Actor Alexei Krylov: biography, filmography, personal life and interesting facts

The young talented actor Alexei Krylov is loved and recognized by the audience. Bright appearance, charisma and natural charm of a young man attract attention, but, undoubtedly, the talent and ability to work are the main founders of the success of the young actor. A new star appeared on the horizon.

Alexey Krylov

Short biography of the actor

Alexey Krylov was born on November 11, 1989 in the Crimea, in the city of Alushta. The resort city of Alushta on the southern coast of the Crimea with an abundance of sun, fresh sea air, picturesque mountains and the warm Black Sea was the perfect place where Alexey Krylov’s biography began. He grew up a beautiful cheerful kid who from a young age knew that he would choose the profession of actor. Tall, romantic appearance, talent of reincarnation - the young man was doomed to success.

Years of study

After graduation he decides to enter the Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Theater, Film and Television, which he graduates in 2006. Alexey gets an actor diploma. But, not wanting to stop there, Aleksey Krylov entered in 2010 at the directing department, the master of which was B. Savchenko. In 2014, he graduated.

Alexey Krylov biography

Work in the theater

From 2011 to 2015, Krylov was an actor at the Kiev Drama Theater. The actor perfectly showed himself as a master of reincarnation, the reincarnation of both external and internal. The roles in the performances played during this period by the young actor perfectly conveyed not only the external resemblance to the characters, but also revealed their inner world in an amazing way. On stage, Alexey was able to convey the experiences of his characters, to reveal their spiritual essence.

actor Alexei Krylov biography filmography

Work in the cinema

Alexei first appeared on the screen in the TV series “The Return of Mukhtar-4” in a small role of Andrei in 2007. Let's list all the films with Alexey Krylov.

2008 and 2009 are marked by a cameo in the series “Thank you all-3 for everything” and in the movie “The Farewell Scam” made in France.2009 returned Alexei to the series “The Return of Mukhtar-5”, where he played three different people in several series. This was followed by the role of Denis in the continuation of the series “The Return of Mukhtar-6”. It was also seen in the famous TV series "Matchmakers-3", where he played a small role as a waiter.

2010 - work in the film in the episodic role of the drug addict “Brother for Brother” (co-production Russia-Ukraine), in the TV series “Faith, Hope, Love” worked on a supporting role. In the film "By Law" starred in the role of Makar Chernykh. The role of Oleg, a young handsome student, was remembered by the audience in the film “Neighbors”.

In 2012, working in the TV series “The Return of Mukhtar-8”. Here he again starred in three series, playing three completely dissimilar characters.

The viewer was able to see Alexei from a completely unexpected side, in the role of a cruel skinhead nicknamed "Walter" in the feature film "Gunpowder and Shot." In this tape, Alexey was especially convincing and, despite the negative image of the character, he was remembered by the viewer.

2014 - work in the beloved TV series “The Return of Mukhtar-9” as a charming Sokolovsky. Also during this period he worked on the project “Everything will be back,” where he acted as a second plan, playing an athlete.

Perfectly proved himself in the role of Dan in the film “Angel's Case”, which, unfortunately, was not completed.

He also starred in the film "Personal Affair" in the role of Pavel Chernov. In the same period, he was involved in a supporting role - the administrator of a nightclub in the famous TV series “Major”. In the same 2014, he starred in a joint project of Russia and Ukraine “Dreams” in the role of Pavel.

2015 worked on the film “The Lot of Fate”, where the audience remembers in the role of Alexei, the groom of Dasha. This image he brought to life naturally and easily, as if the role was written specifically for him.

In the series “Department 44”, Alexey appeared in two series, having played various characters, here he will appear before the viewer in a completely unusual manner. This case shows his ability to transform, reveals him as an actor, we have the opportunity to see his play in the roles of a different plan.

In the same 2015, he worked on the “Prosecutors” project, where he played the role of a resilient Sasha.

2016 was remembered in such projects as “On the Line of Life” as the sentimental Tyoma, and in the “Bad Good Cop” as Oleg. He also inherited the role of Toli Koltsov’s intern in the series “Central Hospital”.

2017 was marked by the ongoing work on the project “Laboratory of Love” in the role of charismatic Egor. The series is devoted to the eternal topic of finding the formula of happiness and love.

The filmography of Alexei Krylov is only gaining momentum, the viewer, I think, will agree that Alexey will please with many, many more roles. His leading roles are still ahead and, undoubtedly, he can still surprise us. A person with such a beautiful and kind face simply cannot be bad. I want to look and look at him endlessly. At first glance, it stands out from the crowd.

Alexey Krylov Filmography

Personal life of the actor and his young family

About the personal life of Alexei Krylov little is known. He is married, in 2017 for the first time became a father. Little charming Dasha was born on the eve of Children's Day. In his photoblog, Alexey shared this happy news: it is known that he was present at the birth of the baby. I would like to wish happiness, health and strong love to a young beautiful family.

The future of young talent

Currently, Alexey continues to work productively in a number of new projects, one of which is the feature film “Beyond the Arctic Circle”.In this film, the actor plays a major role, the film is timed to the 100th anniversary of the city of Murmansk. We look forward to the release of this film, which will see our hero.

I would like to mention one of the recent roles of Alexei in the series “Central Hospital”, where he plays the role of a young doctor. The series tells about the life of doctors, about life in extreme situations and, of course, about love, about feelings, about life itself in its various manifestations.

Today, Alexei Krylov is a young, beautiful actor who has managed to prove himself as a creatively gifted person with great potential, who can work both independently and in a team, able to touch the strings of the human soul. Alexey has excellent acting skills and stage charm.

Alexey Krylov movies

Interesting facts from life

A talented person is talented in everything. This expression can be attributed to the characteristic of Alexei Krylov.

He tried himself as a model: the tall blond looked magnificent on the catwalk in retrospect of the show of the collection of Mikhail Voronin's costumes.

He recently debuted new roles for himself as a screenwriter, director and cameraman in the short film “Steptka.”

One of the most favorite activities in the life of Alexei - travel. A young man travels a lot, which is interesting to tell about on his channel. Alexey is a very open and rather extraordinary person.

Alexey Krylov private life

Prizes and awards

The films of Alexei Krylov were repeatedly awarded prizes and awards. In 2012, he successfully made his debut as a screenwriter, cameraman and director. They shot the short film “Step” based on the eponymous story by Vasily Shukshin. The film tells the story of a young guy who, after three years of imprisonment, escapes from prison. The film turned out to be interesting and was awarded the prize of the Youth Film Festival, held in the city of Koktebel, in the nomination "The Best Fiction Film". Particularly interesting in this picture is the musical accompaniment, which gives a powerful charge from the very beginning of the film and helps the viewer to feel the whole drama of the storyline. The young director Alexei Krylov has resorted to such an unexpected and impressive combination as the folk musical instrument balalaika and a foreign world hit.

By the significant achievements of Alexei include the short film "Red Horse", which received third place at the Konotop Film Festival.

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Biography and filmography of the actor Alexei Krylov is rapidly gaining new momentum. The actor, of course, will soon delight the viewer with new works. I want to believe that the main and interesting roles are still ahead. Despite his age, Alexei managed to earn the love and sympathy of the audience, was able to stand out among young and ambitious actors with the ability and talent to be so diverse and interesting. Regardless of the importance of his character, Alexey was always able to keenly feel the character of the latter. He is handsome, handsome and talented, the fusion of these qualities makes him a special and distinctive young man in the world of cinema. He is perfectly able to remain himself, but at the same time play a completely different person, sometimes with a completely opposite character. Alexey is able to create a meaningful and interesting image that is not similar to others.

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