Aerogril "Redmond" - reviews. Cover-aerogril "Redmond"

An indispensable assistant for cookingis aerogril "Redmond". Reviews about the multifunctional device of the new generation amaze with its abundance. And this is not surprising. After all, Redmond is reliability, quality, attentive attitude and individual approach to each client.


  • High power: 700-800 watts.
  • Defrost function.
  • Convenient mechanical control.
  • Self-cleaning function.
  • The heating element is made of halogen.
  • A wide range of time setting (from five to sixty minutes) and temperature (from 65 to 250°C).
  • Technology of convective processing of products.
  • Aerogril "Redmond 241" can be used with multiquarks, with bowls for them, with dishes made of ceramics, heat-resistant glass, metal.

Possibilities of aerogrillRedmond RAG-241

aerogrids redmond reviews

This is a universal device that coversseveral functions of kitchen appliances. It can be used as an oven, toaster, microwave, grill, convection oven. The multifunctionality of the aerogrill makes it possible to significantly save the family budget. Moreover, due to its compactness, it does not take up much space in the kitchen. Preparation in aerogrill will bring pleasure to any mistress (or owner). You can cook in it without oil, so the natural flavor and taste of the products will not be spoiled. Dishes are very useful and tasty. In aerogrilles you can make hot sandwiches, snacks, grilled meats, ruddy pastries, a crispy and golden crusty bird, as well as delicate fish.

Advantages of aerogrill

aerogrids redmond cover

Aerogril "Redmond", reviews of which draw attention to itself, can rightly be considered a perfect device. Its main characteristics:

  • Compactness.
  • High ecological compatibility.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • The ability to prepare healthy and delicious food.

All this is especially appreciated in modern anddynamic world. When creating this model, the manufacturer took into account the most important requests and desires of consumers. With the universal aerogril Redmond RAG-241, you can prepare useful and varied dishes, while spending in the kitchen very little time.

Security measures

aerogrids redmond 241

Cover-aerogril "Redmond" is intended onlyfor home use. Before connecting the appliance to the mains, it must be checked that the voltage is the same as the rated power of the device.

Use an extension cord designed for the consumed power of the aerogrill. Make sure that it is grounded.

Also it is necessary to remember that in the process of work the bodythe container and the glass cover are heated. So be careful. To avoid burns, use kitchen gloves. Do not lean over the device when opening the lid.

After using the aerogrill, during itmove or clean the appliance from the outlet. The cord should not bend and twist, and also come in contact with the corners of furniture and sharp objects.

Do not install the device with a working container on a non-heat resistant or soft surface. To avoid overheating, do not cover it during operation.

Do not use outdoors. This may cause foreign objects or moisture to enter, resulting in serious damage to the unit.

Do not repair the device yourself or make any changes to its design. In the event of a breakdown, consult an authorized service center.

Aerogril "Redmond". Instructions

Before you turn on the product for the first time,you need to carefully unpack it, remove the packaging materials and all promotional stickers. Save only the sticker with the serial number. If it is not available, you are no longer entitled to warranty service for this device. Wipe the body of the product with a damp cloth and wipe it dry. First-time use may involve foreign odor. Therefore, it is recommended to perform self-cleaning of the device.

Use of aerogrill.

  • Place a high or low grate in the tank,then put the product on it. The required distance between the product and the lid (and also the walls of the container) should be at least 1.5-2 cm. This is necessary for uniform circulation of hot air.
  • Place the container on a level, firm andheat resistant surface. It can be a stove or a special stand. Other objects should be at a distance of 10 cm, as they may suffer from high temperatures.
  • After connecting the device to the electrical network, lower the handle to carry it down as far as it will go.
  • To set the cooking time(from five to sixty minutes) turn the knob clockwise to the desired value. After that, the red light will turn on and the fan will start working.
  • To set the required temperature, turn the thermostat knob. The heating indicator should light up.
  • After the set time has elapsed, allow the device to cool down (about ten minutes).

General recommendations for cooking

aerogrids redmond priceAerogril "Redmond" (whose price fluctuates in2000 rubles) will make any dish unsurpassed. When buying a universal device, you get a book of twenty recipes. They are designed specifically for this model. Using this colorful brochure, you can achieve a better result.

Recipes indicate the following points:

  • Proportions and weight of ingredients.
  • Sequencing.
  • Instructions for setting the time and temperature.

All this was carefully compiled by the developers,the type of product and its volume were taken into account. The book of recipes contains useful advice from the best cooks, which you will certainly find useful in preparing a particular dish. There is a table of recommendations for using the temperature and time settings.

Thanks to the brochure you will be correctuse your aerogrill. Photos of dishes in the book of recipes are very bright and colorful, so you will want to start their cooking as soon as possible and please your family.

aerogenous cooking

Cooking tips

  • Defreeze food in advance. When using frozen foods, set the extra time (add about 15 minutes for every 400 grams of the product).
  • Spread food on the grate. This will greatly speed up the cooking process.
  • To give a smooth and golden crust, it is recommended to turn the product over.
  • For simultaneous preparation of several dishes you can use both grills. Do not put one product on another.
  • It is recommended to cook roast and large products on the bottom grill, and grill - on the top.
  • Use ceramic or metal dishes, as well as made of thick heat-resistant glass.

aerogrids redmond instruction

Aerogril "Redmond". Reviews

People who have purchased this device for the kitchen, express a different opinion. However, most buyers agree that this device is ideal for frying and baking, and also takes up little space.

Among the main advantages consumers note:

  • low price;
  • bright design;
  • clear user manual;
  • can be taken with you;
  • easy to clean;
  • comes to any pan from the multivark.

aerogril pictures

Disadvantages of the device are available, but they are insignificant:

  • vague marking on the regulators;
  • if the bowl is in a multivark, then the temperature can not be set above 150 degrees;
  • if there is no recess on the bowl, then the "Redmond" aerogree is unstable.

Reviews about the device, as can be seen, mostlypositive. Many people emphasize that thanks to this device, it turns out ruddy pastry and a smart crust. Often it is used together with a multivar, but it can be used without it.

Thus, aerogril "Redmond" will be youan indispensable assistant for cooking delicious food. It can be used both with multivark, and separately. It covers several functions of kitchen appliances. Positive feedback about the device is striking in its abundance. This confirms its functionality and high performance.

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