Beer cult

Beer is an incredibly healthy drink with an ancient history. Nowadays, it is very common, it is drunk on any occasions and holidays, and on a holiday, and on a birthday, and just like that after a hard day’s work. And during the heat of beer perfectly quenches thirst, invigorates and gives tone. However, many doubt its usefulness. We consider that it is necessary to dispel this erroneous myth.

Beer history

This "life-giving elixir" has long been considered unusual and has an incredible history of creation and a number of traditions of manufacture and use. Beer is the very first drink with a low alcohol content that people were able to make on their own. According to most scholars, he appeared in our, then primitive, society about fifteen thousand years ago, which seems to be an absolutely incredible fact. In addition, there is a perception that initially cereal crops were grown for its preparation, and only then they were guessed to be used to make bakery products. Its amazing composition carries a lot of useful properties, which allows it to be used not only in the thirst of quenching purposes, but also in medical intentions.

The quality of absolutely any product plays a huge role, and for beer, as well as for other alcoholic beverages, this is doubly important! If a beer has a low quality indicator, then, of course, no utility can be found in it. Today it is considered that it is more correct to give preference to the so-called "live" beer. Now it is often called unfiltered, that is, the beer that has not been subjected to such types of treatments as filtration and pasteurization.

This beer is served in almost all pubs, restaurants and other establishments. For example, a restaurant on Baumanskaya is famous for its excellent service, excellent taste and variety of varieties of real hops for every taste and opportunity of visitors.

How much beer can you drink without harm to health?

Quite often there are disputes on the topic of how much beer drunk, however, is beneficial for our health, and how much will have a negative effect. But unfortunately, no concrete resolution of these conflicts has yet been found.

Most experts believe that two or three mugs per day (that is, no more than one and a half liters per day for an average adult man, depending on weight) are harmless and even very useful for a person.However, many other ordinary people confidently assert that there will be no harm from five or six mugs. Nevertheless, you need to understand that each organism is unique, and when determining its “norm”, you need to take into account many factors - gender, height, weight, age, individual characteristics of the organism, and so on. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find out about this drink, due to the fact that a lot of time has passed and a lot of facts have been lost for a long time.

Indeed, one can accurately say about its useful properties for use in a variety of purposes. Of course, they should not be abused, but it is never bad to go to steak house in Moscow with a company of beloved friends and loved ones on some quiet evening, and have a great time enjoying the sorts of fresh beer, delicious foods, desserts and remain delighted with the quality of service . From such evenings, of course, no harm, only pleasure and spiritual fulfillment.

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