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So, you made the final and irrevocable decision to spend a long-awaited vacation in the Crimea. And why exactly there? You were not scared by the stories and fictional horror stories of allegedly dissatisfied resort visitors, complaining about the high cost, overcrowding of hotels, poor quality of service? Frankly, you did absolutely right. All over the world many unforgettable places like Gurzuf, Yalta, Sevastopol, Mishor, Alushta are known to many. The sights of these places deserve to be seen. Arriving here once, you just can not not come back here again. Today we will focus on a town that boasts the presence of three components of an ideal holiday: a wonderful climate, gentle sea and breathtaking landscapes.sights of Alushta and its environs

Alushta, attractions: general information

Already from school geography lessons we know that Alushta is a small town in size and population, surrounded by mountains at the very beginning of the Southern coast of Crimea.The presence of two rivers (Demerdzhi and Ulu-Uzen) creates a particularly favorable climate for holidaymakers, as well as expands opportunities for the development of the resort business. Resorting visitors, or simply tourists, immediately feel a surge of cheerfulness, good mood and strength from the clean air, affectionate (already from the beginning of May) sun and invigorating sea water. It should be noted that when you go here, you are actually making a good choice. Sights of Alushta and the surrounding area allow you to choose the rest, as they say, for every taste and budget. Want to relax your body and relax? Go to the beach, lie in the sun, swim, read. But curious travelers waiting for the mass of exotic places.

Alushta, attractions: where to go first?

Adherents of active recreation will have to work hard on drawing up their daily routine in order to have time to visit at least a small part of what Alushta can offer. It has everything your heart desires, ranging from natural parks, museums, exhibitions and galleries to the historical sites of this ancient city.Representatives of the Russian intelligentsia appreciated their beauty and uniqueness, having chosen for their dachas this truly paradise place of the Crimean land. After all, as you know, the Professor’s Corner, located in the immediate vicinity of the city, has long been a unique museum complex in Alushta.In the city you can actually find a lot of entertainment. What is needed for this? Seasoned tourists are advised to just carefully look around and, of course, want to see: exciting sea rides, exhibitions of the Crimea in Miniature Park, the largest aquarium in terms of number of inhabitants - all this will not leave a single chance for boredom. For experienced thrill-seekers, experienced diving instructors will discover all the beauties of the underwater world, and the noise of the night embankment shining with neon lights will dream you more than once. Even the narrow streets, the usual quiet courtyards filled with trees and flowers, in Alushta, some special, from them breathes comfort, peace and tranquility.

Alushta sights photoAlushta, attractions: a place that will amaze

Friends who are fond of history will simply not forgive unless you visit the main historical sight of this ancient city - the fortress of Aluston, built in the 6th century by Byzantium Emperor Justinian I.It is located two hundred meters from the sea at the top of the hill. Once this building had three towers: Ashaga-Kule (preserved to our times), Chatal-Kule (completely collapsed) and Orta-Kule. In general, Aluston is considered the most powerfully fortified structure of the Northern Black Sea region. In the course of subsequent historical events related to the wars and falls of the Khazar Kaganate, the fortress was subjected to destruction, experienced periods of flourishing and decline. Historians have concluded that the June fire of 1475, which arose as a result of attacks by the Turkish fleet, destroyed the fortress city of Aluston. And it was not possible to restore it anymore. Only at the end of the nineteenth century were some restoration works carried out on the ruins of monumental buildings in the past, thanks to which we can admire this historical monument.


So, be prepared for the fact that your album will replenish with a series of photographs called “Alushta. Sights". These photos will be an excellent opportunity to remember your well spent vacation in the Crimea.

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