"Aktifert": instructions for use, analogues and reviews

A welcome child is happiness. Unfortunately, not all women manage to get pregnant right away. Actifert gel can provide invaluable assistance here. The instruction says that it’s enough to use the drug in

Release form

The full set of medicines includes:

  • two tubes of gel Aktifert;
  • instruction;
  • paper packaging.

One tube contains 5 ml of gel-like substance of a yellowish shade. A convenient tip at the end of the tube helps to easily insert the medicine into the vagina. Moreover, it penetrates deeply enough, and the gel does not follow after the woman assumes an upright position.

The tube is disposable and not intended for reusable use. Its volume contains the necessary one-time share of the drug.

The composition of the tool

actiefert instruction

The gel lubricator "Aktifert", the instruction speaks about this, contains a complex of unique plant polysaccharides Arabinogalactan.This is the main active ingredient of the drug. Additional substances in the composition of the substance are glycerin, deodorized water.

Features of the drug

Aktifert instructions for use

Vaginal lubricant "Akifert", the instruction describes in more detail its action, stimulates the activity of spermatozoa at the time of fertilization of the egg. Normalizes microflora, osmolarity. Helps semen to successfully pass the acidic vaginal environment. Also increases the percentage of successful conception gel Aktifert.

Instructions for use says that the drug removes cytolytic vaginosis at the initial stage. Symptoms of the disease are similar to thrush. This is a burning sensation in the genital area, whitish discharge, itching.

The correct diagnosis, as a rule, can be established after taking a smear. If his analysis indicates the absence of candida, then the thrush is completely excluded.

The medicine Aktifert in many cases is a real salvation for women.

Aktifert gel: instructions for use

actifert gel instruction

As shown, many couples are puzzled by the problem of infertility. The reasons for this are the most diverse, it is:

These factors and many others reduce the quality of sperm, reduce the number of active sperm. They make them weak and unable to overcome the acidic environment of the vagina. As a result, the desired pregnancy does not occur. In this situation, and apply "Aktifert."

Instructions for use advises to use the drug intravaginally. It can be used for the treatment of infertility, as well as for some gynecological diseases, but only on the advice of a doctor.

In case of infertility, the woman before the procedure should take a horizontal position and enter 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse, on the days of possible ovulation, “Aktifert”.

Gel (instructions attached) is used for cytolytic vaginosis, when vaginal acidity is more than 4.5. For the introduction of the drug in the same way as in the first case, it is necessary to lie down and insert the tube into the vagina, after which the entire contents should be squeezed out. Pull the nozzle out and discard the used tube, as it is not intended for reuse. It is best to perform the procedure at bedtime. So you can completely eliminate the possibility of leakage of medication.The course of treatment is two days.

You can not leave the tube in the vaginal environment, as it can harm the body and never dissolve there.

Indications and contraindications to the use of the drug "Aktifert"

gel-surfer instructions for use

Gel (instructions for use recommends consulting a doctor before using it) is often involved in the complex treatment of infertility. Experts recommend medication for oligozoospermia and asthenozoospermia, since it increases the motility of sperm and their vital activity after sexual intercourse. It is shown drug with increased vaginal acidity. After all, this factor often prevents the onset of pregnancy. The drug is widely used in cytolytic vaginosis.

There are no contraindications to the use of vaginal gel. In rare cases, individual intolerance of components was observed.

Side effects

gel actifert reviews instruction

Side effect when using the drug occurred rarely. Sometimes an increased sensitive reaction is possible.

Gel is not contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women. During this period, the drug is used for cytolytic vaginosis.

Drug price

It costs about eight hundred rubles vaginal lubricator "Aktifert". Tablets, the instructions for which describes a similar action, can not always replace it. They operate less efficiently, and their price is about the same as compared to Aktifert.

Vaginal gel is not sold in all pharmacies, so sometimes it has to be ordered via the Internet, which increases the cost of the goods.

The shelf life of the drug is three years. The preparation should be stored in a ventilated cool room at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C and at least 5 ° C in the reach of children.

actifert tablet instruction

Analogue "Aktifertu" is a tool of American production Pree-Seed. Its action is similar to the Russian medicine, but it costs more, although it lasts for 5-7 cycles. Gels differ in composition, but are identical in their effectiveness and purpose.

Gel "Aktifert": reviews

The instruction recommends using the drug for infertility only during the period of ovulation. It can be determined with the help of a special test, which is sold in each pharmacy. Women who have used the drug are advised to inject the gel a day before the ovulation period.

Cytolytic vaginosis, many women have cured only by means of "Aktifert". Instructions for use (reviews of doctors say about its positive impact on the vaginal microflora) advises the use of a lubricant when the acidity of the vagina is more than 4.5 and symptoms like burning, whitening and itching. Gel treatment should not last more than three days. If the need arose, the drug can be used again, but next month.

Women note that the effectiveness of the gel Aktifert for infertility depends entirely on the correct use of the drug. He helped many people immediately, after the first course of treatment, some were repeated and after that there was a positive result. Ladies who become pregnant with a lubricator gel are advised to lie down for 30 minutes after intercourse with their legs raised. So sperm penetrates better. The best option is to use the gel in the evening, before bedtime. In no case can you save and leave part of the money the next day, as the tube is designed for a single injection and this dose will give the desired effect.

Aktifert instructions for use reviews of doctors

Use the drug is only prescribed by a doctor, as only a specialist is able to establish the correct diagnosis. In any other case, the medication will be unsuccessful. What is confirmed by negative reviews of women who did not help the drug. They consider the gel to be a dummy or simply a placebo.

Experts point out that the use of a vaginal lubricant can cause a miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy. This reaction is due to the fact that the application of the gel creates good conditions not only for the movement of healthy sperm, but also for the injured.

Some category of women used the gel in the complex treatment of infertility treatment, along with other drugs, so they can not say exactly what Actifert helped them get pregnant.

Some women replace the drug with soda solution. Take one teaspoon of soda per two hundred gram glass of boiled water. According to them, this substance acts in a similar way and creates an alkaline environment that is favorable for the movement of spermatozoa and reduces acidity.But those ladies who resort to similar methods of self-treatment, units. Basically gel lubricant is used only as directed by the gynecologist.

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