Baturin Yuriy (actor): biography, family and work

Yuri Baturin is an actor who has played in more than 60 serials and full-length tapes. He is loved by Russian viewers, is appreciated by directors and respected by colleagues. Want to know how the film career of Yuri? What is his? We will gladly provide you with this information.Baturin Yuriy actor

Childhood and youth

Yuri Baturin (actor) was born in 1972 (August 13). Its homeland is the Ukrainian village of Stavidla, in the Kirovograd region. He was brought up in an ordinary family. Yuri's father was a military man. And his mother received a higher pedagogical education. More than 30 years a woman has worked in school.

Our hero grew up moving and inquisitive child. He learned to read and write early. As a child, Yura loved books about pirates and knights. At school, the boy studied at the "four" and "five", was engaged in organizing cultural events.

When Yura was 14 years old, he and his parents moved to Dnepropetrovsk. There Baturin (junior) entered the local drama school, which he graduated in 1992.

Conquest of Moscow

The young Ukrainian dreamed of a successful acting career, a huge army of fans and a beautiful life. To realize his plans, he went to Moscow. From the first attempt he managed to enter one of the best metropolitan universities - RATI. Yuriy was credited with the director's course to M. Zakharov. In 1996, Baturin received a diploma. He did not have to look for a long time. A handsome and confident boy was accepted into the main troupe of the Lenkom Theater.Yuri Baturin actor photo

The repertoire and the size of the fee Yuri quite satisfied. However, his theatrical career was short-lived. Our hero left the institution of his own accord.

If you think that Baturin returned to Ukraine, you are mistaken. While still a student, he received Russian citizenship. For several years of residence in Moscow, Yuri has mastered various professions. He was a waiter, restaurant administrator, truck driver and publisher of thematic magazines. Our hero returned to the acting profession when he was 33 years old.

Films and series

When did Yuri Baturin first appear on the screens? The actor, whose biography we are considering, made his debut in the cinema in 2006. He played Igor Kazantsev (nicknamed the Hammer) in the Avtonomka military tape.This was followed by shooting in the series “Airport” (2nd season).

In the same 2006, Baturin played the first leading role (Sergey) in the melodrama “Women's Stories”. Directors and producers continued to "flush" the young actor with offers of cooperation. In the period from 2006 to 2007 there were several paintings with his participation. Among them are the comedy “The Golden Mother-in-law” (Lev Bakulin), the melodrama “Love as love”

In 2008, Baturin Yuri (actor) received the lead role in the Russian-Ukrainian film "Gravity". His character (Oleg Sukhov) turned out to be colorful and believable.Actor Yuri Baturin and his wife

The spectrum of screen images constantly grew, and therefore the actor's filmography was regularly (3-5 pictures per year) replenished with new film works. Over the years, Yuri starred in such tapes as “Euphrosyne”, “20 years without love”, “Palm Sunday” and others. His colleagues on the site were eminent artists, including Dyuzhev Dmitry, Khodchenkova Svetlana and Petrenko Igor.

Film career continuation

In 2016, the actor was involved in several tapes. All of them are listed below:

  • melodrama "Shards of happiness" (2nd season) - Korablev Dmitry;
  • Detective “Undisclosed Talent” - Grigory Vishnevetsky, chief theater director;
  • TV series "Woman with lilies" - Boris Rokotov;
  • the short film “The Price of a Lie” - journalist Igor Ilyin;
  • The wasp nest melodrama - Roman;
  • Lyrical comedy "Woman of his dreams" - Seversky.

Personal life

Many fans would like to know if Yuri Baturin is free. The actor met his soulmate a few years ago. Let's take a closer look at the story of his acquaintance with his future wife Irina.

Having lost his job at Lenkom, our hero got a job as an administrator at one of the capital's restaurants, which is owned by A. Pugacheva. Irina at that time worked as a model, and now she is the director of the Fashion House. How did they meet? The girl came to the restaurant, the administrator of which was Yuri. Irina participated in the show of a fashion designer. After the defile, she decided to drink orange juice, but accidentally spilled it on the billiard table. As a result, expensive cloth turned out to be spoiled. Yuri, like a real gentleman, took the blame and paid the cost of repairing the table. Such an act made an indelible impression on Irina.

Our hero beautifully and aggressively courted the girl. After some time, the couple began to live under the same roof, and then played the wedding.The wife of actor Yuri Baturin

In January 2013, the wife of actor Yuri Baturin presented him with an heir.The boy was called a beautiful and rare name in our country - Bogdan. Parents surrounded him with attention and care.

Now the actor Yuri Baturin and his wife dream about the appearance of a daughter, a little princess. In the meantime, our hero is busy building a spacious country house.

Interesting Facts

  • Recently, he is a member of the United Russia party.
  • His height is 185 cm.
  • Every year on March 8, Yury Baturin gives 51 roses to his beloved wife.
  • For more than 20 years, the actor has been living in Moscow, but St. Petersburg and Kiev are closer to him in spirit.Yuri Baturin actor biography
  • In March 2016, Baturin went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder). After a couple of days, the artist has already been discharged.
  • Before meeting his wife, Yuri was a real lovelace.
  • Most of all in life, he is afraid to fly on airplanes.
  • Our hero does not consider himself a jealous man. Although he understands that many admire his beautiful wife.


We talked about where Yuri Baturin (actor) was born and in what university. Photos, career and details of his personal life - all this is presented in the article. What to wish an attractive man and a talented artist? Family happiness, high fees and star roles!

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