Alexey Zemsky - biography and activities

Today we will tell you who Alexei Zemsky is. "NTV" is a broadcaster in which our hero in 2015 took up the post of director. He is also an actor in theater and cinema, a producer, a presenter and a media manager.


alexey zemskyZemsky Alexey Vladimirovich was born in1967, 11 October. Was born in Moscow. His parents are Vladimir Naumovich and Tatyana Sergeevna. In 1984 he entered the GITIS. Became a student of the Faculty of Acting. Visited the workshop of Vladimir Andreev. In the training took a break. He passed an urgent military service. He returned to school and began attending the studio of Yevgeny Lazarev. He graduated from it in 1991. In 1994-1996 he studied in the studio of Yevgeny Tashkov. Then he was a student of VGIK SA Gerasimov, he chose a directing faculty.

Professional activity

alexey zemsky hiveOur hero began to play in feature films in1986 Then he was a student. He got, mainly, episodic roles. Until 1991 he played in the productions of the Moscow Theater NV Gogol, as well as "Satyricon". In 1991 he became one of the founders of the company called "Figaro Studio". The firm produced television and advertising projects for Russian channels. In 1992, at the "First Channel Ostankino" was the leading entertainment program "Munchausen-club." As director and producer, he created the following programs: "Hurry Do Good", "About It", "Health and Life", "Coma", "Twilight", "Domino Principle". He created a television version of the Golden Gramophone Prize. Worked on the program "New Year's Eve at the First Channel". He is the executive producer of the preparation of the project "Direct Line with Vladimir Putin", as well as other events in which the President of the Russian Federation participates. He was among the organizers of the contest called "New Wave" in Jurmala.

In 2003 Senkevich's decision was appointed firstdeputy director of "NTV" for broadcasting. The board reacted negatively to such a decision. Alexei Zemsky connected his television with his television. "VGTRK" is the company in which it started operating in 2008. He held the post of Deputy General Director and Head of the Production and Technology Department. In 2010, on the basis of the proposal of the Presidential Administration, our hero was included in the group for organizing programs dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Under the guidance of this man, the shooting and broadcasting in the HD standard of the military parade of 2010, which took place on Red Square, was conducted. A number of specialized magazines noted that this project turned into a large-scale television event, which at that time had no analogues. Also, an experimental shooting of the parade was conducted, in accordance with the standard of three-dimensional television. In 2012, Alexei Zemsky became the editor-in-chief of Russia HD. "VGTRK" is a holding, on the basis of TV programs and films the program grid of this channel was formed, however for it the image was translated into HD-format. In 2014, our hero initiated the creation of the NGO "Perspective". The project focused on the integration of Russian manufacturers of specialized software and television equipment. According to the Vedomosti newspaper, Alexei Zemsky is the main author of the idea of ​​the television broadcast of the procession of the action called "Immortal Regiment", which was held on May 9 in Moscow. This project was won by TEFI-2015. In 2015, by a decision of the board of directors of Gazprom-Media Holding, he was appointed to the post of general director of NTV. Thus, he replaced Vladimir Kulistikov, who ran the channel since 2004.


alexey zemsky ntvAlexey Zemsky starred in the following films: "The First Guy", "The Cup of Patience, To Whom to Live in Russia", "Sofya Petrovna", "Beast nicknamed". Also our hero actively acted as the producer. In this capacity he participated in the creation of artistic and television pictures, serials. Some of these works received prizes at international and Russian film festivals and forums. As a producer he worked on the following films: "Mad Day, or The Marriage of Figaro", "Nine Unknown", "Wandering and the Incredible Adventures of One Love", "The Secret Guard", "Bes in the Rib, or the Magnificent Four", "Ostrog. The Case of Fyodor Sechenov "," The Rich and Beloved "," Zastava "," Attraction "," The Fighter. The birth of a legend »,« It is ordered to destroy! Operation: Chinese box "," Paradise Kuschi "," Nakhodka "," Sevastopol Waltz ".

Social activity

Alexey Zemsky is a member of the IATR. Participates in the NGO "RGO". He is on the expert council for awarding the Vladimir Zvorykin Prize to NAT. In 2013 he became a torchbearer at the 2014 Olympics.

Awards and Prizes

zemsky alexey vladimirovichAlexey Zemsky is the owner of the Order "Formerit to the Fatherland. " He received a medal "Participant of a military operation in Syria". I was grateful to the President of Russia for his participation in international events. Received a certificate of honor of the Government of the Russian Federation. Awarded the "TKT Awards 2015".

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Alexey Zemsky - biography and activities Alexey Zemsky - biography and activities Alexey Zemsky - biography and activities Alexey Zemsky - biography and activities Alexey Zemsky - biography and activities Alexey Zemsky - biography and activities Alexey Zemsky - biography and activities Alexey Zemsky - biography and activities Alexey Zemsky - biography and activities Alexey Zemsky - biography and activities