A new service - "Black List Megafon"

Now Megafon subscribers canUse the newest useful service "Black List Megaphone". This feature will help you once and for all to protect your personal time and nerves from unwanted calls. It is enough just to put in the "Megafon Black List" a number that corresponds to the phone of the "ill-wishers" or an annoying lover to communicate. So you can relieve yourself of unnecessary anxiety.

black list megaphone

It is possible to make all kinds of "Black List Megafon"numbers: both mobile and city, and long-distance, international. The list can contain 300 different items. If the one who was included in the "Black List Megafon" tries to get in touch with the subscriber, he will only receive an audio message from the autoinformer, which will inform him about the "erroneous call".

To activate the service, dial* 130 #or simply send an empty message to the number5130. The service is provided free of charge. However, in order to obtain the "Black list on Megaphone" without hindrance, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of 30 rubles. But it's worth it: this insignificant amount will save you from unnecessary headaches.

The "Megafon Black List" service is a unique opportunity to create a list of unwanted phone numbers, the number of which is limited to 300. A blocked person can no longer call you.

black list on megaphone

Methods of activation of the service

All the processes associated with the "Black List" (creation, review and editing), occur via SMS or using USSD-requests.

Connect the service by typing a simple command*130 # or by sending an empty message to the number 5130 (the connection is free). Confirm the service by resending the SMS command or selecting the "Continue" action that appears in the USSD session menu window.

By connecting this service "Black list", youyou will be able to expand this function - you can delete, add, view the numbers listed. Disabling it occurs only after you delete the last subscriber from this list. Next, you receive an SMS message informing you that you have disabled this service.

service black list megaphone

How to add and delete numbers

Add / delete numbers you can by using the USSD-command or by sending a free SMS to a short number5130.

Enter in the field for recording can be no more than 11-15 digits.


As stated earlier, the use of the service is notthere is a one-time fee. The operations for creating, deleting, viewing the black list in the provided new service are absolutely free. The subscription fee in each month is 30 rubles.

Every day, its cheating occurs evenly.

By the way, during the use of the service "Zeroproblems "can not be counted on the" Black list "function. With zero or negative balance, subscribers on your black list will be free to make calls to your phone. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you follow the events associated with the accounts on your phone and make a subscription fee in time to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings.

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