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Kerry Washington is the star of Quentin Tarantino's eccentric comedy "Django Unchained". For 40 years, the charming brunette had time to play in more than fifty films and TV shows. Journalists dubbed the actress "the girl from the street," because the first roles gave her fame. What else can you say about her?

Kerry Washington: Getting Started

The future star of the comedy “Django Unchained” was born in New York, a joyful event occurred in January 1977. Kerry Washington was born in a family that was not related to the world of cinema. The girl's father earned money on the stock exchange, and her mother taught at the university. Kerry spent her first years in the Bronx.

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Dreaming about the career of actress Kerry Washington began in her school years. However, after school, she enrolled at George Washington University, where she studied sociology and anthropology. Classes at the university girl combined with acting classes.Kerry received a diploma in 1998, but did not work in her specialty, since the cinema attracted her.

Movie debut

For the first time Kerry Washington appeared on the set back in 1994, however, the actress does not consider an episodic role in the series as her debut. In a big movie, she debuted only in 2000, when she was invited to the drama "Our Song". Surprisingly, Kerry immediately got the main role, she embodied the image of a 16-year-old schoolgirl with problems that are not typical for her age.

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The actress brilliantly coped with her role in “Our song”, so the next year saw the light of a new film with her participation. In the melodrama "For me, the last dance" Washington once again played a teenage girl. The main character is a young lady from the provinces who amuse herself with dreams of a ballet dancer's career. Her life changes the move to the Chicago ghetto, through which she meets with amazing dances.

Star role

Already in 2002, became the star of Kerry Washington. Filmography of a novice actress acquired the picture “Thief”, thanks to which she was recognized on the streets. The girl was entrusted with a difficult role, her heroine - a young criminal who is constantly in conflict with others. She works in a luxury store, from which she steals things.

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The young thief finally enters the curved path after meeting with the leader of the criminal gang. She hopes that authority will help her to steal an important thing for her, but the events unfold at all in the way she wants.

Famous Roles

It is difficult to list all the bright roles of Kerry Washington, whose photos can be seen in the article. In 2004, the biographical drama "Ray" with the participation of the actress. In this romantic tape, she embodied the image of the second wife of the famous musician. The focus of the audience was the life of a talented but unlucky Ray Charles, who fell into the abyss several times and got out of it.

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In 2005, the film “Fantastic Four” was released, in which Washington also starred, playing a supporting role. The plot of the picture is borrowed from the comics. The film tells about the adventures of a friendly team of astronauts, endowed with supernatural talents.

It should be noted and comedy drama "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," which also came out in 2005. The most attention was attracted to the leading actors - Jolie and Pitt. But the success of the picture is the merit of Kerry, who perfectly coped with the role of girlfriend and colleagues of the heroine Angelina.In 2006, a charming brunette embodied the image of the wife of the Ugandan dictator Amina in the drama The Last King of Scotland. Then came the roles in the films “Naughty Girls”, “Dead Girl”, “Welcome to Lakeview”, “Mother and Child”, “I think I love my wife”, “A Thousand Words”.

2012 was a good year for the actress when she flashed in the comedy “Django Unchained”, playing the main female role. Her heroine Brünnhilde is at the mercy of a cruel slaver and can only count on the help of her lover.

Shooting in serials

Kerry Washington - an actress who gladly removed in telenovelas. The most famous TV series "Scandal" with her participation, in this teleproject she played the charming Olivia Pope. You can also see it in the TV projects “Lawyers of Boston”, “Clairvoyant”, “Voice of the Planet”, “Defender”, “Law and Order”.

Personal life

Of course, fans of American cinema stars are also interested in whether the brilliant Kerry Washington is married? The biography of the actress shows that she broke up with her freedom in 2013. Her choice fell on the famous football player Nnamdi Asomug, who is four years her junior.Prior to this, Washington met with artist David Moscow, but the lovers broke up for unknown reasons.

Already in 2014, Kerry became the mother, gave birth to a daughter Isabel. This event made the actress temporarily forget about the filming of movies and TV shows, which upset her fans. Already at the end of 2016, Washington gave birth to a second child, therefore, the star will not be back soon. Now she is enjoying her motherhood, taking a break from the busy schedule of past years.

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