Alexander Ponomarenko: Biography

AA Ponomarenko was born on October 27, 1964 in the city of Belogorsk (the Republic of Crimea).

Early biography of Alexander Ponomarenko

Alexander Anatolyevich served in the army from 1983 to1985 year. He received the title of KMS in the late 1980s of the twentieth century, is also the champion of Ukraine in boxing among juniors. In 1982, he was enrolled in the Simferopol State University in the faculty of physical education and sports, but because of conscription in the army he studied there only a year. And only in 1988 I received a diploma on graduation from a higher educational institution.

In 1997, he defended his thesis on completionState Academy of Management named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze in the city of Moscow and became a candidate of economic sciences. After that, Alexander Ponomarenko worked for six years at the International Institute of Corporations in Moscow, first as a chief research officer, and then was appointed to the post of pro-rector. In 2001, Ponomarenko defended his doctorate in economics.alexander ponomarenko

Beginning of an entrepreneur's career

In 1987, together with his business partner Alexander Skorobogatko, Ponomarenko opened a firm that was engaged in the production of building materials, plastic bags, perfumes and so on. alexander ponomarenko biography

In the late nineties Alexander Ponomorenko movedin the capital of Russia and decided to take up banking there. Thus, in 1993 he became a co-owner of a small bank, which later went bankrupt. But this fact did not stop the entrepreneur, and in the same year, Alexander Anatolyevich became already a co-founder of OAO AKB "Russian General Bank". Seven years later, business partners create on the basis of the RSL a universal bank with a significant retail direction. By 2006, entrepreneurs manage to open a network of offices "Investsberbank."

Outdoor advertising

The businessman decides to tackle and another direction,therefore in 2003 becomes the beneficiary of the company, which deals with outdoor advertising activities. By 2005, the firm "Olympus" was one of the main players in the outdoor advertising market. With this company signed agreements on cooperation between the Moscow city government and MosgorTrans, but in 2011 the cooperation was decided not to renew. Some sources report that for eight years of doing business, the entrepreneur has extracted revenue of about eighty million dollars in the United States of America.

Stevedoring business

Alexander Ponomarenko together with otherprojects in 1998 decides to enter the stevedoring business by investing its capital in the Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port. A lot of money was involved in the expansion of the pier, the grain terminal, and in the construction of a new tank farm. In 2003, the businessman was admitted to the Board of Directors. In 2008, the situation changed, and Arkady Rothenberg, who was considered a close friend of Vladimir Putin, became the owner of a 10 percent stake in Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port. Three years later, Ponomarenko and Skorobodko get out of this business, selling their shares to Transneft and Sumy Zugavudin Magomedov's group. According to the press, this transaction cost a total of two and a half billion United States dollars.alexander ponomarenko photo

Sheremetyevo airport

In 2013, the long-time familiar entrepreneurs,such as Alexander Ponomarenko, Alexander Skorobatko, Arkady Rotenberg, are the founders of the collective business project TPS Avia Holding for investments in the Sheremetyevo international air harbor system. Thus, in 2016, entrepreneurs got most of the largest airport in the Russian Federation (68.44%), a minority (31.56%) remained state-owned.

Alexander Ponomarenko from June 2016 became chairman of the board of directors of JSC Sheremetyevo International Airport.

The main tasks that areThe moment before the businessmen is the erection of the newest terminal, the third fueling system and the gangway connecting the north and south (terminals D, E and F) of the terminal zone. This project involves a huge amount of money in the amount of $ 840 million. According to the calculations of businessmen, the expected period of occupancy after the introduction of facilities in operation will be approximately ten years.

The state, personal life and hobbies of the entrepreneur

According to the well-known magazine Forbes, in 2016 the Russian billionaire was on 771 places of the world's most affluent people. His fortune is about two and a half billion dollars.In 2011, the businessman bought for $ 350 million a complex of buildings with land near Gelendzhik, known as the Palace of Putin.

ponomarenko alexandr anatolievich

The businessman is currently married andhas three children. Alexander Ponomarenko, whose photo is presented in the article, does not like to talk about his personal life, so it is hidden from the public eye. Alexander Anatolyevich is a hunter and supporter of a healthy lifestyle. He collects the works of marine painters and books about hunting.

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