Anime "President of the Student Council - maid!": Characters and interesting facts

In 2010, the anime "The President of the Student Council -maid! ", shot on the same name manga of Fiji Chevrolet Hiro. Characters from the anime "President Student Council - maid!" Almost completely correspond to their counterparts in the manga.

Anime Story

Anime activities unfold in a private schoolSake. A few years ago this was an educational institution only for boys, but thanks to the policy of "softening morals" the school ceased to terrify the coming quarters.

president of the student council maid Characters

Now the institution learns not only guys, but alsogirls. But the latter remains much less than the guys. Therefore, some tyranny still reigns within the walls of the school. But everything changes when Misaki Ayuzawa becomes president of the student council.

She put the school in an iron grip. But few people know the secret of the faultless Misaki.

"Student Council President - maid!": Anime characters

There are a lot of different characters in the anime. Among them are the students of the Seika school, cafe workers, the Misaki family and her friends outside the school. The biography of the heroes on the anime "President of the Student Council - maid!" Is very diverse. Each of them faces problems, and the methods for solving them most fully reveal the character of the characters.

Misaki Ayuzawa

In the first series, the audience only gets to know the main actors of the anime "President of the Student Council - maid!". Characters have not yet been revealed.

The series begins with Misaki's monologue - the mainheroines. So, you can find out that she is only sixteen years old. She studies in the second grade of Seika High School. He is fluent in martial arts such as karate and aikido. The first girl is the president of the student council at this school.

On this happy story ends. It turns out that a few years ago, his father left the family and left his mother, Misaki herself and her younger sister in distress. Mom tried very hard to support her family. She worked a lot and was often sick. Because of this, Misaki hated the male representatives.

characters from anime president of the student council maid

Characters anime "President Student Council - maid!"Are well developed, so Misaki's hatred does not strike everyone. In a school where the vast majority of students are boys, it simply chastises them more often than girls.

Over the years, the financial position of the Masaka familyhas improved, therefore the schoolgirl should earn additionally in Maid Latte where in front of visitors it appears in the image of the maid. For a long time Ayudzava managed to hide her job, but one day several of her classmates looked in the cafe, and then Misaki's life begins to change.

It is interesting that in the anime "President of the Student Council - maid!", The characters do not become perfection. Misaki does not know how to cook, does not trust people, and charges too much only on his own shoulders.

Takumi Usui

In the anime "President Student Council - maid!" The characters perfectly complement each other. Seventeen-year-old Takumi Usui perfectly suits the strong and strong-willed Misaki.

He perfectly owns several kinds of struggle,He plays chess, goes in for sports. Usui is very different from the other heroes of the anime "President of the Student Council - maid!". Characters, the list of which is quite large, varied. But the boys studying at Seika school, for the most part are not distinguished by their upbringing and the desire to learn. Against their background, Takumi appears in a good light: he is brought up, responsible, copes with any task posed.

President of the Student Council

Takumi is beautiful and can charm the representatives of both sexes. Therefore, he often becomes the target of Seika schoolgirls. But time after time he denies them. Many in the school consider him an alien.

However, Takumi's life is far from ideal. He is a child born out of wedlock. His mother, the daughter of a duke, gave birth to a child from a butler and died during childbirth. Takumi was exiled from Great Britain to Japan. The further fate of Takumi completely depended on relatives. But Usui is distinguished by inner strength, this can be seen in both the anime and the manga "The President of the Student Council is a maid!".

The names of the characters in Sake High School

Sakura Hanazono is one of those close to Misaki. Quite frivolous, but popular among the boys of the school. Often receives recognition, but rejects everyone, because he is in love with Kugu.

Shizuko Kaga is another close friend of Misaki. He often spends his lunch time with Sakura and Ayuzawa. Excellent knowledge of the exact sciences, but absolutely not adapted to physical stress.

Hinata Sintani is a friend of Misaki's childhood. I studied with her in high school. For a long time I was in love with Ayuzawa, but did not dare to confess to her because of excess weight. After graduating from high school, he moved to his grandfather, where he was able to lose extra pounds. After that, I set out to find Misaki and go to the same school as the girl.

Shoichiro Yukimura - Ayudzava's first deputyschool board. Responsible, hardworking, always comes to the aid of Misaki. Unlike other guys, always neatly and cleanly dressed. Because of the soft nature, he often finds himself in ridiculous situations. After once Takumi kissed him, he began to avoid the guy.

biography of heroes from anime president of the Student Council

Sotaro Cano is a character at the beginning of the storywho despised Misaki. He did not understand her desire to increase the number of girls in school. Always wears glasses and hides the face under the hood. For a long time, he showed an unhealthy interest in the interaction between Ayuzawa and Takumi.

«Three Bullshit»

Ryunosuke Kurosaki is one of the "three fools"who at the beginning of the anime were hostile to Misaki. But after he and his friends found out about Misaki's work, they turned into her fan club. Together with his friends, he visits cosplay-cafes almost every day to see Ayuzawa as a maid. He loves erotica and collects overgrown hair in a small tail.

Ikuto Sarasina - the second of the "boobies". Ikuto is an otaku with experience, besides, he paints well. Often helps the café to create products with the image of the maid on them.

Naoya Sirikawa - the main "stupid". Most often conflicted with Misaki because of her tough methods of dealing with the guys from Seika. While studying in high school, he joined a gang of bullies, where he was nicknamed "White Dragon". Tied up with banditry because of fear of the mother.

Ayuzawa's family

Suzuna Ayuzawa is Misaki's younger sister. It differs with calmness and a rare manifestation of strong emotions. Constantly participates in various lotteries to help the family at least a little.

anime characters president of the student council maid

Minako Ayuzawa is Misaki's mother. Pretty painful and absent-minded woman. To feed his family, he works as a nurse, and in his spare time he paints toys.

Sakuya Ayuzawa is the father of Misaki. Because of debts, he left the family to find money. After the problem was solved, he returned, but his wife and daughter did not accept him. She takes up the position of cook at Maid Latte

Maid latte

Satsuki Hyodo is the thirty-year-old Misaka boss. A kind and sympathetic woman who genuinely enjoys her work.

president of the stool maid of honor characters list

Erica is a student working in Maid Latte.

Honoka is one of the "maids". Originally disliked Misaki for her embarrassment because of the place of work. Later I respected her.

Subaru - there is a partial shift in Maid Latte.

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