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Most TV viewers aged 25-30 and older will remember this series perfectly well about the amazingly beautiful life of overseas millionaires. Only two words - Santa Barbara - are perceived by representatives of different generations in a completely different way. In this article we will learn how the actors of "Santa Barbara" live now. For those who experienced with their characters, it will be interesting. For those who do not experience any emotions, having heard this name, they will understand why the name of one of America’s numerous states has become for millions of viewers not just a household name, but a symbol of an entire era.

Long story

For many years now we have been used to calling some things that are too long or “Santa Barbara”. Of course, while we do not mean a city in the state of California. But already developed the habit of this phrase, that it is used everywhere.

actors santa barbara

This is the longest-running soap opera of all that Russian viewers have had to see.In America, it was shown for nine and a half years, starting July 30, 1984. In total, this story has nine seasons, and the total number of episodes has exceeded two thousand: there are 2137.

First favorite

In Russia, it began to show in 1992, and all this lasted a decade. Over the years, one could see all the peripetia that took place in the Capwell, Perkins, Lockridge families and their ilk. Interest in the characters did not decrease. Domestic “soap” operas were practically not filmed at that time, so everything that happened in the evenings on the RTR channel interested everyone very much.

Today, this series pushed a little others, also quite good. But the interest in this, one of the most beloved, has not faded so far. Actors "Santa Barbara"- both their personal life and creativity - enjoy deserved sympathy. What happened to them, we learn from this article.

American TV plugin

Indeed, it was the actors of “Santa Barbara”, whose names the audience still remembers, played in the longest series, which is currently broadcast from Russia. Slightly push (but not for the Russians) this story can only the series “Guiding light” (this “soap” has been watched for 57 years)who was listed in the Guinness Book of Records for durability.

actors santa barbara then and now photo

So, the good old, well-known to all "Santa Barbara." The whole plot is famously twisted around four families belonging to completely different strata of society. The very rich and influential Capwells, their rivals (regular, but equally successful) Lockridge, Hispanic Andrade, and Perkins employees. These are the main acting characters. In the background are Castillo, DiNapoli, Blakey and hundreds of other heroes, without whom this tape would be completely different.

Some people replace others ... Will the viewer get used to it?

Since the shooting process was very long, some actors were replaced by others. Was it better or worse for the show? Everyone can answer himself, as he believes. For example, CC Capwell was played by six actors. The fifth, unlike the others, was blond, but something apparently went wrong. I had to change it to a burning brunette. And so that the viewer could disaccustom himself from the previous one, the writers came up with a move: the head of the family falls into a coma and lies bandaged for the whole season. When he recovered and removed the bandages, the audience saw, of course, that the face was completely different.But what to do? If he was recognized by his wife and children, then everything is in order.

Let's see how the actors of “Santa Barbara” live 30 years later, what they do, whether they continue their careers.

Capwell Family: Head of Clan

Determining who is the main character in the series is very difficult, because several families are united in one action. But whatever happens in their lives, no matter how they get out of difficult situations, anyway, all the roads led to Rome, that is, to the Capwell family. The actors of “Santa Barbara” were chosen rather carefully, because it was necessary to show the viewers how to unite families, and their disputes and differences on many issues.

 actors santa barbara photos

At the head of all relatives was CC. Despite the fact that the actors were changing, the last thing I remember most was Jed Allan. This year he will be 80 years old. He went to the set longer than other artists. After this work, Allan could be seen in other large-scale projects, the last of which was the series “The Gulf” (2010). A few years ago, the actor's husband died with whom they raised three sons. Jed lives in Pals Desert. Of course, he no longer looks as good as three decades ago, but his view has remained as young and optimistic.

The Capwell Family: Beauty Sofia

The actors of "Santa Barbara" then and now (photos can still be seen on the pages of glossy publications), of course, differ in appearance. But they are quite recognizable and still loved by the audience.

One of the main female roles was played by Judith McConnell - a beauty that American viewers know from several dozens of TV shows. She played CC's second wife - Sophia (mother of Kelly, Eden and Ted and Mason's stepmother) - a strong and wise woman. On the set, she went throughout the work on the series.

actors santa barbara roles

Now she, who had been imitated by many Soviet women in her time, is already over seventy, but her career continues. All her life she starred in soap operas and there was no time left for her personal life. She never married, but while working on the series, the surrogate mother gave birth to her daughter Gwendoline.

Sweet couple: Eden and Cruz

A beautiful couple admired all the fans of the series. These "Santa Barbara" actors, the roleswhich - with text and movements - were remembered instantly, remained on the screens from the first to the last series.

Eden is the eldest daughter of CC, clever and beautiful. She was and remained the favorite of millions, and her white-toothed playful smile could not leave anyone indifferent.Mercy Walker still starred after the end of this television project, but 12 years ago announced the end of an acting career.

Today, it is plump and not very similar to that beautiful woman in the age of "over fifty." She is a pastor in the Christian church of a small provincial town.

actors santa barbara names

According to the script, Eden is in love with a simple policeman - Mexican Cruise Castillo, who also loves her more than life. He is a very correct guy, constantly commits for the sake of Eden. No matter how strange it may seem (wealthy people usually marry with their own kind), but they got married.

The role of Cruise brought actor Eu Martinez worldwide fame and relevance in the film industry. Ladies from 16 and above were ablaze with passionate feelings. After the end of filming, he constantly starred in movies. But in America, he is known not only as an actor, but also as a singer of rock songs. The Martinez family lives in Malibu. His wife Leslie Bryans does not belong to the actor's environment. She deals with their common children - three wonderful guys. Hey is pleased with how his fate was, because she gave him a wonderful family and good work.

Russians favorite

The eldest son of CC has always, since his youth, competed and competed with his father. In addition, he had problems with alcohol. But of all the offspring of a millionaire, he fell in love with the Russian public the most. He was the most witty, subtle, thoughtful, ironic. And what beautiful eyes he had when he was in sorrow! Then it seemed that only he had a soul in this series.

This hero was played by Lane Davis. To the deep chagrin of the viewers, he did not manage to hold out for all nine seasons, in 1989 he was replaced by Terry Lester. But even then Lane remained the favorite of Russians.

actors santa barbara 30 years later

It is rumored that the on-screen marriage with lawyer Julia Wainwright was not concluded according to the script, but at the request of viewers.

Yes, not all the actors of Santa Barbara, whose photos were once filled with pages of glossy publications, continued their careers. But this has nothing to do with Davis. He still starred in films, releases albums with songs that he performs. He respects the work of Shakespeare, and therefore directs performances in the theaters he founded. He is engaged in social activities.

Of all the actors in the series, he is the only one who has come to Russia several times.

By the way, little Mason was played by Leo di Caprio. He is the most successful of all the artists of this telesaga.

Family of Lidridzhey: almighty Lionel

The actors of "Santa Barbara" then and now (their photo and now appears on the pages of glossy magazines) are popular with viewers who are interested in what happened to them for so many years. In this article, you can find the answer to this question.

For several seasons, the head of the Capwell family waged an endless struggle with the head of the Lockridge family, Lionel. They fought for everything possible - land, enterprises, business primacy ... Lionel Lokridge embodied Nicholas Koster. Even before this work, he was known for many "soap" operas. By the beginning of the shooting in his creative portfolio was about a couple of dozen works in the series known at that time. In 1988, the actor leaves the project, but after a year he returns with new forces to continue shooting.

Santa Barbara actors photos and names

The actors of Santa Barbara have changed during this time, no doubt about that. But life goes on, and each of them has something new, which is interesting to learn the viewers. Nicholas's first wife was an American, Candace Hilligoss, who bore him two children. But the couple divorced. His second wife was a Muscovite Elena Borodulina, younger than Koster by 43 years.In this marriage, also born a child. Now they live on a yacht and enjoy each other's company.

That's how the actors of “Santa Barbara” live now, photos and nameswhich are still in the attention of millions of viewers. These are all of them who have played the most beloved characters in this television show. There are many other actors who were not mentioned here (Robin Wright, Todd McKee, Robin Mattson and others), but we'll talk about that next time.

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