Acoustics Yamaha NS 777: characteristics, photos and reviews

Quality is very influenced by the sound. Without good speakers nothing to think about high-quality sound. The trouble is that high-quality speakers are very expensive, and with the budget option to achieve the sane effect is almost impossible. However, there are transitional options that are not so expensive and have excellent characteristics. A prominent representative of such devices is the Yamaha NS 777 speaker system. It has an adequate price and high-quality sound. Consider this speaker in more detail.

About company

The Japanese company Yamaha was founded in 1897. She was engaged in the production of organs. Over time, the company has mastered the production of guitars, acoustic systems, various peripherals for them and sporting goods. A diversified and ancient company is well known outside of Japan. Yamaha products are famous for their quality and acoustic properties (when it comes to speakers and guitars).

yamaha ns 777

Many professional musicians love to use Yamaha guitars and synthesizers. Also, the manufacturer is famous for reasonable prices for its products.For example, Fender and Gibson guitars are much more expensive. Although not much different from the products of Yamaha. Musical instruments from this manufacturer are characterized by exceptional reliability. The same applies to loudspeakers, amplifiers and other equipment.


Yamaha is well known in the music world. Its synthesizers, speakers, headphones, guitars and the rest of the equipment are of high quality and reliability. Many professional musicians choose these products. Therefore, interest in the columns Yamaha NS 777 is quite understandable. This is almost the first acoustics of the company, which is sold at an adequate price.

acoustics yamaha ns 777Speakers are positioned as a budget option for lovers of high-quality sound. They can even satisfy some "audiophiles". However, this requires that all system components have the appropriate level. Amplifier, cables, sound card or CD player - everything must match the level of the speakers. Only then will their full potential be revealed.


Yamaha NS 777 belongs to the category of floor speakers. The acoustics consist of three bands and four speakers: two subwoofers, one MF and one HF.Many say that the "correct" speaker should be single-sided, but it is not. The acoustics case is made of MDF panels and coated with varnish. This varnish often becomes the “apple of discord,” but we'll talk about this a little later. The working range of the speakers is 30000 Hz - 35000 Hz. Power speaker system - 100 watts. The diameter of the woofer - 200 mm, MF - 130 mm, HF - 25 mm. The total acoustics output power is 250 watts, and the sensitivity is 89 dB with a constant resistance of 6 ohms. These figures will not tell anything to the unprepared buyer. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of acoustics before buying.

yamaha ns 777 reviews

The size of the columns, some of the owners attributed to the minus. They are really huge. And they weigh a lot - almost 25 kilograms. For such a system requires a spacious room. In a small room there will simply be no place to put them. Height - 1100 mm, width - 276 mm, depth - 390 mm. Such dimensions are typical for a good speaker system. A Yamaha NS 777 refers to the Hi-Fi-class. And has the appropriate size.

Speaker Placement

To obtain high-quality sound, using the speakers Yamaha NS 777, you need to know some rules for the placement of the system.They in no case should not be placed close to the wall. The gap between the rear part of the column housing and the wall should be at least a meter. Without this, getting a clear picture in the sound will not work. You also can not arrange the acoustics in the corners. This adversely affects the overall sound configuration. Since the speakers are quite powerful, if they are placed incorrectly, they are able to smash all glass and porcelain knick-knacks.

yamaha speakers ns 777

You can not also install this acoustics on special shelves, nailed to the walls. Yamaha NS 777 - floor speaker. And she should stay that way. Yes, and the shelves should be surprisingly strong, given the weight of the speakers. If you put the speaker system on the shelves, then you risk losing the lion's share of the bass. And this is the most important component of sound. Without it, it is very difficult to catch a full picture. However, if you live in a block of flats, the neighbors are unlikely to be happy with this arrangement of speakers. From unrealistically powerful bass at high volume, they can easily fall off and a chandelier, and plaster. With this you need to be careful.

Interaction with other components

Since the acoustics of the Yamaha NS 777 is passive (without a built-in amplifier), it needs a high-quality receiver.It should be immediately noted that the Soviet technology (although it is good) like the "Vega" or "Mayak" will by no means work. In addition to problems with the connection, there will be a number of difficulties. It is better to splurge on something sane, such as Sony TA-FB940R, Marantz PVR7200 or Yamaha RX v 663. These amplifiers are fully capable of unlocking the full potential of these speakers.

speaker system yamaha ns 777

But not only receivers are important as speaker components. The Yamaha NS 777 acoustics also requires very high-quality wires. Without this, to achieve a decent sound will not work. Complete wires are better to throw away. No sense from them anyway. You need to purchase something like Inakustik Referenz LS-502. It would also be good to buy a quality interconnect. DH Labs Silver Sonic BL-1 Interconnect RCA is just right. With these components acoustics will play so that you never dreamed of!

Use with computer

PCs and laptops have already become so firmly established in our life that it is impossible to imagine what would have happened if they were not there. Many people prefer to listen to music using a PC. An amplifier for the Yamaha NS 777 is also needed in this case, but the whole point here is in the sound card. With a standard card it is impossible to achieve a sane sound. No matter how cool the speakers are. Here you need an "advanced" sound matrix. You can even use a USB card.Suitable model Asus Xonar STX. Only need to use it in ASIO mode.

What to listen

Now about the audio files themselves. Listening to these MP3s with these speakers is unacceptable. Almost all frequencies in these files are mercilessly cut off. It is better to use FLAC, APE or WavPack. They provide a full range of frequencies and imputed quality. And Yamaha NS 777 Black will help reveal the beauty of the uncompressed audio file format. "Weigh" these songs, of course, a lot, but the quality is worth it.

yamaha ns 777 review

But the best option would be to use a good CD player. However, you only need to listen to high-quality, branded discs. "Samopaly" is not pleased with the sound. You can also use the home theater system as a sound source. It is able to provide proper quality playback. If you need a "warm tube" sound, then the best option would be to use a good record player. "Vinyl" just can provide "lampovost." The figure does not know how.


The list of positive qualities of this speaker system is extensive. Speakers have great sound. The sound is very detailed. The amount of bass is just what you need.This is especially noticeable when listening to classical music, hard rock and in general, any instrumental music. All instruments sound detailed. This is the main merit of Yamaha engineers. They were able to create high-quality and inexpensive speakers for home use.

yamaha ns 777 black

High and medium frequencies are traced perfectly. However, in order to hear all this you need to have in place a good amplifier and high-quality cables. Do not forget about the rules for the placement of speakers of this class. A bonus to these speakers is a chic appearance. Designers Yamaha just knowingly eat their own bread. Acoustics looks strict and dignified. It is perfect for any interior. Do not forget about the most important advantage - the price.


At this price, look for the minuses in the columns - bad form. But some without it can not. With all its advantages, the Yamaha NS 777, a review of which we initiated in this article, have disadvantages that may well annoy the so-called "audiophiles" and snobs. First, when the amplifier power is insufficient, the tweeters (tweeters) may burn out.But this disadvantage occurs only when the owner’s literacy is insufficient. If a person knows that the speakers must be equipped with a suitable power receiver, then this problem simply can not be.

Secondly, the notorious "piano lacquer" tends to collect fingerprints, dust and all the rest of the dirt. When you try to wipe it - it is mercilessly scratched. At the slightest blow from the varnished panel break off whole pieces. This is problem. But with careful operation of the Yamaha NS 777 5.0, you can maintain a decent appearance of the speaker system. This flaw is not a priority. The main thing that sounds good speakers.


We turn to the most interesting part of the review of the Yamaha NS 777. Reviews - this is very important. On their basis, we can conclude about the quality of a product. Reviews of this speaker system do not allow to fully make any specific conclusion. Many of the owners describe their personal subjective feelings. How many people - so many opinions. But positive feedback prevails. Many people note the wonderful sound, gorgeous appearance and good volume margin.

Negative reviews are lost in the mass of positive,but their essence comes down to the burnt-down "high-frequency" (by its own stupidity), poor-quality lacquer coating and huge loudspeakers AC. In general, these complaints do not deserve attention. All this stuff. Especially against the backdrop of such a price. It is noteworthy that even in negative reviews high quality sound is noted.


The Yamaha NS 777 speaker system is an excellent alternative for terribly expensive Hi-Fi systems. It has high-quality sound, excellent appearance and excellent technical characteristics. The speakers are great for use at home for both listening to music and watching movies. In all situations, acoustics produce crystal clear sound with the necessary frequencies.

There are some questions about the quality of the lacquer coating of the case, but this drawback is insignificant. Especially with the money that is asked for these columns. Yes, and purchase products of this brand - good luck. Picky users can search for the imperfections of this speaker system for as long as they want, but it’s worth the money. An excellent choice for those who appreciate high-quality sound at the lowest cost. Do not just forget about the other components of the audio system.

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