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34 keys to analyze situations

Keys to analyze the situation

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Keys that will be useful to you when analyzing situations that occur to you in life.

1. The external is similar to the internal.

2. Like attracts like.

3. Begin to pay attention to what is happening around and within you.

4. If you notice something around and this causes certain thoughts and emotions in you, therefore, it is present in you; you must learn a lesson from this situation.

5. If you do not like something in others, therefore, it is present in you.

6. If we avoid something, then there is pain or fear behind it.

7. When doing something, be present at what you are doing.

8. Once in a situation, be present with what is happening. If you want to run away, see how you do it.

9. Having done the deed, do not blame yourself, but analyze everything that happened before, during and after, including your thoughts, feelings and forebodings, and take a lesson from the situation.

10. Situations are generated or attracted by your thoughts and blocks.

eleven.Our blocks are what we need to know and understand about this world.

12. If you find yourself in the same situation or are constantly sick, therefore, you pass a lesson. What should you understand from this situation?

13. You are the cause of what happens to you.

14. Do not try to change the world or the people around you, change yourself first. When you change yourself, the people around you will change, the world will change.

15. If you tell yourself and others that you have already changed, therefore, you have not changed at all, this is a mask.

16. If you tell yourself and those around you that everything is alright in some area of ​​life, therefore there is a complete mess. It says mask. This is where you have to look closely at yourself.

17. Do not consider the advice and assistance offered to you as a hint of your shortcomings and inability to solve the problem yourself / yourself.

18. When you do not have something that you want to have, therefore, you either do not want or do not intend to really have it. To get something definite, describe clearly what you want. Learn to cut a crystal of thought.

19. Never think about what people can give you or what you want from them.In doing so, you lose your attractiveness.

20. Forget about striving to be strong. The real power lies in love and attention to yourself and the environment.

21. A man becomes free and able to act when a woman, loving him, refuses to possess him.

22. Think about what you want, not what you don't want.

23. Prosperity does not come from the fact that you do not like to live in lack.

24. Your attention is the channel through which energy flows to feed thought. Thought is followed by creative energy.

25. Negative emotions do not bring what you want, they bring only what you do not want.

26. Dreams and fantasies show you your potential.

27. Imagination transcends limitations and unleashes your potential.

28. If you repeat yourself all the time, why you cannot have the subject of your dreams, you will never get it. Start telling yourself why you can have what you want.

29. Consider money and material objects not from the point of view of satisfying your own needs, but as a tool for self-knowledge, more complete self-expression and the realization of your potential.

thirty.Focus on what you want to have, not on getting rid of what you don't want. Many do not know what exactly they want, but they know exactly what they do not want.

31. If you cannot believe in the possibility of anything, you will never have it.

32. Possession of well-being is not as important as mastering the process of its creation.

33. Learning to create well-being in your life is a process of your growth.


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