 DUAL

For a long time, Ginzzu has confidently captured a leading position in the world markets in the segment of secure phones. The described model is also included in the list of proposed. The protective functions with which the device is equipped are perfectly matched. However, you should not use the phone as a daily one, provided that the owner will play games or surf the Internet, as the performance is not very high. A feature of the device is the presence of separate keys for accepting and ending a call. The filling and memory really leaves much to be desired.

The duration of battery life is an indisputable advantage. On the model Ginzzu RS91 DUAL installed capacitive battery.However, most of these devices have powerful batteries. There are not so many secure phones for sale, but still the buyer has the right to choose. And, in order not to regret the purchase, it is recommended to pay attention not only to the characteristics declared by the manufacturer, but also to reviews of real people. About 90% of the owners of this device respond positively. The only thing that upsets many is low productivity.

3rd place - Samsung Xcover 3

Protected phones with a powerful battery for extreme produce many well-known companies. In the top three is the creation of the Korean company "Samsung". This is unlikely to surprise anyone, since recently all types of technology and mobile devices are in high demand. Buyers like not only the high-quality assembly, but also the use of innovative technologies in the products from Samsung.

The body of the device is designed in such a way that the protection of the "SUV" (as its users nicknamed it) is pretty good. It is not affected by water, moisture, dust, sand, and so on. In the water, he will easily stay up to 30 minutes at a depth of no more than 1 meter.When falling from a height of no more than 1.2 m damage does not threaten him. Temperature extremes and mechanical effects - something that also this model of phone can not cause mobile phones

Turing Phone - 2nd Place

Smartphone Turing Phone - powerful secure phone. In any case, as stated by the manufacturer. The device has a very non-standard appearance. Behind, consumers note, to understand that this is a smartphone is almost unreal. Of the features, you can specify that, like the phones from the "apple", this one does not have a headphone port and a regular USB.

The body of the device was created from liquid metal. Despite this formulation, the substance is really durable. According to chemists, it is much better than titanium and steel. Copper, nickel, silver and some other substances are included in the alloy of the body. Consumers leave feedback that even with a strong desire to break the phone, damage is difficult. During testing, huge efforts were used, but the model did not work out. In the water, the phone can last only 30 minutes. The depth should not exceed 1 m.

The smartphone is really safe. The manufacturer has created a digital key function in the phone.This was done to prevent consumers from downloading suspicious programs from the Internet, but using standard key phones

Smartphone Saygus V2 - 1st place

The leader of the "Protected Phones - 2016" rating was the Saygus V2 smartphone. It is a device with a 13 megapixel camera, three-dimensional sound, maximum protection against the ingress of liquid. Moreover, it is allowed to use drives (there are two slots). The manufacturer used a biometric scanner.

If we compare this phone with other new-fashioned smartphones, then the described one is noticeably inferior in size and weight. The mass of the device is 141 g, the thickness is almost 10 mm. When creating the device, a magnesium alloy was used (a body was made of it) and aluminum (a bezel was formed). All sides and corners of the phone are protected by fiberglass. Buttons manufacturer placed on the right side of the device. There you can find the volume keys, camera, power switch. Moreover, the manufacturer has not abandoned the use of a fingerprint scanner.

Like all the other best protected phones, this smartphone is not influenced by dust and moisture.Consumer reviews confirm this at 100%. They also note that the device can withstand temperature and pressure drops. In water at a depth of 1 meter, the device can withstand no more than 30 minutes.

Consumers are pleased to be able to install two memory cards at once. The existing 64 GB drive can be significantly expanded. The only limitation of the manufacturer is that each of them must be equal to no more than 128 GB.protected phones with a powerful battery


The article discusses the most secure phone versions of many buyers. To say that this rating is the only correct one is very inappropriate, since each of the devices has its own advantages and is designed for a separate type of activity. The choice is entirely up to the buyer. It is worth paying attention not only to the design you like, but also to all available protection features.

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