Best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don: review

If the variety of places for rest is confusingand make the final choice does not work, it is worth giving preference to institutions that many have adequately appreciated. The best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don offer their visitors a positive emotion, which will be remembered for a long time. Some of them can be found in the article below.


The restaurant "Barcelona" is ideal for bothsimple gatherings in the company of friends or family, and for large celebrations and celebrations. In the menu you can see dishes of European, Russian and Georgian cuisine. Also, visitors can sample simple homemade lunches at affordable prices, which will allow you to enjoy stewed cabbage or meat solyanka. In this place offer services that contribute to a pleasant and relaxed holiday. Guests can take advantage of the extensive facilities that will provide them with maximum comfort.the best restaurants in Rostov-on-DonFor example, in the restaurant "Barcelona" you can pick uplunch with him or order his delivery to the house or office. Qualified employees can take care of organizing a banquet and, thanks to their skills, make it truly unforgettable. Spacious halls, quality service, attention and care to every guest is just a small list of what "Barcelona" should be included in the best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don.


The place called "Favorite" has already managed to conquerthe hearts of their visitors. It opens a world of comfort, comfort and tranquility, from which you do not want to leave. In the restaurant guests can accommodate in two rooms for 100 and 300 people respectively. Everyone who crosses the threshold of this institution, gets an opportunity to enjoy dishes of European and Georgian cuisine. Restaurant "Favorite" is included in the best restaurants in Rostov-Don. the best restaurants in Rostov on Don Reviews about this place speak for themselves. Many people liked the opportunities offered in this institution. For example, those who come by car, can not worry about its safety and leave it at a free parking lot. The restaurant can also save a little in the process of organizing celebrations and banquets, because guests are allowed to bring their fruits and soft drinks. "Favorit" is chosen by many for comfort, stylish interior design, modern musical equipment, the presence of a stage and a projector, delicious food and a friendly attitude from the staff.


The best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don are knownall residents of the city. Information about them is quickly spread by a live chain and causes a desire to visit them and evaluate everything with their own eyes. Connoisseurs of good pastime open the doors of the restaurant "Tet-a-Tet", rest in which it updates and adjusts for new achievements. Interesting interior in the style of retro-classicism in quiet, not screaming colors allows you to relax and forget about everyday problems. Trained staff of the restaurant "Tet-a-Tet" will take care of the comfort of each visitor.The best Rostov restaurants on Don for weddingThe chef of the restaurant pleases the guests with culinarymasterpieces of Russian and Oriental cuisine. Some of the options presented in the menu are his author's ideas. Speed ​​of cooking, taste and appearance of food instantly cause appetite and give gastronomic pleasure. Regular music and entertainment programs have long become part of the institution, so such bright events will brighten up any meal. The best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don give visitors new impressions, which they want to return, and "Tet-a-Tet" is not an exception.

«Don's Grove»

In the top of the list, which includes the best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don for weddings or simple gatherings, is "Don's Grove" - ​​a place that everyone is talking about as an incredible and unique corner. best restaurants in Rostov donu reviewsIt is chosen by visitors who believe thatan important event should be celebrated as a luxurious celebration, which everyone will remember with admiration. The regal reception of each guest makes you feel special. Impeccable service, excellent cuisine based on Russian and European traditions, a large garden and park area and impressive landscape design, the atmosphere of noble life is everything you can desire for an unforgettable holiday and that gives its visitors a restaurant "Donskaya Roshcha".

Beer Hof

Reviews about restaurants in Rostov-on-Don can bebecause the services that they provide to their visitors differ in both content and quality. Many residents of the city talk about the establishment of "Bir Hof", in which you can plunge into the atmosphere of fun and entertainment. It is an excellent example of how to connect a sports bar, restaurant and brewery at one point. Guests say that it is difficult to find a beer that is similar to that brewed in the walls of this institution. It was called "Temernitskoye" and is distinguished by an unusual, rich taste. Next to it on the menu you can find foreign of restaurants in Rostov on DonThe "chip" of the restaurant "Beer Hof" is that hissell "meters" (3 liters each). Guests can also order snacks for a drink or taste authentic European cuisine. A feature of the institution is also that some options are prepared on charcoal in a special oven from Spain. On weekends, the walls of the restaurant are saturated with the sounds of live music from jazz and rock and roll bands, and on Saturdays a strong half of the population can take part in arm-wrestling competitions.


Right on the banks of the Don River,which deservedly belongs to the best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don. "Stanitsa" is an institution where you can feel Cossack spirit and touch the color of these cheerful and filled with cheerfulness of people. The menu offers traditional Russian cuisine. Vareniki, homemade sausages, borsch, pies - all this not only sates the body, but also fills with bright gastronomic impressions. In such a place it is not a shame to spend time with friends, family or celebrate important events. Two halls for 120 people each allow you to enjoy rest to a large number of people. True, some guests noted that in the restaurant "Stanitsa" there is no parking and the possibility to order food at home, but this is not a problem that can prevent a good rest.

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Best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don: review Best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don: review Best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don: review Best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don: review Best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don: review Best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don: review Best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don: review Best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don: review Best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don: review Best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don: review