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Television actors are numerous, charming, sexy and young, often talented. Who remembers their names? Who can match them with individuals? They are like sand on the seashore ... Small grains of sand sparkle like diamonds, they are individual. However, uniqueness is lost in the mass. Some popular shows are replaced by others, nothing lasts forever. Success on television is swift, like an avalanche, but at the same time short-lived. Few manage to stay afloat, and even more so to get into serious cinema.

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One of the brightest stars who became famous for participating in a television project (mini-series) and making a name for itself in cinema is Lauren Graham. Her films are familiar to many, to say nothing of the spectacular appearance of the model with the piercing gaze of blue eyes.

Childhood of the future actress

L. Graham was born on the eve of a large Irish holiday - St. Patrick's Day, March 16, 1967, in Honolulu (Hawaii). Could something be better for a child from an Irish Catholic family? This can rightly be considered a good sign.The girl's father worked as president of the candy and chocolate association. When Lauren Graham was only five years old, her mother (singer and model) left the family. After the official divorce, the girl remained in the care of her father and traveled a lot with him in the future. In the end they settled on Virginia, it was there that Lauren went to primary school. If you look at old photos of the future actress (picture below), you will see a charming little girl with freckles and a wide smile. She was the tallest teenager in the class, now the height of the actress is 175 cm. Lauren loved to read, sing and worked in the theater, where she got the leading roles. She continued her studies at Langley High School, and then at Barnard College and a department at Columbia University.

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When Lauren Graham turned 14, her father married a second time. But according to the actress herself, this is not the case when an evil stepmother comes to the house. The actress always speaks of her second mother warmly. Later, Lauren had younger sisters and a brother.

Student years

After graduating from high school in 1985, Lauren decided to go to New York to go to university.The actress says that in her family, education was important and she thought: "I have to read more, study more, and only then roll on the floor with the proud look of a lion." She moved to Manhattan, Barnard College, which is part of Columbia University. New York is a city that never sleeps: millions of possibilities, peoples, cultures, no restrictions, everything seems possible in it. Only one thing darkened the situation - the lack of money.

University Loren Graham graduated with a bachelor's degree. During her studies, she played in the theater and was part of The Metrotones. After completing her education, she worked at the bar as a waitress, but continued to dream of becoming an actress.

Career as an actress

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L. Graham with a smile, recalls what began her acting career. For a long time she was out of work. “It’s like head banging against a brick wall. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, ”says the actress about that period of life. In the end, after completing special courses, she received her own agent in Showcase. This gave great hope. In 1994, he called her, and the first thing he asked was growth. The actress was inspired, but, once on the spot, she understood the essence of this role.She got a big dog costume - a symbol of the World Cup, in which she and her partner played during all the competitions.

In 1995, Lauren Graham (films and roles are presented in the article) moved to Hollywood. Career continued participation in several absolutely failed comedy series. However, she was noticed in the period over the next year, she began to increasingly appear on television, in various projects and shows. In particular, in the popular TV series "The Third Planet from the Sun" and "Law and Order." In 2000, she was invited to the Gilmore Girls project, which brought her great success.

In the movie, the actress starred not so much. As a rule, these were minor or episodic roles. However, the films in which she took part were hits: “Sweet November”, “Bad Santa”, “Bald Nurse: Special Task”, “Evan Almighty”.

Participation in the TV series "Gilmore Girls"

According to the creator of the series, Amy Sherman Palladino, a huge number of actresses have been revised for the role of Lorelai, but no suitable ones have been found. The contender had to combine charm, femininity and irony, to be sexy and bold, but not too young.At the audition there were a lot of women, but none of them were suitable. “When Lauren Graham appeared on the site, we realized that it was she and we should get her,” the producer says.

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The character is complex. Her eyes burn with aggression, she is fearless and puts on display the whole storm of emotions that capture her. A loud voice and active gestures - sometimes even colleagues on the set find it difficult to answer where Loren begins and ends with Lorelai.

Lauren Graham: personal life

The actress is the owner of an apartment in Los Angeles and at home in Manhattan. Since 2010, she has been in a relationship with a colleague on the set of the series “Parents” Peter Krause. He has a 15 year old son Roman. In recognition of Lauren Graham, children play an important role in life, and at the moment she is a happy owner of a unique family. The actress has no child. However, she speaks with warmth and tenderness of the novel, the children of her friends, for whom she is a close friend. With them, she can talk on an equal footing, and she likes it very much.

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