A. Green, "Scarlet Sails". Summary of the story

An eye for an eye

If you believe in a miracle, it will happen. This is what Alexander Green wrote his famous work "Scarlet Sails". The summary of this extravaganza is the following: in the small provincial town of Kaperna there lived a middle-aged sailor Longren. He had a daughter named Assol. This little family in the town was not much complained, because they considered Longren guilty of the deathscarlet sailsthe innkeeper Menners. In part, the people were right, because the sailor could have saved Menners, but he just calmly watched him carry him to the sea. But he did not save the innkeeper due to the fact that he, in turn, did not help once to Longren’s wife: he refused to borrow her some money because the woman rejected his harassment. In addition, she had just given birth to a child, and because of the difficult birth, all the money was spent on treatment. As a result, the woman was forced into bad weather to go to the city and lay her own ring. After this campaign, she contracted pneumonia and died.Because of this, Longren could not go to the sea anymore, because he had to take care of little Assol. In order to somehow feed himself, he began to make toys for sale.

story scarlet sailsMeeting with the storyteller Egle

When Assol grew older, she began to help her father — she carried the toys he had made to the city and sold them there. Once among the many wonderful trinkets she saw a delightful wooden boat, on a tiny mast of which silk scarlet sails were stretched. Summary does not allow to describe in detail all the feelings that the girl experienced when she let this boat along the stream. Having run after him, she met a strange stranger named Egl, who told her that one day on the exact same ship a fine prince would sail and take her with her. Assol believed in this fairy tale so much that she began to run every day to the seashore and look out if scarlet sails appeared on the horizon. The story of how the villagers year after year, laughed at her and felt crazy, allows you to see the strength and strong-willed character of the girl. She was indifferent to the opinion of the crowd, because she firmly believed that the prince will sail for her.

scarlet sails storyGray is subdued

Once Assol was walking in the forest, and she was overwhelmed by a dream. She fell so fast that she didn’t even feel like someone put a ring on her finger. If she opened her eyes, she would see the beautiful Prince Arthur Gray, who happened to be in the same forest and came across a sleeping girl. Her beauty conquered the young man, and he decided to marry her. But he did not dare wake her, but decided to find out who she was. Therefore, he put her family ring on her finger, and he went to the town. He wandered into the tavern, the owner of which was the son of the deceased Menners - Hing. He told Gray that Assol was a crazy girl, that her father was guilty of the death of Menners Sr., and that she wasscarlet sails storytime looks out on the sea red sails. Summary allows you to describe only the general essence of the work, so we immediately say that Gray did not believe the innkeeper and decided to fulfill the dream of the beautiful Assol. In one of the local shops, he bought several rolls of the best scarlet silk, with which he decorated his ship with sails.

Dreams come true if you believe in them very strongly

Assol was very surprised when she woke up and found a ring on her finger.She realized that the prince she had been waiting for had finally found her, so when she saw the approaching scarlet sails on the horizon (the summary is not able to present a complete picture of the events taking place), she took it for granted. Girlscarlet sails storyI ran to the shore, where the surprised people had already crowded. People could not believe that this “holy fool” nevertheless waited for her prince, and they parted in front of her, silently freeing the way to the shore. When the ship sailed close enough, a boat sailed from it, in which Prince Arthur Gray stood. A few minutes later Assol was already sailing away with him to the long-awaited ship. The story "Scarlet Sails" has gained great popularity, and now even modern girls believe that they will meet their prince once.

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