Bake potatoes in foil at home

Potatoes are a popular vegetable crop. Many excellent dishes are prepared from it. But, perhaps, the easiest and most favorite dish can be called baked potatoes. Mention of this method of cooking is associated with outdoor recreation. Baked potatoes on charcoal have an excellent taste. However, to enjoy this dish, it is not necessary to go out into the forest or to the dacha. The potato, baked entirely in foil, is not inferior in taste to that prepared at the stake. Make it completely not difficult.We bake potatoes in foil

For cooking, you need smooth tubersof medium size. To the food is not burned, it was juicy and fragrant, bake potatoes in foil. It should be thoroughly washed and dried. Each tuber is wrapped in foil and laid on a baking sheet, which is placed in an oven heated to 200 degrees Celsius. The cooking time depends on the degree of maturity of the potato and on its size. Young tubers of medium size will be baked in 40 minutes. A fully ripened vegetable will require about 50 minutes to cook.

If we bake potatoes in foil entirely, then we serve it hot, without unfolding it. In this form, it retains heat for a long time. To him, the perfect addition will be any salting.Baked potatoes whole in foil

You can also use the friedonion and specially cooked sauce. Sour cream is mixed with chopped garlic and slightly salted. It turns out a great sauce for baked potatoes. In this case, bake the potatoes in foil, which after cooking is opened. On each tub, make an incision and gently knead the pulp of potatoes. In the resulting cavity we put the toasted onion and sprinkled with creamy garlic sauce, sprinkle with dill greenery of dill. A small addition turns into a delicious dish baked potatoes in foil. The photo of this dish is confirmed by the fact that it has not only great taste, but also looks appetizing. Even in restaurants and cafes serve this dish.

Baked potatoes in foil. A photo

Baked potatoes can be cooked with a filling. As it can use a variety of products. For the filling perfectly suited: grated cheese, fried vegetables, sweet pepper, boiled poultry meat, fish, all sorts of meat delicacies and lard. They are supplemented with all kinds of dressings and sauces. In this version, bake the potatoes in a foil, pre-stuffing it.

Tubers for this method of preparation should beWash thoroughly. Next, we divide into two parts, which will be stuffed. On the cut we make a groove in which we fill the filling. Halves are joined and wrapped in foil. After spreading the potato bundles on a baking sheet, bake them in the oven. The dish is cooked for 40 minutes at a constant temperature of 200 degrees Celsius.We bake potatoes

However, you can do otherwise. We bake potatoes in foil with stuffing, dressed with sauce. For this method of deepening we do in the lateral part of the tubers. Several layers of foil are required for the wrap. Fill the filling and dress with sauce. Bake the potatoes in foil, carefully zaschepiv its edges, so that the sauce does not leak. This method of cooking is universal. In this case, you can give vent to fantasy and come up with your own version of the filling and sauce.

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