Alarm "Sherkhan Magikar 5": instruction manual

One of the most popular anti-theft systems is "Sherkhan Magikar 5". This is a universal equipment. It is compatible with all types of gearboxes. One of the advantages of the Sherkhan Magikar 5 system is its reliability and high efficiency. She uses two-way communication with the car and displays information about his condition on a keyring with a display.

"Sherkhan Magikar 5", the instruction manual of which is attached with the purchase, is recognized as one of the best options for anti-theft devices. What are the main points to pay attention to? This will help experienced drivers.

Key features

Car alarm "Sherkhan Magikar 5", the instruction manual which should be well studied by the driver before it starts, is installed in the engine compartment of the car. This system is compatible with diesel and petrol engines. It is considered universal.Sher Khan Magikar 5 User Manual

The restriction that the manufacturer has set applies to the mains voltage. The wiring must supply a 12V current to the power supply.

Communication between the vehicle systems and the user keychain is transmitted over a two-way radio channel. Moreover, the engine starts when a special signal is transmitted from the console. You can program the timer.

The signal transmission distance is 1.5 km. However, the car should be parked in an open area where it will be clearly visible. If there are obstacles, the range of the signal decreases.


The alarm "Sherkhan Magikar 5", the instruction manual of which should be studied in detail by the driver, has several advantages. This explains its high popularity.

The reliability of the system will provide high level protection for all sensors, processor and antenna. Its installation is carried out quickly enough. If you wish, every vehicle owner will cope with this.Car Alarm Sher Khan Magikar 5 User Manual

A powerful siren is installed in the engine section. It is quite loud and has virtually no failures. The advantage of the presented system is also the use of high standards in the design.The creators of this alarm equipment tested, which allowed to bring its reliability to a high level.

The control panel with the display allows the owner of the machine to fully manage all functions, as well as easily navigate the system readings. To take advantage of all the capabilities of the alarm system, you must carefully study all the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Where to begin?

"Sherkhan Magikar 5", whose instruction describes in detail the process of operation, requires the implementation of all the recommendations of the manufacturer. Installation must be performed by a qualified auto mechanic. Otherwise, in case of improper installation, the protective functions of the alarm may be impaired.sherkhan magikar 5 user manual autorun

To start working with the installed system, you need to insert the battery into the key chain. It is included in the package, but it is not installed in the console. This allows you to keep her charge at a high level.

After turning on the key fob, you can start working. For this information about the condition of the car is displayed on the display. You can control the commands, program the keyfob using 4 buttons. Signals are transmitted in a specific encoding.It is unique, so no other remote can control the system. During operation, the key fob can be reattached to the control unit, if for some reason the alarm system has stopped responding to its commands.

Security mode

Compliance with the rules of work and the responsible attitude of the driver requires "Sherkhan Magikar 5". The instruction manual (autorun and other important modes which are described in detail) allows you to increase the comfort of using the machine.

To begin, the driver must put the car in protection mode. To do this, you must tightly close all the doors of the car, raise the glass. Also checked the trunk. After that, the driver presses the first button on the key fob. Locks are locked, the starter will not work.

 Sherkhan Magikar 5 alarm system instruction manual

If the command is executed, the key fob will make a distinctive sound. The alarm will also beep, the headlights will flash 5 times. The indicator will flash. This indicates that the system is working. Flicker will occur once every minute. The doors are closed tightly, the key fob will emit 3 signals, as well as the alarm itself. For the inclusion of the security mode you need to follow.

Create PIN 1 code

If for some reason the driver cannot use the key fob, you can remove the system from the security mode using PIN 1. It is set by the vehicle owner independently from 2 or 4 digits. Each code element can be set in the range from 1 to 4. sherhan magikar 5 instruction manual malfunction

"Sherkhan Magikar 5", the instruction manual of which is studied by the driver, has a certain sequence of assigning PIN 1. The equipment is removed from the lock mode and the machine is opened. The key in the ignition must be turned to the "ON" position, but the engine does not need to start. On the key fob hold the buttons II and IV. A siren will sound once, and the headlights will flash.

Within 4 seconds you need to press any of the buttons. Her number will be registered to the first digit of the code. Sounds the same number of signals. The rest of the code is programmed in the same way. After completion of the procedure, the system will exit this mode. 2 siren signals will sound, 2 flashes of headlights will follow.

Disable security mode

If you disable arming in the standard way (the key fob is lost, not perceived by the system, etc.), it can be removed using the PIN code 1. This is a simple procedure that the Sherhan Magikar 5 system developers envisaged. The instruction manual describes this process in detail.

The driver opens the car. A siren alarm sounds. It is necessary to turn the ignition key three times from the “Off” position to the “On” position. The sound will stop.

Within 4 seconds, you need to turn the key as many times as the driver has programmed the PIN 1 digit before. After entering the first code number, the headlamps will flash once. Next, enter the second digit. When all the code is entered into the system, the lock will be released. Otherwise, the siren will turn on again.


The driver, if desired, adjusts the autorun function, which is incorporated in the Sherkhan Magikar 5 system. Instruction manual keychain allows you to configure this mode. To do this, you need to be near the machine, close all doors, turn off the security function.

The driver activates autorun. This function will put the car in the security mode yourself. If the driver forgets to do it in manual mode, after 30 seconds when the autorun is on, the alarm will block all systems. sherkhan magikar 5 keychain operating instructions

Information about the transition to this mode will go to the driver’s key ring. To do this, the screen must have the word Passive.

Every 10 seconds, the device transmits a signal to activate the guard.This is very convenient if the driver sometimes forgets to block the car.

Other useful features

The Sherkan Magikar 5 alarm system has many useful features. The instruction manual will allow the driver to choose the modes that are useful to him.magikar 5 instruction

Silent security mode transmits an alarm only to the key fob of the car owner. The burglar thinks there is no alarm in the car. This allows you to take it red-handed.

If the driver has small children, you can turn on the safe ride mode. When the car starts moving, all doors are locked.

There is a turbo timer function. This mode allows the engine to work for some time even when the ignition key is off and the machine is set to the armed mode. This is necessary for cars with a turbine. This mode increases the duration of the equipment.

Possible faults

The presented alarm system is recognized as one of the most reliable. Its popularity is explained by the mass of useful functions that are disclosed in detail by the documentation for the Sherkhan Magikar 5 system — the instruction manual. Malfunctions in this equipment are not excluded.

User feedback allows you to highlight the most frequent ones. Most of the calls to the car service are related to the inability of the driver to remove the security mode or with the spontaneous activation of the alarm. This picture is observed when the central system unit fails. Repair it almost can not be. If the alarm is on warranty service, this equipment is changed for free.

The driver should not intervene in the alarm system. Otherwise, warranty service will not be performed. With all the requirements of the instructions "Sherkhan Magikar 5" demonstrates high reliability during operation. Therefore, its demand is not reduced for many years.

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