Beautiful rooms. What are they

A house is the place where a person comesrelax after a day's work. This is the place where he lives, feels safe and comfortable. Naturally, everyone equips his house in accordance with his needs, desires and tastes. And the person thinks that his rooms are the best. But, that one is good, then the other is not very. So what are they, really beautiful rooms? Is there any indicator of this "beauty"?

beautiful rooms

It turns out there is! These are common, but immutable truths. First, all interior items must be consistent. As much as possible, of course. It's not at all like a ridiculous mixture of styles. For example, the style of hi-tech and classic is not combined in one room. Let there be zoning then, and there will be a place for each style. But, it is possible that without re-planning it will be difficult to manage. Secondly, these beautiful rooms carry a certain semantic load. Let's say a living room in many apartments is also a bedroom. It will be right to emphasize as much as possible what the room is in the first place. That is, to minimize the sleeping component, for example. Everyone knows that you are sleeping in the living room, not necessarily. As well as where you store your things, and which ones. It is necessary to think through everything, every moment, every nuance before deciding to decorate the house. Beautiful rooms hide from prying eyes what the owners do not want to flaunt.

Third, pay attention to small things. Even if you are an ardent admirer of minimalism in arranging premises, pleasant to the heart and the eye of trifles can not be avoided. It is important that all these decor elements are arranged harmoniously. Beautiful living rooms become really beautiful only when their space is not cluttered. And, of course, any room will be excellent if it is clean. The dust clusters did not attract anyone.

beautiful living rooms

Fourth, the correct division into zones. Rest zone, sleep, children's space. The latter is very important. In a house where there are children, it is quite difficult to maintain order, but it is possible. It is necessary to organize their space as comfortably as possible. The most beautiful children's rooms are obtained only when they reflect the child's taste preferences. If the kid loves football, even a simple wallpaper with balls can show it. If the daughter of all the flowers prefers some one, then why not please her in the interior. In addition, the nursery should be as spacious as possible, even with small dimensions of the room. Unnecessary things are strictly "no", without pity and compromise.

the most beautiful children's rooms

Fifth, lighting. It all depends on what kind of room. The kitchen needs bright light, but a soft sconce will not be superfluous for domestic gatherings with buns. In the living room is the same rule, because there is not always a need to include the overhead light, and sitting in the dark is harmful to vision. The bedroom can get by with muffled light (both upper and side, floor). Children can not be without a night lamp (if the child is small), without a table lamp (for children of any age), good general lighting.

Beautiful rooms are all different, but they are united by one thing - an attraction for the owners. When you put your soul into an organization of a place, it is always pleasant to be there, rest, gain strength.

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