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Assist Alexander Bukharov on Roman Shirokov allowed the attacker from St. Petersburg to take first place in the number of assists. will remind you that in one of the central matches of the 5th round of the Russian Premier League, Zenit from St..


Fireplace We want to buy a fireplace as a décor in our apartment. Tell me how to choose it and where you can see in Belarus? And is it worth it to take? There are 4 answers workout Answered on June 22 20:03 Fireplace..

Dota 2

Dota 2 There are 2 answers Carol scott Answered on April 12, 12:29 Earnings from 20 000 rubles a day! - Do you need a ready, already customized method of earnings? - Without difficult courses that you can not figure out. - Without routine..


Motoblock Help me choose a walk-behind tractor. I buy this technique for the first time, I want to serve for a long time and reliably. I buy for giving in Moscow There are 6 answers sever Answered on December 28, 2017 15:44 There were..


Breaking As I recently traveled along the highway not far from Moscow, around neither houses nor civilization are solid fields and everything. So there was such a situation, in this wasteland I punched a tire. Before the tire was very far, good that a..


Cleaning Recently moved to a new apartment in Moscow and made repairs. After him, such a mess in the apartment, a pile of garbage, dust from drilling everywhere. There is no strength to clean up, how can I cope with this? Who did what..

The most famous scientists in the world today

Everything that surrounds us now, everything that we know and are able to do, is their merit. Who are we talking about? That's right, about the most famous scientists. Only their extraordinary work and the greatest discoveries contribute to the progress of mankind! Great..

Analysis of the poem S.Esenina sings winter -scores

Analysis of the poem S.Esenina sings winter -scores There are 2 answers Hovik Tonoyan Answered on August 22, 2015 11:05 Analysis of Esenin's poem "Winter" "Winter" - a poem, the exact date of writing of which is unknown. Researchers Esenina called the period from..

How to install GTA 4

How to install GTA 4? Kristina Firsova 1 March 2013 Ira "GTA 4" is very popular and loved by many gamers. There are versions that can be purchased legally and illegally. Before you install “GTA 4”, you need to find out if the disc..

Svetlana Khodchenkova is afraid of her ex-husband 28.06.2011

Entering the screens of the new film “Five Brides”, the actors who starred in the film decided to celebrate with a stormy party. However, the main character, a young actress Svetlana Khodchenkova, did not attend the event because of the former spouse of actor..

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