A few tips on how to braid your hair

Plain braid

This hairstyle is preferred by owners of long hair, teenagers, as well as parents of young restless ones. If you braid a strong braid, she will not be tattered until the end of the day, even if her hostess will constantly rush around the apartment, tumble over her head, change clothes several times and even have time to sleep. It is this fact that is the main reason for the choice of parents in a situation where you need to think how beautifully to braid the hair of your little princess. As for the more mature ladies, they wear a braid mainly not for beauty, but for convenience, so that long hair is not confused and not interfered. But no one would argue with the fact that a well-groomed long braid looks pretty good. And weave it very easy. Hair should be combed, divided into 3 parts of approximately the same thickness and alternately toss them: left to right, and right to left, changing places from middle. In this case, you should not overly tighten the hair to avoid headaches pain.The end of the braid is fixed with a barrette or rubber band. At first, braid hair beautifully can not work - in the absence of skills strands can be confused and beaten out. But with time and experience such a hairstyle will go out in a matter of minutes.

how beautifully braid hairFrench braid

Having mastered the usual braid and thinking about how to beautifully braid your hair differently, you can consider this option. The French braid is a little more complicated than usual, but it looks more elegant and more voluminous. To begin with, you should work with a comb, so that there is not a single knot. Then separate the upper part of the hair from one temple to the second and begin to weave. After 2-3 interlacings, a little hair is added to each of the strands in turn on the left and right, continuing to form a braid and making sure that the hairstyle is neat. After the last strand is added, the braid can be fixed or the weave can be continued with the usual one.

beautifully braid hairShort cut hair

Of course, if the length of the hair barely exceeds a couple of centimeters, there can be no talk of any braids. But if they allow you to make at least 3-4 weaves, you can already beautifully braid your hair, securing them with hairpins or using overhead strands and hairpieces. Ribbons and other decorative elements are woven into short hair - it turns out to be rather unusual and elegant.In this case, Afrokos, modeled with decorative ribbons, or a French braid, braided to the back of the head and secured with a barrette, will look great. There is a large selection of overhead designs of natural and artificial hair, which, if properly chosen, looks like an extension of its own.braid beautiful hairBefore you beautifully braid hair with the use of overhead elements at home, should be trained. If they are shorter, it makes sense to contact the master at least for advice. When there is a beautiful braid in stock, perfectly matched in color, everything is much simpler. There is no need to think about how to braid your hair beautifully. They should simply be combed on the top of the head and secured with gel or varnish, and the scythe itself should be rolled up with a “snail”, fastening with pins. To top it off, you can use a beautiful hair clip or a flower by placing a decorative element in the center or on the side.

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