8800 Nokia Arte: a well-forgotten old

The history of creation of the creation of Finnish companies under thethe 8800 Nokia Arte name is quite interesting. In this article we will talk about the appearance of the device, about what tasks the engineers set for themselves in developing the device. In the end, we will write the main technical characteristics of this mobile phone. But about everything in order.

Nokia 8800 Arte: the original or the trick?

8800 nokia arte

History has a property after a whilerepeat. Globally, you can specify more than a dozen situations that have not yet been confirmed in these words, but the case of the 8800 perfectly demonstrates that this thesis has a right to exist and use. The thing is that the 8800 Nokia Arte project, developed by employees of the Finnish company, was copied from the sample 8810. Even at the first comparative look at these two models, certain similarities of the devices become apparent. In general, when creating the product "8800 Nokia Arte" developers and engineers laid the basic principles in a kind of foundation of the phone.

What did the model inherit?

nokia 8800 sapphire arte

This mobile phone from the very beginningwas positioned by developers as a direct descendant of the device under the name 8810. It is interesting that they did not hide this at all. On the contrary, they even stressed it. Nevertheless, there were some differences between these two devices, which, however, is obvious. Otherwise, there would be no point in this, would it? Thus, the designers announced their decision to create a device with a body made of metal, and the form factor of the model to represent the slider. For the premium segment of that time, this form factor was the most profitable among all the others. On the other hand, we can talk about the differences between models indirectly, emphasizing not a complete originality, namely the application of the modernization principle, adjusted for modern trends.

Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte: device promotion on the market

nokia 8800 carbon arte

I would like to listen to the opinion of usersOn the question of what became the main topic during the advancement of the apparatus. The majority decided long ago to throw out the slogan "The Sixth Sense" from their memory, to write it off as irrelevant. Note that the presentation of the model took place in the capital of the Russian Federation, Moscow. Then the gallery of Harry Tatintsyan became the venue, and it was decided in advance to divide it into six specific territorial zones, which later were called zones of feelings.

What did it look like?

nokia 8800 arte original

At first glance, this approach may seemstrange and even, however it may seem rude, crazy. But this remains only the first impression of a man who simply did not understand the intricacies and connections of the phone as a whole and its presentation. More specifically, in one of the zones of the room music was playing, in the second guests could taste drinks. Accordingly, according to this principle, the list of six items continued. But in the sixth zone we were waiting for the device, which got the name 8800 Nokia Arte.

Work of engineers

Yes, this move before the presentation allowed the FinnishThe company to increase its credibility in the public eye. And what did the developers themselves do before the event was organized and the phone appeared in front of the public in all its glory? Especially in order to present the device in a favorable light for both the buyer and the firm, the engineers have worked hard to create a truly unique set of custom tunes.

Technical characteristics of mobile phone

Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte works in the ranges900, 1800 and 1900 of the GSM standard. The official release date for the phone is the second quarter of 2005. As a platform installed "Series 40" version 2.0. If we talk about the dimensions of the device, they are 107 in length, 45 in width and 16.5 in height. At the same time the weight of the phone is equal to 137 grams. As a source of autonomous work, a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of six hundred milliamperes per hour is built in. Thanks to this charge, the device can work in standby mode up to 192 hours.

Features of appearance

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte is presented in the form factorslider, as discussed earlier. The screen has a special coating that protects it from scratches. In the manufacture of the body, metal (this is the so-called stainless steel) was predominantly used. If we talk about the color representation, then available steel (also called silver), as well as black. An antenna is built into the case.

Display and Performance

Modern smartphones in their majorityIssued with an IPS standard matrix. But in the case of a phone like the 8800, something more than TFT is not even waiting. To store user data, the owner of the device is given a little less than fifty megabytes. The transmission of packet data is carried out at the expense of the WAP version 2.0. The resolution of the built-in camera is 0.5 megapixels, digital zoom enlarges the subject up to eight times. As we see, the characteristics will please the average user, but fans of something more powerful and qualitative will have to turn their eyes to other models.

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