Alcohol Coding Cost

Recently, I began to notice that my friend drinks alcohol every day and in large quantities. I really do not want him to drink. Tell me where in Kiev you can code on alcohol and what is the price?
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Answered 23 January 17:01
Maybe he started drinking not long ago and everything is not so neglected. Perhaps it is worth talking with him heart to heart, finding out the reason for such behavior, try to help. The main thing is for your friend to understand that he is not alone and that someone needs him.
Answered 23 January 17:06
Our relative, when her husband drank, applied to the city psycho-neurological clinic. He underwent treatment there and after that for two years already absolutely nothing alcohol drinks.
Answered 23 January 17:12
It will probably be better if you and your friend ask for help from specialists. Look at the price for the coding for alcohol in this medical center. But you still have to convince your friend to voluntary treatment, otherwise all your efforts will be without result.Hope this information helps you.
Marina Osipova
Marina Osipova
Answered on January 26, 23:56
Did you talk to him yourself? maybe he doesn’t notice such a problem at all and does not consider it necessary to go and encode.

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