"Ani" - cognac with unsurpassed taste

"Ani" is a cognac from the legendary "Ararat" series,produced by the Yerevan Brandy Factory. It has an interesting taste and a delicate aroma. To drink such cognac is by all rules. It is distinguished by its exquisite taste, delicate aroma. He also attracts true connoisseurs of this alcoholic beverage with his velvety aftertaste.

History of occurrence

Now the Yerevan Brandy Factory, whichgave the world "Ani" (cognac), enters the guild "Pernod Ricard", owned by the French. A distinctive feature of this organization is strict control over the quality of products. This association is known all over the world.

However, initially the organizer of a largeenterprise became a merchant of the first guild. It was he who first started producing cognac in Yerevan. At his plant, a modern equipment for those times was tested, which allows to withstand products under original conditions. Probably, that is why at the first opportunity of cognac from this wine-vodka production came to the imperial table.

In 1920, when the nationalization of many industries began, the enterprise was recognized as the state one of the first. A decade later, it received a modern name, having moved to Yerevan.

Ani brandy

Brandy "Ararat". Gamma of tastes

"Ani" - cognac, included in a series of alcoholic beveragesdrinks under the general name "Ararat". This includes several types of drinks, starting with three-star. However, they are all appreciated by lovers of cognac products.

"Ani" is cognac, referring to one of the mostpopular. It is interesting that all varieties are bottled in at least three variants of bottles, for each case. And the producers associate with each name their legend, which excites the imagination of many.

bottle of cognac

"Ani": a little story

A bottle of cognac open for a celebrationor donated to the celebration, can be accompanied by a brief legend. As you know, "Ani" is an ancient city. It was also called the city of 1001 churches. This city was the capital of the ancient Armenian state. No wonder the city became famous. Despite the fact that wars and time destroyed Ani, cognac perpetuated the ancient name.

Interesting is also the fact that the coat of arms of the cityflaunted. A bottle of cognac is also decorated with this image, which once again emphasizes - the name was given not accidentally. The city was also famous for its architecture. Drawing a parallel between his name and the taste of the drink, you can conclude that "Ani" also became a masterpiece.

cognac ani price

Distinctive features of cognac

What is the main charm of the drink "Ani"? Cognac is aged for six years, which in itself is an important factor. Its fortress is 40 degrees. Probably, that's why cognac is considered a man's drink. However, many ladies choose this kind of strong drink, which is due to the taste qualities of cognac.

The color of this drink is multifaceted. It combines honey hues and tones of real bitter chocolate. Also it is distinguished by an interesting but complex aroma. When you open the bottle immediately manifested pronounced orange notes. Then you can hear the timid aroma of vanilla and a few fleeting shades of almonds. True lovers of cognac also say that you can taste a fig flavor.

The taste of this drink is also original enough. For cognac, it is quite sweet. Of course, while it is not devoid of a peculiar astringency. A pleasant aftertaste reflects the lemon shade. Also recommend to drink "Ani" cognac after a meal, to experience a viscous, slightly tantalizing aftertaste in full. Cognac "Ani", whose price corresponds to the quality (and this is from 1700 and above rubles) will be an excellent gift.

refined taste

How to drink brandy?

Initially, it is worth releasing cognac from the bottle. Real aesthetes say that it is best to know the drink only when it is standing in the air. Therefore, it is best to pour it into a special decanter. You can also pour the required amount into special glasses - sniffers. They have a wide rim that allows air to circulate. A few minutes will give the drink the opportunity to reveal its fragrance completely.

Drink should be drunk slowly, savoring. However, many prefer to use it as vodka, at a gulp. It burns the throat, but does not give an idea of ​​the true taste of the drink. By the rules, brandy is drunk under a leisurely conversation, taking a sip. At the same time, the glass is held in the hand, warming it, so that the aroma becomes thicker and brighter.

However, it would be a mistake to warm up the cognacany burners. Although there are those who consider this a beautiful gesture. Actually warm up, as well as cool, cognac is not worth it. It must be of the same temperature with the room in which it is used. The exception, as already mentioned, is the heat of the hands.

Also experts believe that the first sipthe drink is not able to reveal its taste. To really feel all the subtleties can only be from the third or fourth, when the whole bouquet of the drink has already opened.

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Ani - cognac with unsurpassed taste Ani - cognac with unsurpassed taste Ani - cognac with unsurpassed taste Ani - cognac with unsurpassed taste Ani - cognac with unsurpassed taste Ani - cognac with unsurpassed taste Ani - cognac with unsurpassed taste Ani - cognac with unsurpassed taste Ani - cognac with unsurpassed taste Ani - cognac with unsurpassed taste