Adjustable pause wiper relay

designed to provide good visibility on the road, even in rain and snow. However, not all vehicles have the possibility of their intermittent operation. For example, when drizzling rain frequent work brushes are not needed. But their periodic wave is able to provide good visibility without frequent flickering of janitors before the driver’s eyes. Many vehicle owners have already managed to evaluate how convenient the use of an adjustable wiper relay is. How to apply the presented detail, every car owner should know.

Standard relay types

Relay wipers in modern cars most often has 2 modes of operation. During intermittent sweeps, there is a pause of a certain duration. With constant operation it is not. Standard pause period is 4 seconds.Wiper relay

Many drivers were faced with a situation when a light rain was drizzling, wipers glide almost on dry glass, leaving stains out of drops.This impairs visibility. To solve the problem in the car without adjusting the pause between brush strokes, drivers resort to one of two methods.

The first approach is to implement the inclusion of brushes in manual mode. The driver about once every 20 seconds is forced to start the wipers, and then stop them. This is especially distracting on a long trip. Inattention can cause accidents. Therefore, this option is not considered the best way out of the situation. The second approach is to modernize the design of the wipers. Otherwise, you just have to accept the existing work of the brushes. Change tape wipers have much more often.

Advantages of adjustment

An adjustable wiper relay has several advantages over standard designs. First of all, it should be noted that it is possible to set the pause duration in the range from 0.5 to 45 seconds. This allows you to customize the best weather conditions. When water is supplied to the windshield, a pause of even 0.5 seconds can prevent dry friction of brushes over the glass. This avoids premature wear.

where is the wiper relay

Also, the installation of an adjustable relay allows for the automatic supply of water to the glass to make only 3 strokes, and not 4, as in the standard setting. This makes it possible to avoid the last stroke on a dry glass. In this case, the adjustable system will make 4 strokes with brushes, if the driver will hold the water supply. The use of the presented system significantly improves driving comfort in wet weather, as well as prevents quick wear of rubber wiper blades.

Where to begin?

To replace the standard part with its improved version, you need to consider where the wiper relay is located. It should be noted that in some new foreign cars such a function is laid at the production stage of the vehicle. However, in the cheaper types of configuration may be a standard set of parts. To change the old wiper, you need to pay attention to the design of the wipers. Regardless of the model of the car and the type of wipers (front or rear versions), the relay is installed directly on the glass of the car.

Wiper relay VAZ

To be able to dismantle the old part,you must inspect the base of the device and find where the wiper relay is. When the factory assembly, it is screwed to the body. The part is located near the hood opening handle. Dismantling is done with a screwdriver. You will also need to remove the column.

Device selection

If you want to replace the standard part with a new control device with brushes, you should study the rules for choosing such devices. VAZ-2107, 2109, 2114, IZH-2126 and other domestic cars models 54.3777 and 723.3777-01 are recognized as the most popular today. The first device is produced by LLC Russian Partner, and the second by JSC Energomash. The cost of the presented devices is about 150-170 rubles.Rear Wiper Relay

The designs presented are suitable for vehicles with a new fuse box. However, not all models are possible. For domestic cars with an old fuse box, a model of relay 39.3777-03 (“Russian partner”) has been developed. For foreign cars with a new contact arrangement block, purchase model 723.3777-05 (“Energomash”). For the correct choice of the presented structural element is better to consult with an experienced specialist.

New and used devices

Wanting to buy a wiper relay (VAZ, IL, and some foreign cars), it is not necessary to acquire new parts. A wide selection of quality models of regulators is presented among the used devices. Therefore, if desired, such devices are allowed to be installed on wipers.Adjustable wiper relay

In the secondary market, according to experts, it is possible to pick up various options for ready-made mechanisms. Their advantage is the availability of modified structural elements. This allows you to install the relay in a regular place without additional rework wiring or steering column switches. Similar parts are designed more for domestic cars. Therefore, the owners of foreign cars must acquire new relays and carry out the required refinement of the system on their own.

Installing a new relay

After examining where the wiper relay is located, as well as the rules for its selection, you can replace it yourself with a new part. To do this, you must open the cover on the wipers mounting block. From here, the old relay was removed. Next, a new part is mounted in its intended place.Where is the wiper relay

To make the adjustment pause, you must perform a specific procedure. The wiper switch must be set to intermittent mode.In this case, the pause between sweeps will have a standard value. To set a new interval for the wiper system, you must turn off the brushes. Next, the driver maintains the desired pause, for example, 8 seconds. Then the wipers are switched on again in intermittent mode. The system remembers the required interval and will work in accordance with the user's settings. In this case, the interval will be 8 seconds.

System refinement

If you wish to replace the rear wiper relay or windshield brushes the driver has the opportunity to modify the part yourself. To do this, you need to have a basic knowledge of the device electrical devices. To perform a calibration, you must remove the housing cover. Next, the printed circuit board is dismantled. The pause between sweeps depends on the type of resistor. Having carefully considered the scheme, it will be easy to find. In standard models (pause 4 seconds), this element has a resistance of 62 lump. If it is reduced to 45 Kom, the pause between brush strokes will be 3 seconds.

Wiper relay VAZ 2107

To stretch the pause to 10 seconds, you should purchase a resistor with a resistance of 100 Kom.If the driver wants to make the interval between brush strokes of 17 seconds, you can install a resistor with a nominal value of 200 Kom in the circuit. Devices with a resistance of 500 Com are undesirable. The accuracy of the interval is significantly reduced.

Completion work

Relay wipers refined by installing a new resistor. It will also require about 50 cm of single or single conductor wire. It is soldered to the extreme contact of the resistor. The old element of resistance must be discharged from one side only. One wire is soldered to its freed leg, and the second joins the place where it was installed before.

The second end must be connected to the center pin. Wires should be dressed in a cambre of transparent material. Next on the wires you need to make a bundle, so that they do not accidentally tear them. Relay cover can be closed. The part is mounted on the same place. Having considered what a wiper relay is, every driver will be able to apply it to the wipers of his car.

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